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Political scientist, University of Ottawa. Research politics, conflicts, policy & political communication in Ukraine, US & Canada. Ex-Harvard, SUNY, UofT & LoC.
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Nov 24 14 tweets 6 min read
Now head of Zelensky party faction in Ukrainian parliament & head of Ukrainian delegation in Ukraine-Russia talks confirms that peace deal could have been reached in spring 2022 if Ukraine agreed to neutrality.
He said that Russia was ready to end the war in such case and that Ukrainian neutrality was main Russian condition. He also confirmed that Western countries told Zelensky not to sign peace deal.

His original interview in Ukrainian:
Nov 21 4 tweets 2 min read
Orwellian: Maidan massacre trial verdict in Ukraine confirms that snipers in far-right-controlled Hotel Ukraina & other Maidan-controlled locations massacred many Maidan activists & shot at BBC & ARD TV journalists. It confirms that there were no massacre orders from Yanukovych or his ministers. Verdict states that EuroMaidan then was not peaceful protest but “armed rebellion” which involved massacre of Berkut and other police.
Nov 21 12 tweets 5 min read
Wow! Maidan massacre trial verdict confirms that Hotel Ukraina rooms of German ARD TV journalists were shot from "territory controlled by "Maidan,"" specifically, Main Post Office (far-right Right Sector headquarters) & Conservatory, occupied by far-right-linked Maidan company. There are no investigation & no media reports even though bullet from Right Sector HQ narrowly missed female ARD producer in her room 925. ARD Moscow correspondents claimed that Maidan snipers is "conspiracy theory" even though now Maidan massacre trial verdict confirms that Maidan snipers massacred many Maidan protesters and police and shot at ARD and BBC TV journalists.

Verdict: "In addition, the specified data proved with all propriety that the premises of the "Ukraine" hotel were the object of massive shelling with firearms of various calibers, in particular,... from the side of the Conservatory - according to the examined photo and video materials, the territory controlled by "Maidan" (room No. 825); from the side of the Central Post Office - according to the examined photo and video materials, the territory controlled by "Maidan" (room No. 925)."

Nov 4 7 tweets 3 min read
Wow! After blocking much more favorable peace deal to Ukraine in spring 2022, "U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources say. The conversations have included very broad outlines of what Ukraine might need to give up to reach a deal with Russia.

Officials also have privately said Ukraine likely only has until the end of the year or shortly thereafter before more urgent discussions about peace negotiations should begin. U.S. officials have shared their views on such a timeline with European allies, officials said.

They began amid concerns among U.S. and European officials that the war has reached a stalemate and about the ability to continue providing aid to Ukraine, officials said. Biden administration officials also are worried that Ukraine is running out of forces, while Russia has a seemingly endless supply, officials said. Ukraine is also struggling with recruiting and has recently seen public protests about some of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s open-ended conscription requirements."
Image Quelle surprise! Biden throws Zelensky & his war & NATO membership policies under bus: "As incentive for Zelenskyy to consider negotiations, NATO could offer Kyiv some security guarantees, even without Ukraine formally becoming part of the alliance, officials said. That way, officials said, the Ukrainians could be assured that Russia would be deterred from invading again.

Administration officials expect Ukraine to want more time to fight on the battlefield, particularly with new, heavier equipment, “but there’s a growing sense that it’s too late, and it’s time to do a deal,” the former senior administration official said. It is not certain that Ukraine would mount another spring offensive.

President Joe Biden has been intensely focused on Ukraine’s depleting military forces, according to two people familiar with the matter."
Oct 27 12 tweets 9 min read
Wow! Unreported 1,000,000-word Maidan massacre trial verdict corroborates my academic studies by stating as its “categorical conclusion” that there were snipers shooting from Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & that it cannot be ruled out that 8 protesters were killed & 20 wounded by “unknown persons,” who were not "law enforcement officers." This implies Maidan snipers since the verdict states that the trial disproved claims about presence of Russian snipers.

The verdict also confirms my study findings that there is no evidence of order given by Yanukovych or his ministers to massacre Maidan protesters and that 4 police officers were killed & 39 wounded by Maidan-snipers. In addition to acquitting two Berkut policemen for killing and wounding protesters, it states that all accused Berkut members were baselessly blamed for killing 13 & wounding 29 Maidan protesters. As usual there are zero media reports.

