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investigative due diligence
31 Aug
So #toromarketing romanian boiler room operations rebadged themselves as #hermesmarketing appears their straw director #mariosvrikis shared an address with the ghostlike #gibitech smallworld hey Image
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28 Aug
@stockswami the only three remaining wisebanc domains are wisebanc.online (original branding), wisebancc.com (insightgroup ou) and wisebanccc.com (as registered by Media Net's francpetrone) albiet the last just has a login only.
@stockswami A plethero of derivatives of the "wisebanc/bancwise" were registered by the D.C.T.L group. owernship transfers from the MediaNet (petrone) domains are intrinsically connected with the D.C.T.L group (TLC consulting, Orion Services Bulgaria, Binary Options Domains). Image
@stockswami Now back to Vlad Alexandru Dragota. The guy who was so shocked by ASX representations against ripped up isightgroup's agreement in disgust. is claiming they have lost $1.6M of netprofit as a direct result of @ASX claims. Image
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28 Jun
It took #wirecard years to orchastrate $2B of phantom money.... #tether printed $2B in a week.
bitfinex traded insolvent for months after losing $850m, magically raised $1b in 10 days.
wirecards porkie pies about $1.9B in a non existant bank account ends in tears and bankrupt owing $4B.
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26 Jun
Following @TheFCA order to suspend #wirecard UK operations, twitter has lit up with speculation as to what that means for 3rd parties who rely upon wirecard for services including debt/credit cards.
I would be extremely cautious of any party representing that funds held by #wirecard card solutions on behalf of their clients are safe as the subsidiary is unaffected by the bankruptcy filing of @wirecard
Those funds are now frozen.
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22 Jun
@davidgerard Bitcoin the ultimate solution to the double spending problem....
@davidgerard and now defi solves the problem creaated by solving the double spend problem...welcome to hyper yield, yield stacking, yield farming, yield harvesting and yield skyscrapers, yield rockets and yield mooning...."that sir is where the ponzi kicks in"
@davidgerard #yieldfarming I have 10 apples. I could sell those apples or use them to make an apple pie and sell the pie. fuck that. thats for losers. I want to be a winner. and winners lend apples and get back extra apples.
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24 May
@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia Not possibly almost certainly. I have been researching #gts #globaltransactionservices since 2015. their services have faciliated the transfer of $billions for ponzi schemes, money launderers #maximtrader #fxunited #binaryoptions #crypto
@Timccopeland @EastMother @xGozzy @ahcastor @ncweaver @decryptmedia I too for a while believed that #bitfan2013 was likely to be #ozyosef but I was wrong. I even went as far to identify the 4 banks #bitfan2012 mentioned....ironically quoting various #banks from the #gts stable.
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5 May
So today’s snippet now really is just snippets. In a nutshell. finosoft.com does nothing, never did anything and we may just find out down the track that its likely connnected.....welll lets just see how it plays out. #isignthis #finosoft
The following is from #ISX trainwreck return serve at @asx yesterday
And some more blah blah blah. You would think that if you had spent nearly 12 months ‘mobilising’ into this segment you would have some internal capacity. Its like no one in this space has heard of SaAS or whitelabel solutions
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4 May
From @asx report on #isignthis here’s Monday’s snippet on how to #moneylaundering
Now defunct margeteks-project.com was a dodgy payment service provider
The entity behind the website was Margeteks Project LP ia now dissolved Scottish LP the partners being two Saint Vincent & the Grenadines shells setup by #dmitrijskrasko a notorious Latvian shell maker pretending to live in Milton Keynes
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8 Apr
#cryptocapital #gts #RIP . . with much more important things going on. I havent checked my alerts
#globaltradesolutions monitor pulled the pin. Liquidation approved on 26 Feb. The register dates lodgement at 27 Mar. Im a bit rusty on Swiss insolvency law....
but I'd say monitor found no assets, doubt #cryptocapital #panama was revived....pretty hard to recover funds without entities being in good standing let alone being more degrees of seperation than kevin bacon from the $$ ImageImage
Summary of Swiss liquidation process kmu.admin.ch/kmu/en/home/co…
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29 Mar
#ponzialert 8% on GBP fantasy vs reality btw @NexoFinance which entity and which jurisdiction are you licensed and regulated....no where on your website, TOC, legal is there any disclosure to an actual entity name. #ponzi ImageImage
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9 Mar
A quick recap from the weekend.
On Friday 6 March 2019 twitter chatter flagged that #Wisetech Global and #Cargowise websites were offline.
A little later It was also noted that it appeared that the Cargowise domain and founder Richard Wise email had been flagged and added to certain spam blacklists. It is unknown if the two events are related.
Its worth noting as an hour or so later there were some obvious changes DNSBL list. Perhaps Wisetech had dispatched a team of technical ninja's operating in stealth mode as there wasn't so much as a chirp from Wisetech or their clients over the whole weekend.
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10 Feb
@OCCRP coverage of Gambia’s Phantom foreign investment zone well worth reading

