1. This is some real demagogic bullshit from I guy I thought I liked. No sense of responsibility about how law enforcement including his own office helped to created that outcome.
2. When people fail to come forward they are not "choosing the side" of the harm-doers. Such nonsense.
3. They are responding to the circumstances around them which has involved 30 years of hyper-carceral harassment over the tiniest offenses — literally worse than anywhere in the world — from the people you’re expecting them to go to when something bad happens.
4. Also 30 years of those same law enforcement agencies being rife with the most blatant corruption and law-breaking. Famously bad. And also 30 years of them failing to solve cases and obtain accurate convictions.
5. Maybe instead of pointing fingers at the public, Jason Williams should look in the mirror at his own agency and his main partner in decades-long failure, the NOLA police.
6. Also I should have mentioned the cruelty with which his office has treated crime witnesses and crime victims – locking them up for their trouble! – might also have something to do with their reticence. nola.com/news/crime_pol…

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9 Jun
Actually violent crime in toto was DOWN in liberal cities — like Portland, Philly, Chicago and NYC — last year. Homicides were up, though homicides were up in conservative cities as well. But go on with your false information and casual racism.
Here are receipts for three of the four cities I mentioned: Portland, Philly and NYC. (1) Portland 2019 (2) Portland 2020 (3) Philly 2019-2020 (4) NYC 2019-2020. ImageImageImageImage
3. Can’t find end of year for Chicago, so only have year-to-date (violent crime down every year for four years). Also adding year-end San Francisco and Seattle for good measure – two more “liberal cities,” also down. ImageImageImage
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8 Jun
1. Even though she was confirmed today, the politicization of the nomination of an old school prosecutor for the high court of New York State was a good thing. Something to be emulated.
2. These state appellate courts are lousy with former prosecutors. In some states it’s like ~60%+ former prosecutors and 0% former criminal defense attorneys/civil rights lawyers. That is some real nonsense. We have to contest that.
3. We are already contesting these judge positions at the local level. Important victories in Philly, Pittsburgh, Nevada, New Orleans, etc. theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
Read 8 tweets
1 Jun
1. @Twitter appears to be blacking out several of my tweets suggesting that homicides went up in liberal cities and conservative cities even though that is objectively true.
2. Here again, is @twitter blacking out my tweets.
3. Here is one of the tweets that @twitter is blacking out in other people’s feeds. It is objectively true.
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1 Jun
1. This piece is SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY BAD. It depicts Portland in apocalyptic terms, dismissing it as a liberal wasteland. But somehow the piece fails to mention: PORTLAND ISN’T EVEN IN THE TOP HALF OF (the 50 largest) CITIES WHEN IT COMES TO HOMICIDES LAST YEAR?!?!? Sheesh.
2. It’s true homicides went up in Portland last year, significantly. In part the large percentage rise was BECAUSE IT WAS STARTING FROM SUCH A LOW NUMBER, compared to almost any large American city.
3. And lets be clear, homicides spiked in ALMOST EVERY US CITY LAST YEAR. One could have written this piece about pretty much any city – progressive or conservative. Ft. Worth? Homicides spiked! Omaha? Homicides were up more than 100%!
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1 Jun
The Pacific Northwest is God’s country.
Spectacular day near Mount St. Helens.
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19 May
1. With Larry Krasner winning by a nearly 2 to 1 margin, I wonder how many of these reporters and editors will do some soul-searching tomorrow about the entirely fantastical backlash they sough to create without any evidence at all?
2. This same piece was pretty much everywhere. Was no real evidence for any of it, other than “shit the police union was saying.”
3. I mean the sheer sameness of the takes was pretty astounding.
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