Instead of criminalizing or denigrating patients who repeatedly appear to 'drain' mental health services while not showing improvement, how about looking at why services aren't helping?

I know of ways I could've been better assisted in mh treatment, & here's a thread:

-Make sure first that the patient has a safe home with funds for food & hygiene.
-Be very sparing with medication.
-Now you need to listen. Much stabilization can happen if you let a person pour out everything bothering them. Don't comment, just show that you're listening.

-Many people are embarrassed to say that they don't understand money. And employment. And relationships. They get twisted up inside pretending to go along as if they do, so
-workshops for basic & complex life skills might serve some patients better than CBT or DBT.

I'm sure we can all think up life skills parents didn't impart or we didn't learn along the way.

-Many people are shy to talk about chronic conditions that are exhausting or embarrassing (IBS, migraines) & managing those is vital. Do that, knowing each person is different.

-Be very clear, in a kind way, that this hospitalization will last x amt of days, we'll do x, & then you can choose to move onto x or x. Uncertainty or being dropped produces anxiety.
-More centers in communities with safe space for talking, doing, practicing life, plz!

These are my suggestions, based on my decades in mh services. Feel free to make your own, please.

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12 Mar
You may think, if police take you away on psych detention order, why not call a lawyer, or get help from an advocate during the medical processing part at the ER?

Because you're not allowed that opportunity, especially when you're by yourself.

On one psych detention,
alone at the ER, I had a guard on me, right there. My phone was in my backpack, out of my reach. I wasn't permitted off the bed. I asked for my phone, but the guard said no, that I no longer had any rights. I tried to get off the bed, to get the phone, so she grabbed me and then
handcuffed me to the bed, one hand only. In fear, I tried to get help in the crowded ER & nurse stations. I slowly loosened my hand free of the cuff, then darted out of the room. Ran up to a doctor & said I was being abused. He stared. It was like being in a horror movie, &
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1 Mar
When I was in the hospital due to kidney stones, my pain was managed, but not in any cooperative way with me.
I was injected with morphine, oxycodone, vicodin, & others without any discussion about my 17 years in recovery from drug use or any acknowledgment that I was still in
withdrawal from 7 psych drugs being cold stopped. Instead of counseling me through the weirdness of the way painkillers affected me, not to mention the invasive & painful kidney stone removal & stent I now had shoved up me, I endured psych evaluation to determine potential of
transferring me to a psych unit, a congregate setting, during a pandemic. Thank goodness for my psychologist sister on the phone during the consult, loudly bringing in liability issues. I was allowed to go home, but without any pain med prescript to at least wean me down off of
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28 Feb
People have asked "Can't doctors help with your psych drug withdrawal issues?"
Not really because most choose not to recognize the syndromes.
Beyond that, if I see my GP, he may run general tests, but will want psychiatrist to oversee psych drug part, and
then the psychiatrist will insist I get back on meds, & if I explain why I won't, including phys reactions, like kidney stones & vasculitis, it's recorded as self-reporting conditions. The psychiatrist doesn't follow up with calls to the urologist or dermatologist to strategize,
and if all this stress of traveling around to doctors sets off migraines, my neurologist might suggest changes in managing that, but he won't include assessment of all my other issues, nor will he contact the other doctors looking at specific parts of me, so
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27 Feb
When you interview for jobs they leave lots out of what's expected from you in the end.
For instance, as a barista I was told I'd serve coffee, pastry to customers & clean up. No mention of the 200+ ppl to move thru in the AM & the sell, sell in slower times (be a coffee expert!)
when I was a framer at a crafts outlet, they said I'd help ppl choose mats & frames, then put together final pieces as components arrived, but they didn't say I'd need to upsell, upsell & that at xmas they offered deep discounts & we'd move promised completes in short time, or
as a salon receptionist, was told I'd schedule ppl according to each stylist's preferences, ring ppl up after, but not that I'd also need to sell, sell product to anyone who wandered in or to back up stylists, nor that I'd be wiping down products & shelves in nice clothes daily,
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31 Dec 20
2020, a helluva year for everyone & I had my share of it. Beyond the pandemic, justice & rights movements, US presidential election, west coast on fire while gulf coast hurricane-pelted, mixed with randomness like murder hornets,

(thread 1/9)
I was left to recover myself from psychiatrist stopping 5 meds, no taper, then covering up her actions. Jan-March I largely spent nursing myself through withdrawal illness, reaching out on twitter for help & finding the right community,

while at the same time pursuing a psychiatrist switch at the mental health center. This involved filing a human rights complaint, but since the psych lied, my claims of rights violations were deemed baseless, but I held my ground. Yet,

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2 Dec 20
So people say, if you just complied with & worked with your psychiatrists, why would you have problems? And if you did, just file a complaint or even take them to court maybe?

Here's why that doesn't work. (a thread)
Suppose I just want note that I was noncompliant with medications removed from that hospital record. Well, that will be challenged by the ruling of human rights dept at mh ctr, which favored the psychiatrist's denial that she cold stopped meds.

That's only part of the fight.
Then I have to bring in this psychiatrist's poly-drugging of me for 3 years that led to worse bipolar symptoms, desires to self-harm, and greatly increased psych hospitalizations, as I continued to comply with her recommended treatments.
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