THREAD on creeping tyranny...I lived it
Prior to 1966, the citizens of Czechoslovakia required three things to be allowed to leave and re-enter the country: a passport, an exit visa and a foreign currency permit. In 1966 the authorities abolished the exit visa
for "fraternal socialist countries", such as Hungary or Poland. For travel to the West, one needed an official invitation on the basis of which an exit visa *might* be granted With exit visa in hand, one could get about $20 worth of hard currency - no matter the length of stay
This situation created two classes of citizens. Ones with relatives abroad had a chance of leaving the country, as did of course all Communist functionaries and apparatchiks. Everybody else was out of luck, though after 1966, a quick visit to Warsaw was ok
Similarly, membership in the Party - symbolized by a small red pin worn on the left lapel - conferred privileges on those willing to swallow the bitter pill and become members. Your kids were guaranteed university acceptance and job promotions were sped up
Of course, the "privilege" of being a member also meant the Party could ask for proof of loyalty at any time - such as snitching on your neighbor or providing a report on a co-worker. Non members were less likely to be bullied into such "services"
Every tyrannical regime works on the same principle: the state steals your liberty, then sells bits of it back to you at a price. We have now arrived at this juncture. If we permit Covid passports to take hold in our country (as Israel and Iceland already have)
we will be no better than the Iron Curtain countries between 1945 - 1989. An invisible Berlin wall will have been erected. Some will have the privilege of going to the football game, some will watch it on their TV's. They will be the pariahs. The unclean. The unvaccinated
We must not allow this abomination to happen here. I lived it in my youth and I have no desire to relive it in the United States (or the EU) This communist-like power grab must be stopped at all cost. These passports do NOT give back liberty. They confirm it has been stolen

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7 May
In 1968, as we crossed the border from Czechoslovakia to Austria on a beautiful, sunny September day, my father told me: "My son, unlike me, you will live your life in a world of freedom. You'll travel where you like, say and publish what you like and associate with whom you like
For the next 50-odd years his prophecy was fulfilled. I have travelled freely and lived in six countries, acquiring the citizenship of a couple, learning new languages, touring as a musician and publishing short stories in Canada, the UK, Iceland, Switzerland and elsewhere
All of that came to an end 14 months ago. From my vantage point as a 68 year old semi-retired musician, the limitations put on my life now closely resemble the limitation put on my parents during Communism, limitations my father and mother did all the could to save me from
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27 Apr
Some folks see today's CDC announcement (masks outside not needed) as a ray of hope. As someone raised under Communism, please allow me a pessimistic note. The Communist regime would occasionally throw a candy to the populace ("you may travel to Hungary without an exit visa")
but nothing in its essence changed. If we are ever to wake up from this nightmare, the pressure must come from the bottom up. Cosmetic top down adjustments are essentially meaningless. The wound is too deep, the moral panic too deeply ingrained after 14 months of fear mongering
Every single day I see people here in Central Florida (where no mandates have existed since September 2020) walking and biking with masks on in 90 degree heat. In most stores, I'm the only unmasked person. People don't listen to the CDC. They watch other people.
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