(🆚) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Team Trump Had a Second Pre-Insurrection War Room

A massive new front has just opened in the January 6 investigation—and right now it's exclusively at PROOF. I hope you'll subscribe, read, share this news, and follow this thread. sethabramson.substack.com/p/major-breaki…
1/ The importance of this breaking news can't be overstated. The discovery, by PROOF, of the first Insurrection Eve war room led to a confession by a US senator that he'd lied to the media; lawsuit threats from Roger Stone and Michael Flynn; and a congressional inquiry in Brazil.
2/ This second war room is *bigger* news because it was more clandestine, hosted more dubious figures, was apparently the nerve center for all other war room sites—including Trump International and possibly the White House and VP's mansion—and was closest to the insurrectionists.
3/ The number of questions answered by this revelation is too many to count. Roger Stone disappeared on the evening of January 5 and was invisible on January 6. Where was he? At the Willard. The location of the Jones-Flynn interview on January 5 is now revealed as... the Willard.
4/ Where were Bannon's lieutenants on January 5 and 6? The Willard. Where did the Oath Keepers congregate? The Willard. Where did Stop the Steal have its HQ? Apparently, the Willard. The list of insurrectionists who seem to have been and out of Trump's war room there is massive.
5/ The revelation of the Trump International war room led to dozens of follow-up stories at PROOF, and so will this revelation. Every key insurrectionist—Rogan O'Handley, Ali Alexander, Alex Jones, Michael Flynn—now must be cross-indexed with reporting of who was at the Willard.
6/ At the PROOF link above you'll find the full story of what's known about this second war room so far, and it's a lot—including major revelations I don't have the room to go into here, or else this would be another 100-tweet thread (and I recognize how exhausting those can be).
PS/ For those who've read the article, I'd appreciate your take on the "Shroyer Question." That could unlock everything—including Stop the Steal being co-operator of Trump's second war room. It'd make the Willard *the* key Team Trump-insurrectionist nexus for FBI investigators.
PS2/ I want to make sure everyone understands that the Willard is *already known*—per federal indictments—to have been the nerve center for the Oath Keepers. So now we know Trump's nerve center and the insurrectionists' nerve center was the same building. See where this is going?
PS3/ My view:

1⃣ Alex Jones and Roger Stone ran Stop the Steal with Alexander.
2⃣ Stone was being guarded by Oath Keepers at the Willard.
3⃣ If Jones's top lieutenant (Shroyer) was in the Trump ops room with Trump's lawyer—as I think I've now shown he was—it's a game-changer.
PS4/ Candidly, there are things in the *parentheticals* of this article that should be leading the news on CNN and MSNBC tonight. How about this nugget regarding domestic terror leader Ali Alexander? Image

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(UPDATE) Still working on it. Still aiming to release it this PM. This is the wildest thing I've ever written. I'm hoping the comment fields will be active here/at PROOF. This story is so bizarre that I'm almost desperate to have as many people weigh in on it as humanly possible.
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1/ I was a defense lawyer for years—also a criminal investigator in the federal justice system. It's not just that Stone's a convicted felon, pathological liar and self-dubbed "dirty trickster"; no review of these facts would suggest to an LEO anything but consciousness of guilt.
2/ This article tracks—and decimates—every alibi Stone has provided for where he was on January 6, and why and when. The WASHINGTON POST reported in February that the FBI was investigating Stone, Alex Jones, and Ali Alexander for their roles in January 6. It never dove this deep.
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(🆚) BREAKING: New January 6 Willard Hotel "War Room" Participant Confirmed; Revelation May Implicate Trump's DHS in Insurrection

We're getting a clear view of who was in Trump's January 6 command center, and what they did there. Please share this widely. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ This breaking news was the byproduct of—no exaggeration—*hundreds* of citizen journalists converging on a single pressing issue related to the insurrection and providing PROOF with hundreds of pages of documents and websites and photos to review. This is the tip of an iceberg.
2/ When I reported on Joe Oltmann being in the Willard Hotel war room—and PROOF will have a major follow-up on Oltmann shortly—I couldn't figure out how Team Trump had such ready access to DHS secretary Chad Wolf *in the midst of* an armed attack on the U.S. Capitol. Now we know.
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14 Jun
BREAKING (forecast only; story to come): PROOF now has video evidence insurrectionist capo Alex Jones wasn't just at the Willard January 5—he was there January 6 also. I have so many PROOF articles to write now. Upshot—there's a reason Stone's story on the Willard keeps changing.
(PS) Remember, Jones's claim is he never met up with Stone in DC. It seemed really important for Jones to say that on-air, and for Stone to lie about "never leaving his room" at the Willard. Man, do I have photos of him "outside his room." Many articles coming to PROOF this week.
(PS2) I expect PROOF to break news every day this week. There's so much to write—so much evidence that's flooded in—that I can't even write it all up ASAP. I have to move sequentially. Bobb is first, then likely an Oltmann follow-up, then a Stone/Jones exposé. Be patient with me.
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