Prosecution, Maidan lawyers, media with some exceptions, self-proclaimed experts & propaganda peddlers denied shooting by snipers located in Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina & called it conspiracy theory.
My open access peer-reviewed journal article: "This study analyzes which party of the conflict was involved in the 2014 Maidan massacre in Ukraine. The massacre of Maidan protesters and the police on 20 February 2014 was a turning point in Ukrainian politics. This mass killing led to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and spiraled into a civil war in Donbas, Russian military intervention in Crimea and Donbas, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and conflicts between Ukraine and Russia and between the West and Russia that Russia drastically escalated by launching its illegal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. This article proposes and tests the moral hazard theory of the state repression backfire. Content analysis of synchronized videos, testimonies by several hundred witnesses, confessions by 14 self-admitted members of Maidan sniper groups, and bullet hole locations show that both the police and protesters were massacred by Maidan snipers located in Maidan-controlled buildings and areas. Content analysis of synchronized videos revealed that the specific time and direction of shooting by Berkut policemen, who were charged with the massacre, did not coincide with the killing of specific protesters. Testimonies by the absolute majority of wounded protesters and some 100 witnesses and forensic examinations by ballistic and medical experts for the Maidan massacre trial and investigation in Ukraine corroborate this. The article shows that the false-flag massacre was rationally organized and carried out with the involvement of oligarchic and far-right elements of the Maidan opposition to overthrow the incumbent government in Ukraine."tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…
Oct 21 16 tweets 6 min read
Wow! Ex leader of Germany confirms revelations by ex Israeli PM & Ukrainian media: "At the peace negotiations in Istanbul in March 2022 with Rustem Umerov, the Ukrainians did not agree on peace because they were not allowed to. For everything they discussed, they first had to ask the Americans. I had two talks with Umerov, then a one-on-one meeting with Putin, and then with Putin's envoy. Umerov opened the conversation with greetings from Zelensky. As a compromise for Ukraine's security guarantees, the Austrian model or the 5+1 model was proposed. Umerow thought that was a good thing. He also showed willingness on the other points. He also said that Ukraine does not want NATO membership. He also said that Ukraine wants to reintroduce Russian in the Donbass. But in the end, nothing happened. My impression was that nothing could happen, because everything else was decided in Washington. That was fatal. Because the result will now be that Russia will be tied more closely to China, which the West should not want.

And the Europeans?

They have failed. There would have been a window in March 2022. The Ukrainians were ready to talk about Crimea. This was even confirmed by the Bild newspaper at the time.

(Gerhard Schroeder shows a page from the BILD newspaper with the title "Finally peace in sight?". It says: "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (44) himself had already hinted at concessions for negotiations: He no longer insists on his country's accession to NATO, he told the US broadcaster ABC. And he is also ready for a 'compromise' on Crimea and the breakaway provinces in the Donbass. 'In every negotiation, my goal is to end the war with Russia,' Zelensky told BILD.

In 2022, I received a request from Ukraine asking if I could mediate between Russia and Ukraine. The question was whether I could convey a message to Putin. There would also be someone who would have a very close relationship with the Ukrainian president himself. This was Rustem Umerov, the current Minister of Defense of Ukraine. He is a member of the Crimean Tatar minority. Then the question was: How to end the war?"
Oct 18 7 tweets 12 min read
Wow! Maidan massacre trial in Ukraine acquits 2 Berkut policemen charged with Maidan massacre. This corroborates my academic studies. As I predicted based on political reasons, it convicts in absentia 3 Berkut officers, who were exchanged by Zelensky to Donbas separatists. Videos, forensic ballistic examinations & testimonies of eyewitnesses show that they also did not massacre Maidan protesters & charges against them were also trumped up in order to cover up Maidan snipers & Maidan leaders.

Synchronized videos show that specific time and direction of shooting by Berkut policemen did not coincide with killing of specific protesters. Forensic medical examinations revealed that nearly all Maidan protesters were shot from steep directions from the sides or back, which matched the Maidan-controlled buildings and did not match the Berkut police on the ground in front of the protesters. The absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters, over 500 witnesses & self-admitted Maidan snipers testified that Maidan protesters and the Berkut police were massacred by snipers located in Maidan-controlled buildings. Government ballistic experts also determined in onsite investigative experiments that many protesters were shot from the Hotel Ukraina and other Maidan-controlled buildings.

