1. Manchin's rationale for opposing the For The People Act, which would thwart state efforts to undermine voting rights, underscores the central role of the @USChamber.

Manchin is essentially quoting the Chamber's talking points

@USChamber 2. April talking points from the @USChamber: "Changes enacted on a partisan basis are the most likely to...undermine public confidence"

Manchin this week: "[P]artisan policymaking won’t instill confidence in our democracy — it will destroy it"

3. The @USChamber is engaged in an aggressive lobbying campaign against federal action to protect voting rights that is financed by the same corporations who say they support voting rights.

4. Notably, the @USChamber, in its April talking point, insists that federal and state election changes should be bipartisan.

But while the Chamber is lobbying against federal bills, it has REMAINED SILENT on Texas' SB7.

5. NBD though, it's just the future of democracy at stake.

For continuing coverage of the $$$ behind the national effort to undermine voting rights sign up for the newsletter.


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9 Jun
1. The DOJ has decided to continue defending Trump in a case involving his attacks on a woman, E Jean Carroll, who he allegedly raped.

There are lots of VERY SERIOUS LAWYERS defending the DOJ.

But that doesn't mean the DOJ is right.

Let's dive in.

2. First, let's talk about what Trump said. After E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a dressing room in the mid-90s, Trump claimed he never met Carroll, accused her of lying to sell books, & suggested she was conspiring w/the Democratic Party

3. Later Trump said he would never have raped Carroll because she is not his "type."


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7 Jun
1. A constellation of obscure websites — populated with content stolen from outlets like @Politico, @Axios, & @BuzzFeedNews — has played a significant role in the fundraising success of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, and other Republicans

@politico @axios @BuzzFeedNews 2. Popular.info identified more than 2 dozen websites controlled by @ASGroupInc.

The company is run by @bgrudnick, a GOP operative.

According to internal marketing materials, Rudnick has used the sites to amass 10 million email address

3. Rudnick rents these emails to political campaigns charging tens of thousands of dollars for each email.

Internal materials obtained by popular.info, show that Rudnick charged 20K to send one email to 1M subscribers to Christian News

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6 Jun
Manchin's justification for opposing to the For The People Act tracks closely to the talking points of the @USChamber

The Chamber, funded by millions from major corporations that claim they support voting rights, is engaged in an aggressive lobbying campaign against the bill
@USChamber MANCHIN, TODAY: "Voting and election reform that is done in a partisan manner will all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen"

THE CHAMBER, 4/13: "Changes enacted on a partisan basis are the most likely to erode access and security and undermine public confidence"
I wrote more about the Chamber's role here: popular.info/p/the-myth-of-…
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6 Jun
If you are alive in 2021 and believe structural racism doesn't exist you need to get out more*
*please get vaccinated first
If you really believe structural racism is a myth I recommend you go down to your local district court and watch criminal cases for a day.
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5 Jun
"In Donald J. Trump’s final weeks in office, Mark Meadows, his chief of staff, repeatedly pushed the Justice Department to investigate unfounded conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election"

"In 5 emails sent during the last week of December and early January, Meadows asked Rosen, then the acting attorney general, to examine debunked claims of election fraud in New Mexico and an array of baseless conspiracies that held that Mr. Trump had been the actual victor"
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4 Jun
1. I have some thoughts on this decision.

Fundamentally, I think the whole back and forth between Facebook and the Oversight Board on this is a DISTRACTION from the core issues.

Follow along if interested.
2. Trump is not Facebook's problem. He's a symptom of Facebook's problems.

He's been off the site for months but Trump's signature type of content -- bigoted, divisive, and false -- continues to proliferate

The issue is not Trump. It's the algorithm.
3. Personally, I don't think Trump should be banned from Facebook right now. Nor do I think it does any good to ban him.

Facebook's algorithm gives massive distribution to hatred and lies.

The company knows exactly how to make changes to fix this but has refused to do so.
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