@ebit4u Every country has a certain comparative advantage over others. This is what Cyprus does best so in acknowledgement that these start-ups have tiny tiny tiny micro lives they make sure there is high throughput, rapid turnover and tiny little fines when they get caught
@ebit4u kinda genius nurturing 10x the volume of startups, means 10x the licensing and end of life fines keeps the costs down ensuring they can be up and running quick as a flash.
@ebit4u Lets look at the #teman family as one that's managed to grow a couple of brands and while yes the copped a fine at the end of each run it was never such that it hurt their entrepreneurial spirit.
@ebit4u From 2013 to 2016/17 This little fella had a Steller run pumping a few home binary option brands under the #pegase shingle. #HelloBrokers, #InteractiveOption, and #MTXPlus, while not quite reaching the top league of scam they would have been good earners for #teman. ImageImage
@ebit4u As all good times come to an end #pegase #teman got the obligatory slap on the risk and the mediocre fine. Well actually to be fair they copped a touch more than most... Image
@ebit4u Little micky teman copped a 5 year ban.. must have pushed his luck a little far. While a 200k fine isn't too painful for someone that been ripping and scamming cash from victims. A 5 year ban can be problematic....But this is teh beauty of Cyprus. ImageImage
@ebit4u Always have volume and velocity. Backoffice and incorporation service providers are there to help you setup, spin up new brands and they are brilliant at introductions to their other clients - payment service providers, strawmen, and intros to other jurisdictions when
@ebit4u your brand really starts to take off and you need to play the game of peekaboo, rotating registered offices and pretending to be regulated somewhere ....anywhere...they are not.
@ebit4u anyway i digress...so as Pegese and Michel Temans run at the binary options title....for anyone that been living in lala land for the last decade and doesn't know what binary options are.....they are kinda like the smash and grab of the Ponzi world..No playing the long game
@ebit4u its so brutal I suspect a number of the boiler rooms all wear balaclavas on their calls. Anyway.... back to the Teman family. While Michel's was having his run....his bro Roland was getting set starting with the everlasting Bayline in and out of Belize
@ebit4u Roland appears to be A grade out of the gate....taking the ballsy move to revive the iconic scammer brand "itrader" that had been all so successful for ido the fatman fishman and his merry band of thieves. Image
@ebit4u From 2013 to 2016....there wasn't a smash and grab anywhere that didn't itrader and fishman grubby signature on it. To be fair to Teman....right at the time fishman and co are starting to cop a bit of bad press, Temans brothers about to cop a fine Image
@ebit4u and forced by liquidators to putting his nice house up for sale. Roland dusts off the itrader name and gets busy. Amazing really a logo change and back into it. No idea if there was a little deal with fatman fishman for the branding rights as well as the black book of suckers
@ebit4u or Teman had swagger and just run with it because he could. Always have irons in the fire....might as well be a cyprus national anthom. Now entering the Hoch Capital era building itrader and spinning up new brands here and there. Image
@ebit4u For a guy that is pretty good at keeping himself under the radar (I have been able to find a picture of him....just a thousand or so of his bro and associates).... so I reckon he probably got this shits when his name kept getting dragged into the whole ASX/ISX slanging match. Image
@ebit4u $isx #isignthis and their numerous brands including the everlasting and well travelled banking software #probanx and some flyxy flip flappo thingo hes trying to get up. Mostly Johno known for providing an easy API solution for KYC to just about anyone who wants it.
@ebit4u Thing is typically only freshly minted companies have been interested almost all of them quickly outgrown their licenses and just as their customers...turn from customers to victims...Johno's 1 liner defence....they were licensed when we signed them up...fuck you ill sue you.
@ebit4u So yeah I reckon rolly polly was miffed getting strung out in various tit for tat spats between ISX and ASX ASIC and then again across hotcopper. Not sure that anyone was meant to connect the dots between those world class operators Finosoft and Gibitech and the round robin
@ebit4u of cash so fat boy and his bro and other could get their performance shares. ImageImageImageImage
@ebit4u So whats the best thing you could do in this situation well get on the front foot crank up the offshore web fronts, Dust off the Belize license, do a sweetheart deal with the regulator by handing in your license and copping a token fine. Image
@ebit4u its so cool that Roland and Michel got nearly the exact same fine for the same reasons....the only difference is Roland learnt early to give up the keys and move along ....avoids the worry of being struck off or goingto the clink. Image
@ebit4u Apart from the occasional cameo in $isx legal spats...Mr Teman has managed to stay relatively hidden presumably plotting his next move.....Even though he changed his name...I was able to pin him down.
@ebit4u ok maybe not a full identity witsec kinda name change...more of a deliberate typo....Teman is now Teman....not sure about the "Sir" bit...Lord Temam would have a nicer ring to it. Image

• • •

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I generally try to update the shared sheets and provide some commentary with a week or so of the attestations being released. I haven't had the chance to this quarter...as well I've had real world shit to do ....
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@ParrotCapital @3TUSDPonzi @MikeBurgersburg @otteroooo @Bitfinexed @BinanceFraud A conversation for another day. But if regulators really want to make a dent into fintech crime its not that hard.
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So today quickie is #genesis top 10 creditor #Donut
Self proclaimed #web3 pioneer who's competitive advantage is the use of Decision Tree Risk Modelling Tools....awesome web3 word salad.
even though their product is on pause due to #genesis their principal lending partner blowing up.
They still proudly claiming that their #proofofreserves liquidity ration is still 100%+
As a #web3 pioneer with next gen decision modelling tools and a industry leading #defi platform just how well did donut.app mitigate their exposure to #genesis?
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