The evidence includes cover-up of Maidan snipers, disappearance of the key evidence, such as security camera footage, many bullets, all shields and all but a couple of helmets of the Maidan protesters and stonewalling of the investigations and trials by the Maidan governments and the far right, and denials by the prosecution that there were any snipers in the Maidan-controlled buildings. Findings of nearly 40 previous forensic ballistic examinations, including conducted by automatic computer-based IBIS-TAIS system, were reversed without any explanation. Synchronized videos show that these Berkut policemen were not even shooting at specific times when these protesters were killed.

The trial decision in the case of 3 Berkut policemen convicted in absentia is not based on such evidence because of political pressure, since the executive branch in Ukraine often interferes in court decisions in such high-profile cases, and the far-right activists repeatedly attacked and threatened the trial.

It is revealing that even after the Maidan massacre trial, there is no one imprisoned for this massacre.

"The Maidan Massacre Trial and Investigation Revelations: Implications for the Ukraine-Russia War and Relations":
"Careful analysis of publicly available evidence revealed during the Maidan massacre trials and investigations, shows beyond reasonable doubt that the four killed and several dozen wounded policemen, and nearly all of the 49 killed and 157 wounded Maidan protesters, were shot by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings and areas. Even the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s investigation determined that about half of Maidan protesters were wounded from locations other than the Berkut police positions and did not charge anyone with their attempted murder. The GPU investigation also initially found that the snipers in the Hotel Ukraina massacred the protesters. This hotel was controlled at the time by the far-right Svoboda party, which stated before the massacre that it took it under its control and guard.

The absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters, with whose shooting Berkut policemen are charged and whose testimonies were revealed at the trial, testified at the trial and the investigation that they were shot by snipers from the Hotel Ukraina and other Maidan-controlled buildings or witnessed snipers there. Nearly 200 witnesses, including dozens of the prosecution witnesses, also testified about snipers in these Maidan-controlled locations, in particular, massacring the police and the protesters.

Synchronized videos presented at the trial show that the times and directions of the shots by the Berkut policemen did not coincide with the times and directions at which specific protesters were killed. Other videos showed Maidan protesters being lured into positions that were exposed to snipers from such Maidan-controlled buildings as the Hotel Ukraina.

Forensic medical examinations by government experts determined that the majority of the protesters were shot from a steep angle from either the side or back. This is consistent with locations of the Maidan-controlled buildings, and inconsistent with the locations of the Berkut police on the ground. Also, the initial ballistic examinations did not match the bullets extracted from the bodies of killed and wounded to the Kalashnikov rifles used by Berkut.

The accidental killing and wounding of a small number of protesters by the Berkut police by ricochet bullets, or in a crossfire with snipers in the Maidan- controlled buildings, cannot be completely excluded because of the lack of publicly available data or because of contradictory data. But their killing and wounding together with other protesters suggests that they were also likely shot by the Maidan snipers.

Nor did the trials and investigations reveal any evidence that President Yanukovych or his law enforcement ministers and commanders ordered the massacre. Forensic examinations of the bullet holes by the government experts and the videos they presented showed that the Berkut policemen were mostly shooting above the Maidan protesters, and in particular into the Hotel Ukraina, which was the main location of the snipers...

There are various indications of stonewalling and cover-up of key evidence. It is noteworthy that the government investigation denied presence of any snipers in the Maidan-controlled buildings, in spite of its own initial findings that no fewer than 13 protesters were killed, and at least 77 wounded, from shot fired from the Maidan-controlled buildings and areas. When bullet trajectories, as determined by government ballistic experts and lasers in on-site-investigative experiments, showed that many Maidan protesters had been shot at from the Hotel Ukraina and other Maidan-controlled buildings, this result was covered-up and ballistic experts were no longer used. The GPU did not use ballistic experts to determine the bullet trajectories and locations of shooters even after being ordered to do so by the judge and the jury.

Unexplained reversals of results of some 40 forensic ballistic examinations, including computer-based examination which showed that bullets of Berkut Kalashnikovs did not match bullets from bodies of killed Maidan protesters, also suggest a cover-up and evidence tampering. Synchronized content analysis of the videos of the Berkut police and killed and wounded protesters along with locations and directions of wounds in forensic medical examination, testimonies of eyewitnesses among Maidan protesters, and on-site investigative experiments by government ballistic experts show that Maidan protesters could not had been physically shot from the Berkut positions,

Not a single person has been convicted or is currently under arrest for the Maidan massacre after more than nine years of investigation and trials, despite this being one of the best documented cases of mass murder in history, and one of the most significant human rights violations in independent Ukraine. This massacre, and the subsequent assassinations attempts against President Yanukovych, resulted in the violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government, and this ‘false-flag’ mass killing must be seen as a key part of this violent and undemocratic overthrow of the government in Ukraine.

