peaceful human rights protestors seen through the right’s latest filter ->
criminals and psychopaths mobilized into blue militias
They say this inflammatory shit to scare people and justify the actually-existing, heavily armed right wing militias.
The language of the right keeps getting more extreme to match every authoritarian escalation by the GOP.
People write off batshit accusations as unserious, which is a mistake. The accusations itself is a test of how far propagandists can take things, of how much bs people are willing to swallow.

What happens when the idea of a blue militia catches on?
We continue to treat the GOP’s authoritarian threats as jokes, while taking their unfounded concerns seriously. It’s so backwards.

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27 May
A hardwired belief that fascism can’t happen here has made it that much harder to confront the radicalization of the GOP. My latest for @Convo_ist, a primal scream for American democracy:…
If the GOP’s strategy is to pack the courts, overturn elections, incite mobs, gerrymander, suppress votes, and otherwise harass the vulnerable, then the size of its base is not as relevant a concern.…
Republicans have been on the path toward authoritarianism for more than two decades. (Reasonable people/historians will disagree on how far back to go.)Trump just speeded up the journey and helped them blossom into their worst selves.…
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9 Jan
This was the RNC doubling down on Trump, today. Insurrection? NBD.

The whole party has to go.
What’s so sad is that people are only now giving this attack on democracy the urgency it deserves, late in the game with extremists deeply entrenched in our system.
January 20th won’t solve the fascist problem in America. Instead of chaos coming from the executive, it’ll be state GOP parties and local police harassing Democrats and marginalized people, suppressing votes, passing racist laws and ordinances, inciting violence.
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9 Jan
Fire them all, make them reapply, don’t rehire Nazis or cops with brutality records. Can’t imagine who’ll be left but it’s a start.
Doesn’t solve for the racists in top positions, but it’s something
To be clear when I say fire them all, I mean fire whole departments. Make everyone reapply.
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8 Jan
Should’ve been impeaching him since day 1
He was in violation of the constitution. But they didn’t want to pick those fights. Why?
Republicans would’ve impeached Hillary for witchcraft. Meanwhile, Democrats refused to impeach over a multitude of very real documented crimes. WTF.
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8 Jan
Stop demanding Republicans do the right thing, or telling them what they should do. Force them. It’s the only way.
Why are Democrats so terrified of hard power? Use it.
The world won’t end if you upset your (treasonous) Republicans colleagues by forcing their hand, but it can get much bloodier if you don’t. Succession crises can spiral in all kinds of ways, expected and unexpected. Do something, don’t sit on this.
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8 Jan
There’s a reason I compared him over and over to genocidaires and the men who kill their families. And people looked at me like I was the crazy one.
And this whole time, mental health professionals were censored by the Goldwater rule from talking about his mental state for fear of being sued.
Convenient how so many legal forms of censorship like NDAs and the Goldwater rule are wielded by abusive men to cover their crimes.
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