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Political scientist, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa. Research politics, conflicts, policy & political communication in Ukraine, US & Canada.
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13 Jun 20
US media continues to propagate fake news that Maidan protesters in #Ukraine were massacred by police & deliberately omit overwhelming evidence that both protesters and police were massacred by snipers in Maidan-controlled-buildings.
Overwhelming evidence, such as testimonies of absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters & over 200 witnesses, videos & confessions of Maidan snipers, forensic examinations, etc. show that protesters & police were massacred by Maidan snipers. onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.11…
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5 Jun 20
KMIS poll: 30% intend to vote for #Zelensky virtual party before local elections, compared to 43% vote for his party in parliamentary elections 1 year ago. Smeshko's virtual party, far right Svoboda & Sharij's party have chances to enter parliament by clearing 5% vote threshold.
46% of Ukrainians believe that #Ukraine is breaking up & moves towards division, while 41% think that Ukraine heals divisions & unites. 49% think that negotiations with #Russia & separatist republics are needed to achieve peace, while 35% oppose any concessions to achieve peace.
34% of Ukrainians, including 33% in West Ukraine, believe that #Zelensky goes on leash of radicals. Regional divides concerning EU & #NATO NATO membership persist. West & Center favor EU & NATO memberships. East & South mostly favor nonalignment status. kiis.com.ua/materials/pr/2…
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28 May 20
Such fake news that Maidan protesters were massacred by "government-hired snipers" are propagated by Ukrainian & Western media for 6+ years, while overwhelming evidence of massacre of protesters by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings is still unreported 112.international/politics/state…
Such evidence includes trial & investigation testimonies by absolute majority of wounded #Maidan protesters & over 300 prosecution & other witnesses, videos of snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings & admissions in American, Israel & Italian TV documentaries by 7 Georgian snipers
Trial & investigation testimonies concerning Maidan snipers by absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters were not reported by Ukrainian & Western media with couple of exceptions.
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29 Mar 20
Orwellian: #Facebook selected StopFake, which disseminated fakes & propaganda concerning #Maidan massacre, war in #Donbas & far right/neo-Nazis in #Ukraine, as its main fact-checker in Ukraine. Stories rated as 'false' by StopFake would become practically invisible on Facebook.
Stopfake selection was made by its ex-member, who is now #Facebook Public Policy Manager for #Ukraine. She was far-right Svoboda volunteer during Maidan. She tweeted then about Hotel Ukraina snipers. But in Orwellian fashion, Stopfake called such snipers 'fake.' Now on Facebook?
StopFake falsely claims that Facebook post by far right priest calling for Ukrainians to use fascist hand salute along with Glory to Nation & Death to Enemies slogans under virus pretext is just about use of Roman salute to protect against #Covid_19 spread stopfake.org/en/fake-fight-…
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27 Mar 20
Bombshell: #Ukrainian media reports citing anonymous sources in Prosecutor General Office of #Ukraine that they plan to arrest Parasiuk & Chornovol, prominent recent members of parliament & #farright activists, on charges of involvement in #Maidan massacre wz.lviv.ua/news/409165-of…
Prosecutor General Office of #Ukraine reportedly plans to charge Volodymyr Parasiuk with massacre of Berkut policemen on February 20, 2014 & Tetiana Chornovol with deadly arson attack of Party of Regions office that resulted in killing of computer admin there on February 18, 2014
My studies concerning #Maidan massacre & #farright in #Ukraine found that Parasiuk-led company of Maidan snipers was involved in Maidan massacre & that Chornovol & far right Maidan activists were involved in this deadly arson attack of Party of Regions. academia.edu/8776021/The_Sn…
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20 Feb 20
#Maidan massacre, falsely attributed to government forces, is one of most consequential & important cases of mass killings & fake news. It ultimately led to #Ukrainian government overthrow, #Russian annexation of #Crimea, civil war in #Donbas & Russian military intervention there
False Maidan massacre narrative by governments & media continues in #Ukraine & West with some notable exceptions in spite of overwhelming evidence of involvement of elements of #Maidan oligarchic & far right alliance in this massacre of protesters & police academia.edu/37336135/The_M…
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24 Dec 19
Live: #Maidan massacre trial which considers release of Berkut members for exchange to Donbas separatists on @ZelenskyyUa order. Klychko, who was scheduled to testify, did not show up again because he is attending a meeting with #Zelensky. youtube.com/watch?v=0Bi-JA…
@ZelenskyyUa The expected request by the Prosecutor General Office of #Ukraine to release Berkut members, who are tried for the #Maidan massacre, for their exchange to #Donbas separatists was not considered today. The trial is postponed to January 14, strana.ua/news/241104-su…
@ZelenskyyUa Live: Kyiv court considers whether to release Berkut members who are tried for #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine. Hastily appeals hearing & some media reports suggest that it might be used to release Berkut members for exchange to #Donbas separatists. strana.ua/news/241664-su…
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10 Dec 19
Popular #Ukrainian blogger reports that Security Service of #Ukraine knows who in fact shot dead #Armenian protester on #Maidan in Jan. 2014 & has video recording of people in Maidan-controlled Trade Union building hiding firearm & discussing his killing
The Trade Union building was headquarters of Maidan leadership and Right Sector during Maidan. This Ukrainian blogger makes public Security Service of Ukraine report concerting its covert video surveillance of Right Sector chemical explosions lab in this building during Maidan.