These findings have major implications for understanding the ‘Euromaidan’ and the origins of the violent conflict in Ukraine and the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and between Russia and the West. This false-flag massacre led to the de facto Western-backed violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government, which spiraled into the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the civil war, and Russian military interventions in Donbas.

The trials and investigation revelations show that not popular “Euromaidan” protests but this staged mass killing and assassination attempts against Yanukovych were decisive in his overthrow. They demonstrate that, contrary to the dominant narratives in Ukraine and the West, the political transition during the “Euromaidan” was undemocratic. This mass killing of the protesters and the police also was one of the most significant political crimes and human rights violations in history of independent Ukraine.

The failure of the Ukrainian law enforcement and justice system to provide proper justice in the case of the Maidan massacre undermined the rule of law and prospects for reconciliation within the Ukrainian society, which was divided to various degree and largely along regional lines in terms of support for the Maidan protests and on many other political issues during and after the “Euromaidan.” The Maidan massacre trial verdict is unlikely to ensure justice because of the politization of this case and lack of independence of the judicial branch, especially at the time of the Ukraine-Russia war. The same concerns the failure of international organizations, such as the International Criminal Court, the Council of Europe, and the UN Security Council, to ensure justice in this crucial case.

The far-right involvement in the Maidan massacre of the police and the protesters and the failure to investigate, prosecute, and punish the far right for this mass killing resulted in the far right attaining oversize influence in the Ukrainian politics and de facto immunity for other violence or threats of violence.

The Maidan massacre gave start to conflicts between Ukraine and Russia and between the West and Russia, which Russia drastically escalated by invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders claim that a fascist coup in Ukraine was conducted during the Maidan, with Western government involvement, and that a Nazi regime is in power in Ukraine. He has used this claim to justify the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022. However, scholarly studies show that the Russian government exaggerates the role of neo-Nazis during and after the Maidan, that the Ukrainian governments are not Nazi or neo-Nazi, and that the Russian invasion is illegal under the international law.59 Simply put, the Maidan massacre does not justify the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. Conversely, the Russian invasion does not justify the Maidan massacre of the police and the protesters.

The Maidan massacre, the oligarchic and far-right elements involved in this mass killing, and the lack of justice in this crucial case of political violence had significant negative consequences to Ukraine and Ukrainians directly and indirectly, i.e., as result of spiraling conflicts that it provoked. This was one of factors that indirectly contributed to Ukraine’s loss of largely pro-Russian Crimea as result of the Russian annexation, and to the loss of most of Donbas as result of separatist rebellion and Russian military interventions in August 2014 and January 2015. Understanding the Maidan massacre and bringing to justice its perpetrators could have helped to resolve peacefully the conflicts in Ukraine and Ukraine-Russia conflicts and to prevent the Ukraine-Russia war.

The Maidan massacre and those who were involved in this mass killing by starting the conflicts spiral and the failure to bring justice by failing to prevent conflict escalation also indirectly contributed to the Ukraine-Russia war with its large human and economic costs to Ukraine and Ukrainians and likely permanent loss of annexed Donbas and parts of other Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine.60 Ukraine is unlikely to defeat Russia without the direct Western participation in this war.

This does not absolve Russia of direct responsibility for its illegal invasion, military interventions, and annexations in Ukraine and human and economic toll of the Ukraine-Russia war. The outcome of this war would determine not only the future of Ukraine but also of the future of Ukrainian-Russian relations and the world order.

The Maidan massacre trial and investigation did not reveal evidence of Russian or Western governments involvement in this crucial mass killing. The de facto backing by the West of the violent overthrow of the democratically elected and relatively pro-Russian government in Ukraine by means of the Maidan massacre and assassination attempts also contributed to the start of the conflicts in Crimea and Donbas and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and Russia and the West which now escalated into the Ukraine-Russia war and a proxy war between the West and Russia in Ukraine, which became a US client state after the “Euromaidan.” Therefore, the Maidan massacre and the failure to ensure justice ultimately have significant indirect global consequences, which can further increase in unlikely but not excluded case of a direct war between NATO and Russia with a danger of a nuclear war over Ukraine. The puzzling misrepresentation of the Maidan massacre by the West and its failure to help advance justice in this case requires further research.

