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Here's a thread on just some of the males who have gone on to win women's sports events - including how they performed in the men's category before they started identifying as women
2017: CeCe Telfer is ranked 390th among male NCAA Division II athletes in the 400m hurdles category
2018: Telfer 'transitions'
2019: Telfer is national NCAA Division II women's 400m hurdle champion
2021: Telfer hopes to qualify for the US Olympics…
1998-2012: Laurel Hubbard fails to qualify for a single international men's tournament as a professional weightlifter
2013: Hubbard 'transitions' (aged 35)
2014-21: Hubbard qualifies for 11 international women's tournaments, including the Olympics…
2013-15: Hannah Mouncey made 22 appearances for the Australian men's handball team, scoring 0 goals
2015: Mouncey 'transitions'
2018: Amid controversy, Mouncey is allowed to play 6 times for the Australian women's handball team, scoring 23 goals…
Pre 2015: Golfer Hailey Davidson won 0 men's tournaments (in fact it doesn't look like Davidson even qualified for any tournaments)
2015: Davidson 'transitions'
2021: Davidson becomes the first male to win a women's professional golf tournament…
2019: Mary Gregory, who had 'transitioned' as an adult, took up professional women's weightlifting and, at Gregory's first tournament, won all nine events at the 100% Raw Weightlifting Federation competition, breaking four world records in the process…
Pre 2006: Fallon Fox served in the US Navy
2006: Fox 'transitions'
2012-14: Fox becomes an MMA fighter, winning all but one fights; in one fight fracturing a woman's skull…
2011: Rachel McKinnon / Veronica Ivy 'transitions' (aged 29)
2012-18: McKinnon / Ivy takes up professional women's cycling and wins the UCI Women’s Masters Track World Championship for the women's 35–44 age bracket…
After 'transitioning' as a teenager, Maxine Blythin played cricket for both a men’s cricket team where Blythin had a batting average of 15, and the Kent women's cricket team, where Blythin had an average of 124 and was named women's cricketer of the year…
'Before transitioning and competing in the women’s events, Kenzie Statz didn’t fare well in the men’s competitions. But [now] the transgender cyclist finishes more than 10 minutes ahead of the next closest competitor.'…
Pre 2017: Tiffany Abreu is a volleyball player in Brazil's men's Superliga A & B divisions
2017: Abreu 'transitions'
2018: Abreu breaks Brazil's women's Superliga’s single game scoring record against a team that contained three Olympic gold medalists…
Pre 2018: Valentina Petrillo wins 11 Italian men's Paralympic titles in a career that's coming to an end
2018: Petrillo 'transitions' (aged 44)
2020: Petrillo wins 3 gold medals at the women's Italian Paralympic Athletics Championships in just 24 hours…
Gabrielle Ludwig 'transitioned' to a woman aged 50, in 2012, and immediately joined Mission College women's basketball team. Ludwig, who is 6 foot 8, 'led the team in scoring with 17 points a game and led the state in rebounding with 18 a game'… Image
2014: Chelsea Wolfe 'transitions' and, the same year, takes up BMX cycling
2017: Wolfe switches to BMX Freestyle after discovering it's an Olympics event
2021: Wolfe is set to be one of the three Team USA BMX Freestyle women to qualify for the Olympics…
2018: Sprinter Terry Miller 'now identifies as female'
2019: Miller wins the girls' 55 metre dash at the Connecticut Open Indoor Track Championships, breaking the girls' state indoor record. Second place goes to Andraya Yearwood, who also 'transitioned'…
Up until 2012: Jillian Bearden is an elite men's cyclist but didn't quite make it to a professional standard
2014: Bearden transitions (aged 34)
2016: Bearden wins the Arizona El Tour de Tucson and becomes a professional peloton cyclist the following year…
2007: Amelia Gapin took up running but failed to qualify for any major events
2012: Gapin 'transitions'
2016: Gapin is given a women's slot at the Boston Marathon…
Michelle Dumaresq took up professional downhill mountain biking five years after 'transitioning'. Dumaresq went on to win the Canadian National Championships two years in a row…
2012: Savannah Burton plays for Canada's men's dodgeball team, but it doesn't work out and Burton quits dodgeball
2013: Burton 'transitions'
2015-17: Burton returns to dodgeball and plays for Canada's women's team at two successive world championships…
Athena Del Rosario 'transitioned' and became a women's NCAA football goalkeeper. Del Rosario has now taken up beach handball and hopes to qualify for the 2024 Olympics…
Natalie Van Gogh 'transitioned' in 2005 and took up cycling. Van Gogh has now been a professional women's cyclist for nearly a decade, winning at least two major events in that time…
