I once spent a very long night in the Park Rapids Police Station. It was a 4th of July weekend and I was driving home from the cities when a huge storm came up and they closed the road out of PR. Motel already full. I slept at the police station.
Another time, a few miles out of Park Rapids, lightning stuck a tree in front of me, so close I was temporarily blinded by it and pulled over even though Hwy 92 has ridiculously narrow shoulders with trees that close in. More lightning strikes. I thought I was going to die.
Passions are high over Line 3. I see folks from my hometown agitated for and against it. I grew up on White Earth and many from there are very much against it.
But back to Park Rapids. I have never once had a positive experience in that town. I went to Deer Town on a school trip & hated seeing so many deer in such an unnatural and barren setting.

If I believed in the supernatural, I would say it has a curse for me.
Deer Town was awful, by the way. A "frontier village" with trained bears and the deer were in this fenced area with galvanized metal walls, poor groundcover. Hungry enough to take food from visitors. Image
It's closed and I am glad.

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8 Jun
More New York Times bullshit. I don't think Uber and AirBnB were milleniel lifestyle subsidies. Their growth undercut reliable jobs with benefits, if anything they were and are an economic attack on younger workers.

Every time you see an ad for people selling their life insurance or getting a reverse mortgage, remember these are schemes to end the generational transfer of wealth that has sustained the white middle class. Image
The Black middle class has had a much harder time building up wealth in the first place thanks to redlining, predatory lending, and other financial schemes and impediments. But the same leave nothing behind marketing is being targeted at them, as well.
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7 Jun
I have been tracking #GOPSexualPredators since the Kavanaugh hearings. They are aggregated in posts of 25 at Daily Kos. Threaded below are links to every 50 tweets in case of breaks. Please send tips, particularly for state and local politicians who might not make news.
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6 Jun
So, I am reading "A Pattern of Violence" about how what crimes are and are not considered violent and what that means for sentencing and criminal justice reform. I read something that made me check the footnotes and look up the case. TW: Domestic violence
This man beats his girlfriend for 90 minutes including shoving his hand down her throat so she cannot breathe and passes out. Kicked her in the head and face.

WY SC says that is not aggravated assault.
The damage healed too damn quickly
That was in 2009. In 2011
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4 Jun
I am going to give you all a gift - an introduction to the perfect summer dish. SmΓΆrgΓ₯s, beautiful open-face sandwiches. You can prep the ingredients for smΓΆrgΓ₯s and put them in a container with multiple compartments and just pull it out for lunch or snacks whenever.
The first ingredient for smΓΆrgΓ₯s is bread. If you buy bread, choose thinly sliced rye or limpa if you can find it. Other choices include knackebrod. My dad loved RyKrisps. Large crackers work, but not flavorless ones like water crackers. The key is not too heavy or thick bread.
You want to spread it with something. It can be a flavored butter, butter with garlic, onions, even lemon butter which is lovely with some pickled fish. Other options are chutneys or soft cheeses.
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2 Jun
Some vanguardists defend their constant attacks on liberals by claiming those attacks actually help liberals pass more liberal policies. This is untrue. In the past, my organization often played the role of pushing further than what seemed possible.
For example, we pushed for a minimum wage increase during a Republican-controlled Oregon legislature. But our push for a minimum wage increase helped defend the minimum wage from their efforts to pass tip credit and lowered minimum wage for farm workers and students
Our messaging on minimum wage was strategic, we should be passing a higher minimum wage not trying to take it away from restaurant staff farmworkers, and students as the Republicans propose. Our message was not Democrats need to pass the minimum wage increase now.
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1 Jun
I think we are giving Trump too much power in his sway over the GOP. The Republicans in Georgia, Texas, Florida, etc. are not changing the laws to elect him. They are changing the laws to elect themselves & other Republicans. It's not just for him. It's very much for themselves.
The share of Americans who are white will become a plurality rather than a majority, so they are setting the stage for minority rule. Of course, they need not do this as over half of Latinos identify as white and many(notall) Asians align as white adjacent.
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