The different narratives of the Maidan massacre and regime change in Ukraine have complicated peaceful resolutions of the conflicts in Crimea and Donbas and Ukraine-Russia and the West-Russia conflicts, and poisoned relations between Russia and Ukraine. They have also fed into the proxy war over Ukraine between the West and Russia, and are therefore likely to complicate Ukrainian-Russian relations long after the war. Bringing the actual perpetrators of the Maidan massacre in Ukraine to justice is a difficult, but necessary, step in resolving these dangerous conflicts."brill.com/view/journals/…
Oct 18 9 tweets 4 min read
My new open access article, entitled "The “snipers’ massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine," has been just published by major peer-reviewed journal following very positive reviews right before Maidan massacre trial decision on October 18-19:
It is based on almost 10 years of my research & shows that this massacre of Maidan protesters & police was false flag mass killing organized and carried out with "involvement of oligarchic and far-right elements of the Maidan opposition to overthrow the incumbent government in Ukraine."

This open access article or its parts can be freely viewed, downloaded, shared, translated and republished. It is published open access thanks to ongoing crowdfunding campaign in major social sciences journal which is indexed by Scopus and Web of Science and has 27% acceptance rate. tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…

Image This is my third peer-reviewed journal open access article concerning false-flag #Maidan massacre that escalated to illegal Russian invasion of #Ukraine in 2022. Another my article, entitled "The Maidan Massacre Trial and Investigation Revelations: Implications for the Ukraine-Russia War and Relations," has already over 70,000 full-text views and downloads.
Oct 6 7 tweets 2 min read
In addition to "Nazigate," Maidan massacre & Ukraine war, I also described on @kthalps show how I attended along with few dozen people in Kyiv in 1988 first opposition rally in nearly 70 years. I discussed how I was deprived graduate education & was threatened with expulsion from Kyiv university in 1990 because I wrote my final thesis based on theories of Max Weber and Western economists & concluded that Soviet system was bound to collapse. There was no problem that I wrote it in Ukrainian.

I also talked about illegal seizure of my house, land & all other property in Western Ukraine in retaliation for my Maidan massacre studies.

I described how my grandfather & grand grandfather survived executions by Nazi forces & how Wernher Von Braun V-2 missile fell meters away from house of my grand grandfather. @kthalps
Sep 28 5 tweets 2 min read
I am pleasantly surprised that my academic research-based tweets & interviews about the standing ovation by the parliament and prime-minister of Canada and the Ukrainian president to the veteran of the SS Galicia Division skyrocketed to such an impact. This was not possible without contributions of many others. On Saturday, I quote tweeted as “Orwellian” a tweet to confirm that the Associated Press photo caption referring to the standing ovation for this veteran who fought for the “First Ukrainian Division” during World War Two in fact referred to the SS Galicia division. My other research-based tweeter thread, which contained his photos in this division and his memoirs of joining this Waffen SS division voluntarily and my peer-reviewed article on involvement of this division members in mass killings of Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians, became viral with over 6,000,000 views.

These photos in the SS Galicia Division were then reported by Lev Golinkin in Forward, which was the first Western media publication to report this story. My interviews and tweets and the photos and the memoirs that I found were then reported by at least a few hundred TV, radio, print, and online media in Canada and dozens of other countries, including by Globe and Mail which was the first Canadian media to report this story on Sunday. This became the top story in the Canadian politics and the media and a major story in the media in Poland, the US, the UK, and many other countries. The speaker of the Canadian parliament apologized and resigned, leaders of opposition Canadian parties condemned the debacle, and prime minister of Canada issued an apology. This is how democracy works. I hoped and still hope that Ukraine would become like Canada in this regard. x.com/I_Katchanovski…
Sep 24 18 tweets 11 min read
These are photos of SS Galicia Division veteran who was given standing ovation by Canadian parliament, prime-minister of Canada and president of Ukraine. He published these photos of himself in this division during training in Germany. He is standing in the middle in 1st photo, second on the left in 2nd photo & without helmet near machine gun in 3d photo.

