We are not so foolhardy as to suggest that the tide has finally turned in humanity’s struggle against the Great Fascist Reset being imposed on the back of Covid, but there have certainly been some encouraging signs.

A festive element is becoming increasingly apparent, as the movement overspills traditional “political” forms and turns into a deeply-felt revolt of life against the Great Reset transhumanist death-cult.

This spirit of resistance is very encouraging, whether it takes the form of a street party in New York or a supermarket rave in the Netherlands.


In France, flashmob performances of the song Danser Encore by HK et Les Saltimbanks, the defiant new anthem of freedom and joie de vivre, have now been cropping everywhere, not least Paris...



They have spread to Réunion, the French-ruled island in the Indian Ocean...


to Brussels (even with the actual band!)


to Switzerland!


to Barcelona!


to Madrid!


to Germany!


to the Netherlands!


and to Italy!


The kind of people who are trying to impose the #GreatReset are degraded individuals, corrupted individuals, emptied of all inner moral content and motivated purely by fearful conformism and egotistical self-advancement.

As such, they cannot even imagine that different kinds of human beings exist, people whose values reach way beyond their immediate self-interest and convenience, people who cherish life and want to experience it fully, people who simply refuse to be chained and suffocated.

The grey-faced and dead-eyed technocrats have no idea what strength, what courage, what infinite yearning for freedom lies deep with the collective human heart and is waiting to surge forth with unstoppable and joyful life-energy to defend its future happiness.

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26 Apr

One potential positive from the whole Covid-19 debacle is that we have learned an incredible amount about the society in which we live.
This will be crucial IF we manage to stave off a descent into a nightmare future of techno-fascist slavery.

We will have a new understanding of what our world has become and what we would like it to be in the decades and centuries to come.
And "we" means we. While the majority have apparently learnt nothing at all from what has happened, they will eventually catch up.

There is no way that knowledge gained by a wide-awake 15% or 20% of the population will not end up being shared by almost everyone.
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16 Mar

"They assure us that they are here to do good, to help the needy, to build back better, to save the planet. But it is all just lies, lies, lies!"

"The Evil Impactorship wants to own and control us, our bodies and every moment of our lives. It wants to own and control every square inch of our world".

"They want to herd us into smart cities, strap us with wearable technology, monitor and control our every movement and interaction".
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14 Mar

"It has reached the weird point where my most steadfast allies and comrades are people I’ve met online during the past year!"

Important new article by @SthEssRadMed


"The divide that appears to be emerging is one between those who trust the state to look after their welfare on the one hand and on the other, those who trust people acting as individuals or collectively to decide what’s best for them".

"If anyone was looking to the left to stand up for liberty against the imposition of the restrictions we’ve been subjected to, we would hope that the experience of the last year has disabused them of that somewhat naïve hope".
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12 Mar

"Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them?"

"The conspiracy denier will attack any suggestion that the caregiving archetype is no longer present – that sociopaths are behind the barred door, who hold us all in utter contempt or disregard us completely"

"The infant has never matured, and, because they are not conscious of this, other than as a deep attachment to their personal security, they will fiercely attack any threat to this unconscious and central aspect of their worldview"
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22 Feb

Nazism was also very much the template for newnormalism in terms of duplicity.

Like today's phoney environmentalism and fake-leftism, Nazism pretended to be something it wasn't, in order to win public support.

It pretended to represent the interests of the whole Volk, but acted on behalf of big business and the ruling class.
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22 Feb

The relationship between fascism/Nazism and the 21st century technocratic global elite is an important one to understand.

The system loves to smear its enemies as "fascists".

It now even tries to dimiss all fundamental criticism of the global financial elite as "antisemitic".


And yet the system itself enshrines all the worst elements of historic fascism and Nazism, merely transfered from the national to global level.

As we wrote in October, Klaus Schwab's #GreatReset is essentially fascist in inspiration.

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