1/ Given today’s bombshell news that a DOJ official is calling for the dismissal of @NRA’s bankruptcy filing or the appointment of an outside monitor, I’m doing 🧵 highlighting the major revelations from #NRABankruptcyTrial over the last couple of weeks

Buckle in….
@NRA 2/ In Aug, @NewYorkStateAG filed suit to dissolve @NRA given its abuse of state laws governing how non-profit tax-exempt organizations can operate (NRA has been chartered in NY since 1871)

The claims in her suit were absolutely jaw dropping ⬇️

@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 3/ @NRA responded to @NewYorkStateAG’s lawsuit by filing for bankruptcy in Jan & suing the AG in Feb.

This was a strategy to avoid litigation in NY, hide from angry vendors & run away and reincorporate in TX.

Here are the most damning revelations from that trial…
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 4/ After @NewYorkStateAG filed lawsuit, @NRA claimed she sued @NRA “with the sole purpose of seeking to dissolve a political enemy”

At #NRABankruptcyTrial we learned that claim was a lie.

Top @NRA leaders admitted many of @NewYorkStateAG's allegations...
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 5/ @NewYorkStateAG accused LaPierre of using @NRA to enrich himself & friends w/o knowledge ofBoard

- LaPierre admitted free yacht trips from @NRA vendor & other benefits

- Admitted Board never approved $17M contract EVEN IF HE LEFT

- Admitted never told Board about bankruptcy
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 6/ @NRA admitted it diverted $ to pay for the travel, meal, etc for execs.

LaPierre repaid @NRA $300,000 for benefits he got

@NRA owes IRS $3.4 million in taxes & penalties

LaPierre owes IRS $75k
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 7/ LaPierre admitted he shopped at Zegna for suits -- just like millions of real Americans!

Zegna suits cost between $2500 and $22,000 and LaPierre had a regular sales representative at the Beverly Hills boutique!
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 8/ LaPierre claimed that he *had to* fly by private jet everywhere b/c of “security concerns” BUT #NRABankruptcyTrial revealed @NRA had no such written policy.

LaPierre’s travel agent admitted she never got a security policy from NRA nor did she discuss confidentiality
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 9/ LaPierre himself knew the travel was fishy; he instructed the travel agent to omit certain flights and told her how to word invoices for his travel
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 10/ LaPierre believes attorney Bill Brewer, who serves as counsel to @NRA on several matters, is the “only one who can keep me out of jail.” And so he has paid Brewer tens of millions of $$ in @NRA funds...
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 11/ 90 days before bankruptcy filing (that Board didn't know about) @NRA paid Brewer $17.5M (that's more than NRA spent on 2020 POTUS race)

NRA paid Brewer’s law firm $50 - $60M since 2018!
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 12/ @NRA paid Bill Brewer’s firm at least $94k for work related to “Russia”

(Remember this? npr.org/2019/04/27/717…)
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 13/ At #NRABankruptcyTrial, NRA claimed that while it didn’t do *the best job* managing its affair, it has fired the bad actors and is now in good shape….but even after this alleged course correction it was revealed that..
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 14/ @NRA considered buying LaPierre a $6M home (you know, for SECURITY REASONS)

LaPierre’s assistant diverted $40K to pay for son’s wedding; yet she STILL WORKS AT NRA
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 15/ In case you're wondering, @NRA really doesn't believe the rules apply to them:

3 @NRA board members flew 1st class or business class on @NRA’s dime w/o written authorization in November 2020 (months *after* @NewYorkStateAG filed suit claiming misappropriation of funds!)
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 16/ LaPierre admitted @NRA CFO Woody Phillips “had become lax on things,” but after he left, Phillips STILL GOT a consulting contract w/ @NRA for $30,000 a month!