He wrote that he volunteered to join SS Galicia Division in 1943 in Ternopil region in Western Ukraine komb-a-ingwar.blogspot.com/2011/03/blog-p…
Sep 16 9 tweets 3 min read
Staggering losses in Ukraine: "Of every 100 people mobilized last fall, 10-20 remain, the rest are dead, wounded and incapacitated. This was stated by the head of the Poltava Regional TsK. According to him, Poltava is in last place in the region in terms of recruitment rates - it has fulfilled the General Staff plan by only 13%."
Image As usual, there is complete silence in Western media. In contrast, many popular Ukrainian media reported this statement about staggering military losses despite censorship about military losses tsn.ua/ato/u-poltavi-…
Aug 25 6 tweets 2 min read
German Nord Stream investigators identified member of neo-Nazi paramilitary wing of far-right Svoboda party, who serves in Ukrainian military, as one of perpetrators of Nord Stream bombing: "Investigators have become so convinced that the leads now point in just one single direction. Towards Ukraine. The most striking thing about the younger Valeri K. is that he is a follower of the openly nationalist youth organization VGO Sokil.

That consensus in itself is striking, say others – particularly politicians who believe the attack from the Andromeda may have been a "false flag" operation – an attack intentionally made to look as though it was perpetrated by someone else. All the leads point all-too-obviously towards Kyiv, they say, the clues and evidence seem too perfect to be true." My academic studies also revealed overwhelming evidence of involvement of far-right Svoboda in false-flag Maidan massacre in Ukraine. brill.com/view/journals/…
Aug 18 12 tweets 4 min read
My research also shows that Ukraine and Ukrainians are treated as disposable tool which can be used and sacrificed in proxy war to advance geopolitical goals. As I wrote, such counteroffensive with heavy Ukrainian casualties was witting decision. As I wrote, such counteroffensive with heavy Ukrainian casualties & close to zero chance of defeating Russia was witting decision with terrible consequences in terms of lives & future of Ukraine. But to justify it, Western & Ukrainian politicians & media peddled propaganda about defeating Russia.
Jul 20 4 tweets 2 min read
Ex-advisor to Prosecutor General of Ukraine after Maidan, based on Maidan investigative case that he saw, confirms findings of my academic studies of Maidan massacre: "What I can tell you is when I went to work in the Prosecutor’s office afterwards, I saw the Maidan case and it… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… "AARON MATÉ: But there’s a professor at the University of Ottawa named Ivan Katchanovski who has written a study about this, and he says without a doubt the people behind the Maidan massacre were in fact the people in the pro-Maidan coup side.  And he bases this on witness… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jul 15 5 tweets 2 min read
NYT reports that Ukrainian forces during counteroffensive lost some 30% of weapons & that it failed to breach Russian defense. Data on heavy losses of lives of Ukrainian soldiers are still censored. I said before that chances of Ukraine defeating Russia are close to zero & that… https://t.co/u4VZeanmintwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Image My interview for Spanish newspaper on current counteroffensive
Jul 11 13 tweets 5 min read
Zelensky and his NATO membership strategy are thrown under the bus by the Biden administration. Quelle surprise. "Nato secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, has confirmed the alliance will issue an invitation for Ukraine to join the alliance “when allies agree and conditions are met”, and that the process to the country’s membership would move from a two-step to a one-step pathway."… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jul 8 8 tweets 3 min read
Zelensky greets as heroes 5 neo-Nazi-led Azov commanders who returned to Ukraine following surrender to Russia & stay in Turkey after exchange. "Palamar’s neo-Nazi roots reach back even further—he belonged to the Patriot of Ukraine gang that formed Azov. Prokopenko, for his part,… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Zelensky greets as heroes & personally brings to Ukraine neo-Nazi-led Azov commanders, who surrendered to Russia & were kept in Turkey after exchange. These commanders were open neo-Nazis. Now, they are hailed as heroes. pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2023/…
Jul 3 4 tweets 1 min read
They call such media censorship in Ukraine democracy and media freedom and actually support such political censorship. This is truly Orwellian.
Jun 29 19 tweets 5 min read
My open-access article "The Maidan Massacre Trial and Investigation Revelations: Implications for the Ukraine-Russia War and Relations" is now published in peer-reviewed journal. It can be freely downloaded, posted & republished in whole or in part. 1/
brill.com/view/journals/… "The absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters, nearly 100 prosecution and defense witnesses, synchronized videos, and medical and ballistic examinations by government experts show that the Maidan protesters were massacred by snipers located in Maidan-controlled buildings"2/