How to Recalibrate your environment and virtually guarantee success without even trying

From a guy who went from fat & broke to earning a good living while traveling the world.

> The 3 Origins of Mass Programing
> 2 Practical ways to brainwash yourself

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Quick PSA:

This thread contains knowledge that took me 5+ years of trial & error and tons of success and failure to learn.

I should charge $100s for this but I'm giving you the juice for free.

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Let's begin...

You're being brainwashed every second of every day whether you like it or not.

It begins the moment you wake up.

From your Twitter feed to the convo with your co-worker to your favorite Netflix show.

This is not *always* a bad thing.

But it's not good...
The most important thing is to BE AWARE OF IT.

Raising your awareness of how they brainwash you already puts you in the top 5% (not even joking).

Because once you're aware...

You begin to think for yourself.

And we all know how rare that is.

You'll start to see through...
the veil of lies and illusions.

Now that you understand the importance of brainwashing.

Let's discuss the 3 origins of brainwashing.

These 3 origins shape who "you" are today.

From how you dress to how you think. Image
Origin # 1 Environment

Most of your fears & thinking patterns were created as a child.

Ex If your parents were alcoholics, you have a higher chance of becoming one.

Same goes for poverty.

If you were born poor, chances are you'll think poor, be poor, and stay poor.

Poor environments breed people to adopt low vibration behaviors.

Behaviors that break homes, lead to drug abuse and empty pockets.

Good news is there are millions of people who break out of this.

Instead of letting their environment mold them

They break the mold.

Again, the first step is to raise your awareness of the influential power of your environment and upbringing.

Be aware of its power.

Once you're aware of its power you can begin to take control and develop a new mindset (I'll show you exactly how later in this thread)

Origin # 2 Schooling System

Our current schooling system is built to breed worker bees.

It's built to turn you into an order follower and not a go-getter.

That's why if you're creative, they will label you ADHD and pump you full of drugs.

Not only that but their script is...
written to sell you a big lie that is the American Dream.

A lie that gets you to play by their rules...

Rules like getting into a 6 figure debt for a useless degree, buy a house, and die in a retirement home.

Follow their script and you'll end up broke and soulless.
Once this thread gets 100 likes on the first tweet, I'll drop part 2.

We're just getting started.
Origin # 3 Entertainment/News

Your style, the way you speak, and everything about "you" is shaped by media.

Ex: Mainstream culture promotes

> Glorification of crime
> Drug use
> Victim mindset (Blame someone else)
> Anti-cop
> Empty sex instead of family
> Rich people are bad Image
The result?

❌Broken homes
❌More consumption
❌Higher crime rates

Mainstream culture has done massive damage to the West.

Its brainwashed people into mental chains

Chains of poverty and destruction.
That's what I love about our side of Twitter. Daily we talk about...

✅Building a skillset
✅Starting a family
✅Making lots of moneybags
✅Traveling the world
✅& Collective progression

We're brainwashing each other for more (like I'm doing to you now 😉)
I'm going to show you 2 ways to brainwash yourself with a new mindset.

Apply these methods and you will be reborn as a new person.


It won't happen overnight but it will work as long as you apply it DAILY.

Most changes take place within 3 days

Let's go 👇
1) Brainwash yourself with audio recordings

Step 1 - Download SoundCloud to your phone. You're going to record your voice and put it on loop.

Create private tracks that you can play for yourself while you sleep.

Say positive things like “I am confident” and state your goals.
Your recording can be as long as you want.

You can make some recordings that brainwash yourself for success and others for creating new habits.

Each night before you go to bed just open up your track and click play.

While you sleep you will program yourself.
You can get creative with this and throw in background music.

Background music is great for cultivating different emotional responses.

I’ve been using this method for the past 8 months.

So far I’ve made more money and have been accomplishing more.

one more thing...
This only works if you are SPECIFIC and state everything in the present tense.

Do this every morning and every evening and I guarantee you will become a different person.

Let's move on to method # 2 of how to brainwash yourself... Image
For this method, you'll need a vid editor.

Next step is to find aesthetic images that inspire you.

Record your voice using the same method as above.

Brainwashing yourself with movies enhances your imagination.

Here's mine...
You’ll find that you can easily imagine yourself living the life that you want.

Watch your movies every day. After a while, you will notice your beliefs changing.

You will feel motivated and inspired.
Instead of flooding your mind with negative news you are feeding it with images that make you feel good.

You literally write and direct your own movie.

Before you know it you become the actor that lives the movie you wrote.

This is a powerful experience.
Bonus method: Read inspirational books

This is one of the easiest brainwashing methods. Whether you are aware of it or not but the books that you read alter your perception.

Use this to your advantage. Read biographies, books on money, and any topic that excites you. Image
The masses read the news and brainwash themselves with negativity.

The winners read autobiographies of entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and any kind of successful person and brainwash themselves with positivity and winning thoughts.
Every week I send out emails that help you brainwash yourself and live life on your terms.

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