🧵 Want to know why these legal cases matter to us?
Because we run a community of doctors; a network. Doctors don’t receive a lot of pastoral support, they found it with us.

And the stories I heard; the stories divulged, were enough to make your blood run cold....
There aren’t enough masks so use them ‘sparingly’, or not at all.

Don’t wear a mask in the canteen; you’ll ‘scare the public’.

PPE monitors; volunteers deployed to tell off junior doctors wearing masks in hospital corridors.

Emails telling doctors not to speak to the press..
More emails, telling GPs they’d have ‘no access to central PPE supply’. To ‘contact hairdressers or schools to help ‘make PPE’.

Cling film around heads. Bin bags pulled across bodies. Masks which didn’t fit many. The need to soldier on regardless.

And then the sickness...
And then the emails about caring for a colleague on the ICU. The bone-chilling awareness they might not wake up. Their own awareness; of course, they knew what could happen.

The deaths. The hearses driving past hospitals. The ashen faces, the faces which had cried too many...
Tears. The emails telling me that as a doctor, they felt numb, cold, and as if they had no more compassion to give. Wrung out, and still returning to their workplaces day after day.

The deaths and the deaths and the pomp and circumstance on the news. The empty spaces in car...
parks where colleagues’ cars used to be.

The bluffing.
The denial.
The cronyism.
The VIP lane.

Our members. Our brave members. Our brave, selfless, clever, dutiful doctor members.

They never abandoned their stations.
They never abandoned their patients.
They never...
abandoned their colleagues.
Not once. Not ONCE.

And that is why we’re going to court tomorrow against the government. Through grief, through outrage, through the determination that this must never, ever, ever be repeated.

We are @EveryDoctorUK

• • •

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Junior doctors working in anaesthetics all over the country have had a terrible 14 months. They have been right on the COVID frontlines, and have endured horrifying experiences...
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I don’t often get angry, but I feel really rattled tonight. EveryDoctor has devoted a significant portion of our limited resource to fighting the government in 4 legal cases since last May. When we took them on initially, my husband was working on the frontline in ICU, and our...
doctor members were experiencing unimaginable horrors. Taking these cases on was a leap at a time when we were already fighting for adequate supplies, fighting for really basic protections for NHS staff. It was a big deal to us and our members; and frankly at times it has been...
Re-traumatising for members to have to confront these PPE cases; to confront the knowledge that while they soldiered on in bin bags, VIPs were being handed billions in public money, often for unsuitable PPE.

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I wish the media would stop scapegoating GPs. @EveryDoctorUK represents a lot of GPs. This has been the hardest winter ever; many organised the first vaccine centres with barely any support+ it was a gargantuan effort on the run-up to Xmas. They weren’t given up-front funding...
to pay staff. They set up vaccination centres when there was a lot of uncertainty about the vaccines still, and they did this alongside their usual work (busier than ever before). When GPs can’t answer the phone or don’t have appointments, that’s because they’re underfunded...
Understaffed and over-worked, like every other aspect of the NHS. If you are frustrated, please tell your MP. The government needs to invest properly in the NHS in order to care for patients better. It’s not GPs’ fault💙
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29 Apr
Why are doctors in court again today against the government?

@EveryDoctorUK+@GoodLawProject have 4 legal cases against the government, being heard in May re dodgy PPE. They’re withholding key evidence🚨

We know there was a VIP channel; those who knew ministers...
were up to 10x more likely to be awarded PPE contracts at the height of the first wave. To put this in context; NHS staff had no PPE. Or they had bin bags. Or they had to make PPE out of theatre curtains or cling film or laminator sheets. And meanwhile, instead of purchasing...
PPE from appropriate suppliers, public money was handed out like smarties. Hundreds of millions to friends or associates or donors. It’s an absolute travesty. And as we work on our legal evidence as the May court dates approach...
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23 Apr
During the first wave of the pandemic, the following things happened:
1. Schools, hairdressers, garages turned over their businesses to create homemade PPE because we had hardly any, and many frontline workers were dying. Many of these people did this totally unpaid....
2. People all over the country came together to sew scrubs. Lots of people did this, again, for no money whatsoever.
3. Doctors I represent were told they had no access to central supplies of PPE, and were advised to sort themselves out (they made PPE out of laminated sheets...
and sanitary towels. They went to B+Q and bought any face masks they could find. Many didn’t have any. Many frontline workers died. They were unprotected, and they died.
4. The notion that any of these people would be seeking financial compensation, or profit, or tax breaks...
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