Jessica Platt 'lived for' ice hockey but failed to make it professionally and quit the sport for seven years. During that time, Platt 'transitioned'. Since then, Platt has returned to the sport, making it as a professional for two Canadian women's teams…
2020: Mara Gómez, who had recently 'transitioned', 'signs a contract with Villa San Carlos in the recently professionalised women’s Primera División, after years of journeying through the amateur leagues'…
In 2009, Chris Bruce 'transitioned' and was competing in women's bodybuilding events by 2011 - 20 years after competing in men's bodybuilding events…
Juniper Simonis played competitive sports before 'transitioning', to no apparent success. Since then Simonis has won the Women's Roller Derby World Championship four times…
Caroline Layt played men's rugby league before 'transitioning' aged 30. Layt then took up women's rugby and was a finalist for 'women's player of the year'…
1998: Parinya Charoenphol takes up kickboxing, winning one fight
1999: Charoenphol 'transitions'
2006: Charoenphol is allowed to compete in women's kickboxing, and goes on to win 20 fights, 18 by knockout…
2000: Lauren Jeska 'transitions' and takes up fell-running
2010-12 Jeska wins numerous women's events including the 2012 British Fell Running Championships
2017: Jeska is jailed for the attempted murder of a coach who asked to see Jeska's hormone levels…
JayCee Cooper was a men's competitive curler and rower, who 'transitioned' before 2019 and took up powerlifting. In 2019 Cooper became the USPA Minnesota Women's State Champion while setting the women's bench press record…
Up until 2020: Kate Weatherly competes in the New Zealand men's downhill mountain bike open division (the grade below elite) but fails to win any events
2020: Weatherly 'transitions'
2021: Weatherly wins the New Zealand elite women's national championship…
2012: Stephanie Barrett has sex reassignment surgery
2016: Barrett takes up archery
2018-21: Barrett wins gold at the Canadian Championships, breaks the Canadian women's archery score and qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics in the women's individual recurve… ImageImage
2003: Alana McLaughlin joins the US military; becomes a special forces sergeant
2016: McLaughlin 'transitions'
2021: McLaughlin competes for Combate Global in women's MMA fighting (& is treated as inspirational by The Guardian for wanting to beat up women)…
2018-19: Lia Thomas twice fails to make the first team in the men's swimming Ivy League
2019: Thomas 'transitions'
2021: Thomas qualifies for the women's Ivy League first team, and wins all three out of Thomas' first three events, setting three new records…
Pre 2018: Blair Hamilton (who like Lia Thomas and Emily Bridges is at least 6 foot tall) plays for Aberdeen University's men's football team
2018: Hamilton 'transitions'
2022: Hamilton is selected to play for the England Universities' women's team
Pre 2019: Jamie Hunter played for 5 years in the men's Widnes Amateur snooker league
2020: Hunter 'transitions'
2021: Hunter qualifies for the Women's World Snooker Tour and makes it to the semi final of the English Women's Open…
Pre 2020: Sasha Jane Lowerson is an Australian longboard men's competitor
2020: Lowerson 'transitions', aged 42
2022: Lowerson wins the women's Western Australia longboard title, en route by beating competitors by almost three times their scores…
'Maxine Yates, a trans mountain bike racer, won the women’s 19+ category in the National Series event in Scotland, and is ranked first in the female category. This is despite British Cycling ending the 'males can race in the female category' policy'…
September 2021: Lilly Chant 'transitions'

April 2022: Lilly Chant finishes 19th in a men's cycling event

June 2022: Lilly Chant finishes second in a women's cycling event. The winner is also male…
2020: Ricci Tres 'identifies' as a woman
2021: Ricci tries to qualify for the US Olympics women's skateboarding team but is not allowed to enter due to too high testosterone
2022: Ricci wins the New York City Women's Finals - the first women's event Ricci is allowed to compete in Image
Despite being male and 28, Riya Isha is allowed to compete in the women's under 26's All-India Inter University Athletics Championship.

Riya wins three events: the 3-km walk, the long jump and the hammer throw…
2022: 'Anamika' wins an Indian High Court ruling to compete against women in judo on the basis that there isn't a third category for people who say they're transgender. Within days Anamika wins a women's 78 kilogram judo competition…
Victoria Monaghan was a New Zealand men's darts player with a national ranking, before retiring in 2018 with, seemingly, zero tournament wins.

2022: Monaghan is allowed to return - and compete in women's darts - and immediately wins the New Zealand Open…

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