Its believed that at least 17 fake Gambian banks were able to obtain SWIFT codes - kinda like a money launders wet dream Image
A little further sluething shows that nearly 50% of the fake Gambian banks that obtained #swift were either pre-packaged shelf companies by #probanx and their partners or became clients of #probanx. some of these fake banks remain in play today. Image
Link to compiled list of Gambian Banks (a bit rough as still a work in progress).
How did one company manage to make up 50% of a fake offshore banking zone and then still get acquired by an @ASX listed company? #probanx #isignthis

Gambian Bank list >>>
bit.ly/2O4ppZi Image
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20 Jan
Back from a weekend of travelling..time to continue the teardown of #probanx #isignthis #deepdive part 2.
#probanx customer #globecapitalfincorp 'leading investment bank and financial institution based in the USA and UK (probanx words not mine)
Sounds great. well in Lala land anyway.
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5 Jan
#isignthis #valoris #binaryoptions so I was right about this #dominicmelo has removed all reference to valoris. But I haven’t. And I’m betting that isignthis won’t be reinstated to the @ASX anytime soon.
@ASX #probanx #isignthis #deepdive When I first came across Dominic Melo aka the self coined mr payments he wassoap boxing on angel list that he built #valoris payment system from ground up. I wasnt aware that he was involved in @ASX listed but suspended #isignthis Image
#isignthis have been copping alot of heat for accidently mistating earnings but also where those earnings are coming from. smh.com.au/business/marke… Image
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2 Jan
Part 2. it appears things have gone from bad to worse on the sunny island of #sapian Nov 2019 @FBI raided the governor, imperial pacific and what sounds like half the island on the hunt for evidence of bribery, money laundering, improper political donations Image
Whats kinda interesting is #amercantile appears to have been established for one particular kind of client. Bearing in mind that there is literally stuff all else on the island other than the Casino. ImageImage
im guessing the multiple raids by the @FBI were pretty easy to coordinate as most of the businesses are in the same building. It even has its own facebook page facebook.com/pg/MarianasBus… Image
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2 Jan
1/ Today's rabbit hole. Another dodgy #ETT #GTS banking site ...read through to the end as there's a couple of interesting twists. I went back and had another look at their dev subdomains and noticed "amercantiledb" Image
2/ I vaguely remember looking at "Allied Marcantile Bank Corporatiion" previously but didn't take much notice...as a side note: any site (or person) that tells you they are trustworthy tends to mean the exact opposite. ImageImage
3/ #amercantile while it uses #epsilon SAAS banking software it does not appear to be part of the #cryptocapital stable. Its actually way more interesting. With its own SWIFT code ALMPMPMP its a bonafide bank. In fact its just one of Northern Mariana Islands four banks Image
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3 Dec 19
#tether #gts #cryptocapital my 2bobs worth. No doubt ccc was dissolved by strike off not formal liquidation. (Can’t liquidate while having creditors and can’t assign the debt without an agreement) pay the outstanding fees and revive the Co probably cost 2k.
Seems unusual that the admin of GTS refused to accept service. Find someone owed money buy the debt off them and then go back to the admin and force their hand to liquidate. That should get their attention
Serve notice in Taiwan breach Image
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29 Nov 19
There's no such thing as bad publicity....must be their motto #ett #epsilon #gts. what better platforrm than on the back of #cryptocapital arrests and indictments. To reunite the dream team and market your software that was central to #cryptocapital business model Image
Here's a copy of the presentation in case it disappears from linkedin

bit.ly/2qN9CWw #gts #chasingozandmolina ImageImage
Its also worthwhile noting that #ETT #GTS SAAS backoffice provider to #cryptocapital is looking to the Indian market to peddle their shitbox backend. Im guessing the Indian market has an endless supply of dodgy FX platforms to pitch to. Image
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25 Nov 19
Remember when the experts would Spin the idea that tether was a bona fide on ramp....
The on-ramp never made sense ..but what a great place for Hodlers to park up in a time of crisis. The safety of the mighty dollar . I like to think of it is a Hodler parking lot.
Two thoughts 30% fall in the market in a month;

a) Tether - A flight to tether (and other stablecoins) - which as Ive previously speculated is how you back the unbacked.

b) Nexo - 30% fall should have triggered calls across their book - top up or sold down.
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