Google searches show no references in Western media to past service in neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine of #Belarusian opposition blogger, who was arrested by Belarus KGB after it diverted #Irish #Ryanair passenger #plane that was flying over #Belarus
#Ukrainian media reports that #Protasevich served in the press-service of the neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Ukraine during the war in #Donbas: "... украинскую страницу в биографии Протасевича: белорус одно время работал в пресс-службе «Азова»."…
Zelensky bans Ukrainian flights to #Belarus & over Belarus. Ukrainian secret services last year planned to divert Belarusian passenger #plane flying over #Ukraine to Turkey to arrest lured in false flag op #Russian mercenaries, who fought in #Donbas war.…
No conspiracy. I tweeted about Ukrainian media report about #Protasevich service in neo-Nazi-led Azov propaganda arm & Western media omission of this because far right in #Ukraine & Western media coverage of post-communist countries are my research areas.…
I also commented about politics & protests in #Belarus in major Western media, such as Canadian CBC and Spanish La Razon.…
It is Orwellian that I & my scholarly studies are now attacked with fakes & conspiracy theories because of my research-based tweet re #Protasevich service in neo-Nazi-led Azov. I am one of most cited scholars specializing in politics & conflicts in Ukraine…
My Maidan massacre studies are corroborated by Maidan massacre trials & investigations testimonies of absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters & witnesses, admissions of snipers, videos & forensic medical & ballistic examinations by governmt experts.…
Absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters testified at trial & investigation that they were shot from Maidan-controlled buildings/areas, witnessed snipers there and/or were told about snipers there by other protesters. Zero Western media reports.
An my recent article in special issue on far right in US peer-reviewed journal…
Times cited another source with similar information but then removed it: “He did not participate in hostilities but he was with the [Azov] battalion in the Donbas. He was a photographer and, as I understand it, a volunteer,” a Belarusian journalist said."…
Times cited Belarusian journalist independently confirming Ukr media report but removed it: "In 2014 Protasevich is reported to have travelled to eastern Ukraine, where he joined the Azov Battalion, a far-right group that fought Russian-backed separatists"…
And in his interview (46:00), #Protasevich admitted that he spent entire year in #Donbas war zone & was wounded more than once. He claimed that he was freelance photographer there, but Google searches show no his credited photos/publications about war.
Belarusian media claimed last year that #Protasevich fought in neo-Nazi-led Azov.…
More evidence that #Belarusian blogger #Protasevich, who was arrested in Belarus after illegally diverted #Ryanair flight, served six years ago in the neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Donbas during the war in #Ukraine. #Belarus #BelarusHighjacking
My tweets regarding #Protasevich are reported in JRL…
Western journalist & filmmaker also states that arrested #Belarusian blogger #Protasevich admitted that he fought alongside neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Donbas in #Ukraine, was wounded in the battlefield & showed his wound. #Belarus #BelarusHighjacking
#Belarus unit that #Protasevich admitted fighting with alongside neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Donbas was Pahonia Detachment. He liked its Facebook page. It was organized in my native Volyn region in #Ukraine. This matches #Belarusian media report.…
Ex-commander of neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion confirms that arrested #Belarusian opposition blogger #Protasevich fought together with his battalion in #Donbas in #Ukraine. This confirms my tweets. Any mea culpas from self-proclaimed experts who attacked me?
I did 8 interviews today with CBC Radio stations in 6 Canada provinces concerning arrest of #Protasevich, #Belarusian opposition blogger with far right background, & sanctions on #Belarus by Canada, US, EU & Ukraine for diversion of #Ryanair plane & his arrest. My key points:
My CBC interview: Arrest of #Protasevych follows pattern of arrests & exile of opposition leaders & activists & closure of opposition media in #Belarus, because Lukashenko government is undemocratic. Since it involved diversion of plane from EU it got strong publicity & response.