This revelation is consistent with my studies finding that this & 2 other #Maidan protesters were killed in false flag shootings with some evidence of far right involvement & that investigation of their killings was stonewalled & fabricated for this reason academia.edu/41023574/The_F…
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2 Dec 19
Assassins, who killed a small child of a #Ukrainian businessman in downtown #Kyiv, are identified as veterans of the #FarRight Right Sector paramilitary formation that took part in the war in #Donbas strana.ua/news/236829-po…
Reported assassin was sniper in Right Sector paramilitary formation in #Donbas war, was given order by Poroshenko & participated in #Maidan as Right Sector member. He reportedly targeted businessman by sniper shot but killed his 3-year old son. strana.ua/news/236832-vj…
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5 Jul 19
In bombshell revelation, former Prosecutor General of #Ukraine suggests that member of #Ukrainian #Parliament ordered assassination by car bomb of Pavlo Sheremet. Sheremet was prominent #Belarusian émigré journalist & wrote for Ukrainska pravda in Ukraine. strana.ua/articles/inter…
Court decisions suggested that prosecution investigated involvement of neo-Nazi led Azov regiment members in his assassination. Failure to solve murder of prominet #journalist in #Ukraine indicates cover-up, and ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine openly admits that.
Based on its track record of #Ukraine coverage, Western mainstream #media is unlikely to report this bombshell revelation by ex-Prosecutor General that #Ukrainian #Parliament member, possibly linked to neo-Nazi Azov, is involved in ordering assassination of prominent #journalist
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6 May 19
Poroshenko is summoned by #Prosecutor General Office of #Ukraine to testify concerning #Maidan massacre. Several #Maidan activists stated that he was involved in Maidan massacre, in particular, evacuation of some of snipers captured by Maidan protesters. ukranews.com/news/630234-gp…
Head of special division of Prosecutor General Office of #Ukraine reveals that Poroshenko refused to sign protocol of his first interrogation in 2016 concerning #Maidan massacre in spite of 7 requests. ukranews.com/news/628467-ev…
Ex leader of Right Sector in Kyiv district publicly stated that Right Sector leader & Poroshenko evacuated captured snipers following #Maidan massacre. (1:04:13)
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23 Apr 19
My article on #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine, its cover-up and stonewalled investigation, and its misrepresentation by @nytimes and US architectural company 3D model. #UkraineElection #UkraineElections2019 consortiumnews.com/2019/04/22/the…
Maidan massacre was a watershed event, not only for politics and history of #Ukraine but also for world #Politics generally. This mass killing in downtown Kyiv set the stage for violent overthrow of the pro-#Russian government in Ukraine and a new Cold War between US and #Russia.
Therefore, it is remarkable that five years after this massacre shook the world, no one has been sentenced for any of the Maidan killings. This was the best documented case of mass killing in history, broadcast live on TV & the internet, in presence of thousands of eyewitnesses.
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15 Mar 19
New KMIS #Poll : 51% of residents of #Ukraine support and 38% oppose giving autonomy for the separatist-controlled part of #donbas if this would be needed to end the war and resolve this #conflict peacefully. #Donbass kiis.com.ua/?lang=ukr&cat=…
New KMIS #Poll : 54% of residents of Ukraine oppose blocking of #Russian TV channels in #Ukraine, while 32% support such political #Censorship. Similarly, 60% oppose ban on many performers and films from #Russia, while 28% support such political ban. kiis.com.ua/?lang=ukr&cat=…
The KMIS poll shows that views of most Ukrainians on these issues are more liberal and democratic than views of most Ukrainian politicians and many intellectuals, who publicly claim to support democracy, freedom, and European values but in fact act in the opposite way.
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14 Mar 19
Unreported #Maidan massacre #trial bombshell: Berkut lawyers request testimony via videolink from Belarus by 4 ex-#Georgian ex-military who testified in Italian & Israeli TV documentaries about snipers shooting police & protesters on Maidan leaders orders
Three of these Georgians testified in #Israeli TV #documentary that their and other Maidan groups received weapons, payments, and orders to massacre both police and protesters from Maidan and Georgian politicians.
