STRATEGY MEMO: @LeaderMcConnell is reported to be begging Republican Senators, asking them for a personal favor, which is voting against the January 6th commission. What conceivable reason could there be for the Senate Minority Leader to vote against finding out every detail 1/
About what happened? This is a disgraceful dereliction of duty. Should McConnell succeed in his effort to whitewash January 6th we will have a generation of political violence and emboldened extremists. This is the clear lesson of history. It is indisputable. 2/
The exercise of political power for the public good requires the wisdom to embrace the qualities of restraint, resoluteness, defiance and occasionally the raw power of majority action sustained by majority opinion to defend the integrity of our highest values and fight for 3
justice and the supremacy of the rule of law. This is such an occasion. Politics requires the discernment to know when to fight and when to deal. Some lines must be held and some blockades must be smashed. @LeaderMcConnell has run circles around @SenSchumer for a long time. 4
@SenateDems should make clear that they will end the filibuster to pass a January 6th commission and that they will not allow the filibuster to stand in the way of Voting Rights legislation in the face of the Industrial scale disenfranchisement efforts being passed by 5
authoritarian GQP legislatures all over the country. The American people are on the side of our democracy. What we need are political leaders who have the guts and clear eyed realism to defend our democracy and the wherewithal to make an argument. It is @LeaderMcConnell who 6
Is the radical here. It is his extremism that warrants the reaction proposed. The filibuster will not be struck down to pass legislation per se but rather in defense of the American Republic which has been under sustained attack by the senior elected officials of the GOP since 7
Trump lost the election. The importance of this vote is profound. Some battles are zero sum. It is time for Senate Democrats to make clear that they will not yield or blink, that there will 100% be a January 6th Commission and that they will annihilate the filibuster 8
to bring one about. Appeasing and accommodating @LeaderMcConnell’s bad faith isn’t a strategy, it’s a pathology. This moment requires confrontation and @POTUS is running the country. Senate Democrats should act with toughness and resolve. McConnell understands power. That’s what
This is about. He is terrified of Trump and doesn’t want to lose his job. Trump will attack @LeaderMcConnell in North Carolina as the Leader Rallies return. This is how Mitch is trying to make nice. He is trying to pay tribute to Trump by shredding his oath. Fight back. 10

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28 May
The measurement of @SenSchumer’s leadership should be his ability to hold his caucus together for the fight against the authoritarian movement. The defense of democracy is a moral issue because it is the ONLY system of government that places the HUMAN BEING over the state. 1/
The filibuster should not be ended for politics and policy disagreements. It can and should be ended in defense of the American Republic and to protect the voting franchise for Black Americans. There seems to be a profound lack of imagination among many Senate Dems over the
Magnitude of the disaster that will follow the white washing of a murderous insurrection. Our nation will be doomed to a rising tide of political violence and menace. The extremists will grow more emboldened. Our democracy will continue to atrophy. The autocrats will smile.
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27 May
.@SenatorSinema and @JoeManchinWV have shown reluctance and restraint around abolishing the filibuster. There are many good reasons for their position, not the least of which is the fact that Republicans could return to majority status and advance an agenda with no regard for
Minority rights in the Senate. These are no ordinary times. Both Senators should consider saying that if Republicans filibuster an open, fair and urgently important national commission around the murderous insurrection from four months ago they will strike down the filibuster.
The use of the filibuster in this instance is a threat to national security and long term constitutional stability. It is zero sum now. GOP Senators are making coercive threats towards the private sector, a leading senate candidate is talking about “ destroying opponents of
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27 May
The comments seem like thin gruel and a micro step towards facing a reality that is clear as day and was so many mile markers ago. Ryan is a CURRENT FOX NEWS CORPS BOARD MEMBER. Fox News is the singularly most dishonest institution in American life. It has poisoned American
Democracy with insanity, conspiracy theories, racial division, lies and malice. Rupert Murdoch is the most dangerous immigrant ever to come to American shores from a foreign land. Paul Ryan is a director of the Corporation that is the most pernicious and dishonest force in
the American public square. Democracies require citizens who understand that rights are accompanied by obligations and responsibilities, fidelity to the truth over the lie and faith and belief in the legitimacy of the system. Fox News has attacked reality, the truth and our
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26 May
.@lizcheney talked about the miserable reality that many GOP Members of Congress were intimidated by threats of violence by Political extremists aligned with Trump. When the people’s representatives are intimidated by thuggish threats that means we are no longer living in a free
Country. The other thing that @Liz_Cheney talked about is the likelihood of discovering what role Members of Congress played in coordinating, communicating and supporting the insurrection. Some people say that saying Trumps’ name out loud enables and strengthens him. 2/
This view seems rooted in a perspective that Trump’s strength and power can be measured by an evaluation of his social media metrics. This school of thought looks at Trump’s Twitter and Facebook ban coupled with other instances of low engagement tactical platforms and concludes 3
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26 May
There will be more @mtgreenee ‘s in the next Congress and the one after that. McCarthy @GOPLeader and a hundred others tried to ride the Tiger to power and the GOP wound up in the tigers belly. Greene’s comments are a perfect reflection of both the moral stunting and victim 1/
ideology that animates the Trump cult of personality and American Autocratic Movement. They do however offer the chance for contemplation around Auschwitz and its meaning. Specifically, how did it happen? How did a political party that never received more than 37% of the vote
take absolute power in a modern and sophisticated country? What was the role that propaganda and misinformation played in the poisoning of a civilized society and the destruction of European civilization and 100 million lives? How did the Jews, .75% of the German population 3/
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25 May
The vile insanity of @mtgreenee is a feature of the autocratic movement that Donald Trump remains the undisputed leader of. @GOPLeader decision to cover up the murderous January 6th insurrection which included white nationalists and neo-Nazis wearing Camp Auschwitz t shirts
is more appalling and egregious by orders of magnitude than the anti Semitic fulminations and stupidities from @mtgreenee . Here is reality. Neo Nazi’s, white supremacists, fascist proud boys and right wing extremist groups of all manner were inspired and emboldened by Trump.
He gave them oxygen. They gave him support. @GOPLeader was a handmaiden to birthing the new autocratic coalition that is filled with anti-semites, racists and blood and soil white nationalists. That is what is appalling. Almost as appalling as his crocodile tears over the
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