My CBC interviews: #Protasevych was arrested by #Belarusian government because he led popular #Telegram channel #NEXTA which publicized & coordinated mass protests in #Belarus against falsification of presidential election results in favor of #Lukashenko last year. 2
My CBC interviews: #Protasevych also has far right background. Ex-commander of #neonazi -led Azov battalion just confirmed reports by few journalists & my research finding that arrested #Belarusian opposition blogger served with his battalion in #Donbas war in #Ukraine. 3
My CBC interviews: While Belarusian opposition abroad condemned #Protasevich arrest & plane diversion, people's reaction was likely different in #Belarus. Government controls media & aired brief & likely forced video confessions by arrested #Belarusian blogger & his girlfriend. 4
My CBC interviews: Popular reaction in #Belarus also differs because failed operation by #Ukrainian government to divert #Belarusian passenger #plane over #Ukraine & arrest lured #Russian mercenaries, who fought in #Donbas war on separatists side, got much publicity there. 5
My CBC interviews: #Canada, US, EU & #Ukraine imposed or would impose flights bans & other sanctions on #Belarus for diversion of #Ryanair plane & arrest of opposition blogger. But studies show that #sanctions are largely ineffective & hurt both government leaders & people. 6
Fiction: "Smear campaigns, which aim to destroy carefully built reputations and credibility, are integral to these attacks in order to chill international sympathy. Soon, Protasevich ... was associated via social media whisper campaign with the far-right"…
Embedded journalism claim is another canard to whitewash various evidence of propaganda & fighting service of #Protasevich with neo-Nazi-led Azov. I tweeted 2 days ago that my Google search found no his credited publications/photos concerning war in Donbas
And evidence that he wore neo-Nazi brand cloth
#Belarusian media published photos reportedly from #Protasevich cell phone confiscated after his arrest. They also show apparently him armed and in Azov uniform.
Defense appropriations bill amendment, which was adopted by the US Congress, explicitly banned US government funding and training of the #Azov battalion in #Ukraine…
"An amendment to prohibit use of funds to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion."…
This photo & description in this & another interview of his fighting in #Azov battalion in Donbas, his wounding there & on Maidan & admission that he was #journalist in #Belarus match photo from his cell phone & other information concerning #Protasevich
#Protasevich as embedded #journalist canard: "I took part in all Azov's operations and was wounded. I have never regretted that I got involved in all this. I do not feel like a foreign body within the organization: I am a fighter like everyone else."
In new low, this propaganda outlet publishes primitive fake by self-proclaimed expert that evidence of Protasevich service in Azov is fake & that Western & Ukrainian scholars & journalists who posted such evidence are "Kremlin agents" & spread disinfo.…
There are no mea culpas from self-proclaimed experts who denounced me with fake claims in response to my research & evidence-based tweets about service of arrested #Belarusian opposition blogger #Protasevich with neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion during war in #Donbas in #Ukraine.
Ex-members of neo-Nazi-led #Azov battalion confirm in #Ukrainian media interviews my original tweet that #Protasevich was also in Azov's press service/ propaganda arm. Western #media with few exceptions continue to ignore, dismiss or deny his Azov service.…
Orwellian: @thetimes publishes fake news that #Protasevich was journalist by misrepresenting statement of #Azov ex-commander. It omits overwhelming evidence of his service in Azov that was revealed by Ukrainian media & scholars of far right in #Ukraine.…
And @globeandmail also published fake news: "Mr. Atroshchankau said Mr. Protasevich had been in Ukraine only as a journalist and that the accusation he held “Nazi” views ... was ludicrous. “He is the most open-hearted and empathic person I’ve ever met.”"…
& @BBCWorld publishes fake news that #Protasevich was journalist & misrepresents neo-Nazi leader: A former commander of the Azov unit has backed Mr Protasevich's version of events, confirming that he spent time with them as a journalist and was wounded.…
Open glorification of #Belarusian blogger, who served in neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in Ukraine, wore swastikas & never repudiated this. His opposition to undemocratic regime in #Belarus doesn't make #Protasevich liberal democrat & human rights proponent…
One of the most popular online newspapers in #Ukraine now published photos and other evidence of #Protasevich service in the neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion in #Donbas.…
Photo caption in Radio Svoboda interview identifies this #azov member as "Kim." "His photo & information in "Kim" interviews, like wounding on Maidan & #Donbass & previous journalism job, match same photo from #Protasevich phone & his bio in his interviews
Azure confirms with very high confidence that "Kim" Azov photo is #Protasevich. Since number of Belarusians in #azov was 40-100, there is basically 0 chance that matching photos, Maidan & Donbas wounding & occupation can be of different Belarusians in Azov… Image
So you're telling me there's a chance?
Orwellian: #Facebook censored by hiding my post that identifies arrested #Belarusian opposition blogger #Protasevich as neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion member "Kim" because their photos, wounding on Maidan & Donbas in #Ukraine & previous #journalist job matched. Image
Ukrainian Hromadske TV video shows #Belarus #Protasevich being treated by Azov battalion members after his wounding during fighting with separatists in Shirokino in #Donbas in #Ukraine in 2015 (4:42). Video corroborates his service in neo-Nazi-led Azov.
Ukrainian Hromadske TV video description identifies wounded #Protasevich as Azov battalion volunteer. Will politically-motivated whitewashing, denial & cover-up of his service in neo-Nazi-led Azov & fake news that he was embedded #Journalist continue?
Azure photo match & mole location in the same face spot also confirm beyond doubt that wounded person, who was identified as neo-Nazi-led Azov battalion member in Hromadske TV video/description, is arrested #Belarus opposition blogger #Protasevich

• • •

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