Previous such request by Berkut lawyers 15 months ago for video testimony from Armenia by 2 of these Georgians is still not implemented despite its approval by Maidan massacre trial judges & depositions made by these Georgians for trial with similar testimony & identity proof.
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10 Mar 19
This is ust another example for those who take government propaganda & media fake news, like in case of Maidan & Odesa massacres, at face value. It is more surprising that NYT published such video, which was already shown immediately after this incident. nytimes.com/2019/03/10/wor…
Neither @nytimes nor other Western media published similar videos showing shooting of Maidan protesters from Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina and far right protesters setting the Trade Union building in Odesa on fire. These videos are cited in my studies.
And CNN did not report its footage of Maidan snipers walking in front of its TV crew on the Maidan, shooting at the police, and forcing the police to flee and its footage of Maidan snipers looking for shooting positions in the Hotel Ukraina during Maidan massacre.
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9 Mar 19
Civilian wing of #neo-Nazi led Azov regiment attacks Poroshenko election rally, clashes with police & threatens him in another indication that the far right could be used to help to defeat Poroshenko in presidential elections by force or threat of force. strana.ua/news/189937-v-…
As I wrote in my studies, the far right has power to overthrow the government in #Ukraine by force in alliance with oligarchic parties, as such alliance successfully did five years ago during the Maidan. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…
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8 Mar 19
Endangered scholar from #Ukraine finds refuge at my Ph.D. school at George Mason University in the Washington DC area in the US. www2.gmu.edu/news/575346?fb…
The TV report about this refugee scholar refers to an "authoritarian regime" in #Ukraine that endangers scholars wusa9.com/video/news/geo…
#Ukrainian #historian is fired from university in Odesa & referred to Security Service of #Ukraine for investigation because his scholarly publications do not conform to ideological dogmas. There would be no collective letter from Western & Ukr historians. timer-odessa.net/news/odesskogo…
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8 Mar 19
Four manifestations of political persecution & #censorship against #journalists in #Ukraine just this month: 1) prominent Ukrainian journalist is prosecuted for calling civil war in Ukraine "civil war" & for other media reporting on conflict in Ukraine. strana.ua/news/189367-vl…
2). The head of the #Ukrainian bureau of the #Austria ORF TV channel is banned from #Ukraine because of his reporting. orf.at/stories/311439…
3) A TV channel in Western Ukraine is investigated by the Security Service of Ukraine for broadcasting an interview with the most popular Ukrainian blogger who is based in Western Europe.
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24 Feb 19
Live results of parliamentary elections in #Moldova2019: Pro-#Russian Party of Socialists leads with 30% of the votes, while the oligarchic Democratic Party follows with 29% after 21% counted. All major parties alleged fraud in the #Elections . pv.cec.md/cec-template-p…
With 42% precincts reporting in the parliamentary elections in #Moldova, Pro-Russian Party of Socialists leads with 30% of the votes, the oligarchic Democratic Party follows with 28%, and pro-Western PAS trails with 23% of the votes. #Moldova2019 pv.cec.md/cec-template-p…
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20 Feb 19
My new visual reconstruction of #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine & bullet holes locations shows that snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings and not Berkut police & government snipers massacred Maidan protesters. View is from Berkut barricade spot. #Майдан #Майдан_5 #Майдан_5років
Bullet holes, which were identified in government forensic expert reports, videos & photos, as being from directions of this Hotel Ukraine & other Maidan-controlled buildings are within the massacre area, locations, height and directions of shooting of the Maidan protesters.
My visual reconstruction based on government forensic expert reports, videos & photos of bullet holes locations shows that Berkut police & Omega snipers were generally shooting above Maidan protesters at 2d & higher floors of Hotel Ukraina & in electric poles, flower box & trees.
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19 Feb 19
My new #Video appendix with added English-language subtitles of shooting at American, Australian, British, German, Polish & Russian #journalists during #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine suggests that they were shot at by snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings
My video appendix shows shooting at #journalists from @ABCaustralia, @ABC, @ARDde (twice), @AP, @BBCNews (twice), @kpru, @RT_com, @Ruptly, @SkyNews, @TVP & @zvezdanews during #Maidan massacre in #Ukraine on February 20, 2014. Nobody is charged with this crime 5 years afterwards.
This video appendix shows that investigation forensic reports at #Maidan massacre #Trial confirmed my APSA study finding that German ARD TV #journalists at two Hotel Ukraina rooms were shot at from Right Sector & Right-Sector-linked armed Maidan Self-Defense company headquarters.
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