A few more words on Fault Lines. One thing I appreciate about @VoddieBaucham is that he makes his positions and arguments using clear language. One of the worst parts of the SJ/CRT/Antiracist movements, both in and outside the church, is that it has turned people (esp. men) 1/12
Into mealy-mouthed euphemism machines who constantly change the meaning of words to fit whatever ideology they’re pushing. They are intentionally vague so that they can come back and say “well that’s not what I meant”. Plausible deniability may make for good political drama 2/12
But it only makes productive debate that much more difficult. And debate is actually what we need here. No more “you’re not reading the right scholars” or “they’re trying to please white folks”. If you’re a Christian and you believe “whiteness” is a biblical concept that is 3/12
Synonymous with enslavement, war and plunder, open your Bible and point to the passages that say so. Don’t cite Kendi. Quote Christ. Don’t trot out DiAngelo to make your arguments about how white people need to use their “privilege” to improve the lives of black people. Read 4/12
What the scriptures say about how believers of all backgrounds should relate to one another. And I hope the pastors who think that the “oppressed -oppressor” framework can achieve racial reconciliation understand how moving away from the scriptures on race will make adhering 5/12
To them on sex, sexuality and gender identity that much harder. The same secular allies that support your race work will be the first ones calling you a bigot when (or if) you declare God’s truth regarding male and female. In fact, that’s probably why so many Christians who 6/12
Claim to care about public policy were completely silent on the Equality Act.

One last word specifically to the black pastors and theologians out there. Much like your secular counterparts in academia, media, entertainment, & politics, your public focus on “whiteness” and 7/12
Is an abdication of your role to “speak truth to power”. I’m not saying you don’t care about your communities, but our priorities are the OBSERVED allocation of scare resources. So black leaders in communities where marriage has disappeared and the streets aren’t safe 8/12
Who think getting white people to chant “black lives matter” is a pressing concern have their priorities backwards. Disagree? Just explain how getting a white man in Iowa to “acknowledge his privilege” is going to improve education outcomes in Philly or strengthen black 9/12
Families in DC. My prayer is that all people (esp. Christians) would treat one another like created beings who bear God’s image. But how do you demand someone value black life when you endorse politicians who want fewer black babies born, quote artists who preach 10/12
Death, degradation, & destruction to our kids, and engage in the most vicious racial ad-hominem attacks against blk people who don’t share your views? Put simply, how can you demand people treat as priceless what you yourself treat as worthless?

I hope that this moment 11/12
We’re in ultimately leads to a church that is more united around the authority and sufficiency of God’s word. Let the world follow people who change their views every five years. We should cling for life to that which remains the same in times past, present and yet to come. 12/12

• • •

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