Phillips never performed any work under the contract & at #NRABankruptcyTrial Phillips pled the Fifth at least 80x
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 17/ LaPierre admitted he approved a contract to pay former NRA chief lobbyist Chris Cox $2 million AFTER HE LEFT @NRA & then spent $7.8M in lawyers fees fighting not to pay Cox the $2M!!
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 18/ LaPierre said he fired former ED for General Operations Kyle Weaver b/c he was “over his head” but then @NRA entered a $1.4 million consulting contract with Weaver, w/o board approval (naturally)
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 19/ This is a big one (and is how all totally innocent people behave):

@NRA President Carolyn Meadows admitted she “shredded and actually burned” notes from phone calls & meetings b/c NRA General Counsel John Frazer told her “they could be subpoenaed or used”
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 20/ @NRA publicly says @NewYorkStateAG is attacking a political enemy, but @NRA witnesses admitted she can’t dissolve @NRA unilaterally (NY state courts would have to do that) & LaPierre admitted NY courts are NOT biased against NRA
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 21/ To sum it up, as NRA board member Owen “Buz” Mills testified, “I believe that the management is corrupted and I believe the board is corrupted. I don’t see anything there that is salvageable.”
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG 22/ So where do things stand now with #NRABankruptcyTrial?

The judge presiding over the trial expects to issue a written ruling approximately a week from today.

And my friends at @Everytown
break down the different outcomes here ⬇️
@NRA @NewYorkStateAG @Everytown 23/ For even more details on #NRABankruptcyTrial check out this super helpful resource: nrawatch.org/filings/?casei…

• • •

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26 Apr
1/ SCOTUS has announced it will hear New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett, a case that challenges a NY law requiring ppl who wish to carry a handgun *in public* to demonstrate “proper cause” in order to obtain a license

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2/ New Yorkers can obtain restricted licenses to carry guns in public, but to obtain one without restrictions an individual must “demonstrate a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community or of persons engaged in the same profession"
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Gun safety is community safety

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2/ We don't know all the details, but early reports suggest this may be workplace related. Unfortunately, such shootings are common

We just experienced the FedEx shooting in IN on Thursday, which left 8 dead. So far, we've had at least 16 shootings at workplaces in 2021
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1/ Since Senate was last in session on April 15, we saw

- 429 instances of gun violence
- 156 gun deaths
- 309 injuries

And so I was surprised that when Senate gaveled back in at 3pm today, @SenSchumer took to the floor w/o mentioning these fatalities or a plan to end them...
@SenSchumer 2/ Following @SenSchumer's remarks, @DickDurbin took to the Senate floor & did address the public health crisis of gun violence, promising to hold more hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee and urging Republicans to support gun reform measures

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@SenSchumer @DickDurbin 3/ @DickDurbin noted @POTUS' 6 initial steps for reducing gun violence and celebrated the President's commitment to invest in community-based gun violence intervention programs
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16 Apr
1/ I really appreciate this statement from @POTUS on the tragic mass shooting in Indiana.

I know this issue is a priority for @POTUS & entire White House.

But I think this statement is missing a line like this: “I will actively engage with Congress to get this done THIS YEAR”
@POTUS 2/ I say this b/c that's what @POTUS promised us on the campaign trail.

He didn't run on urging the Senate to act, he ran on brining lawmakers together to get big things done -- including on gun reform.
@POTUS 3/ I'm asking him to live up to those promises & to treat gun violence reform w/ the same priority & engagement that he treated COVID & now infrastructure
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1/ Gun violence is a public health crisis we can solve if leaders *live up to their campaign promises* & prioritize life-saving community investments and gun reform legislation

#TheTimeIsNow for our leaders to act and for us to hold them accountable to the promises they made us
2/ In the early days of the Biden administration we've seen:

- House pass life saving reforms
- Biden take key steps & commit $50B to community programs
- Senate has done *NOTHING*
3/ We are way past done waiting for our lawmakers to find just the right political moment to act.

#TheTimeIsNow to find a credible path forward on reforms
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