I don't want to see Snowden trending unless it's to announce his arrest. As to the defenders of Russia/Belarus saying that a Belarus fighter jet forcing a commercial jet to land so they can arrest someone is is exactly the same as an attempt to arrest Snowden. They are lying.
First, when Evo Morales plane was forced to land, that was due to some fuel level indicator malfunction. No fighter jet forced that plane to land. It landed in Austria. Bolivia claimed that was because 4 other countries denied them air space.
According to the Bolivian Defense Minister at the time, the plane was not searched. According to Austria, the plane was searched for Snowden. But the landing was not forced by anything but the pilot wanting to check on the fuel level indicators.
So what is different between these two events?
Fighter plane forced landing vs. pilot requested landing because of equipment problem
Commercial plane carrying passengers vs. private government plane
Russia/Belarus put bystanders in jeopardy.

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25 May
There are some people so afraid of being treated as an equal to a Black person, they lose their entire minds. Hustlers for white supremacy
That links brings you to his many articles designed to terrify white people
He is a lying piece of shit. He wrote about Portland schools and it's unrecognizable bullshit but will sure scare parents. Image
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25 May
If you're a white person & have a brilliant idea of how to strike back against white supremacy, please check with more than a few Black people before announcing it to the world. If you're not Black, you may be unaware of how your brilliant idea might actually work in their lives
Let's consider the Racial Privacy Initiative, or Prop 54, that was on the ballot in 2003. I am aware of it because my organization sent some staff to help work to defeat it. Ward Connerly, an anti-AA multi-racial Californian was the public face of the proposition.
If passed, the collection of race information in education, employment, housing, etc. It did exempt medical data collection, law enforcement, policing, etc. Its purpose was to end any form of affirmative action, but would allow discrimination in housing & employment by hiding it
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23 May
How many of you are familiar with Mary Gauthier?
I love her so much! My favorite is Mercy Now.
Another favorite is I Drink
I think this is a great love song if you have a sense of humor.
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19 May
I think a neighbor may be already drunk. Every few minutes I hear what sounds like a hammer striking wood, then a very loud FUCK. There's a silence while I imagine him checking his fingers to see if they're okay before the next two hammer blows and the next loud FUCK.
My apartment complex has a very high wooden fence separating it from the houses. Almost all the noise comes from those houses. It sounds like the same guy who calls his pet for hours at a time. I've lived here 11 years & I still can't tell if its name is Larry, Gary, or Harry
He always sounds drunk when he's calling his pet, too. It sounds like someone standing at the door, calling, but only saying the name, never come here, come on, her boy, or any other word. He obviously has never learned that dogs & cats respond more when the 2nd syllable goes up
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13 May
The idea that continuing to wear a mask after being vaccinated is morally equivalent to refusing to wear a mask or get vaccinated is amplified by idiots in the media who question Biden and Harris wearing masks even though they serve as examples that wearing masks is safe.
There is no equivalence. One action is an abundance of caution while the other is feckless disregard for the health and safety of the community. One does no harm, the other has killed half a million people.

So media, stop being such absolute assholes.
Moreover, the experience of mask-wearing has shown its efficacy in preventing more than the coronavirus. It also has reduced the incidence of cold and flu. I can see people being seasonal mask wearers, safely coming through cold and flu season.
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9 May
I am reading this book & a new character was just added in a new storyline. She's going to a Resistance meeting with a secret answer to enter. She is asked if something were heading toward earth that would kill everyone,
but you could save one of two people, Stacey Dash or Ben Carson. She picks Ben because doctor and is told she is wrong. The correct answer is neither because it would be better to just start over (paraphrasing).
Unfortunately, I had just taken a sip of coffee and now my nose is killing me.
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