Me: mildly disparaging comment about woody allen

A Dozen Very Normal People Who Do Not Follow Me With Accounts Entirely Dedicated To Unsolicited Defenses Of Woody Allen:
He’s made terrible movies and great ones and terrible ones people think are great. But he’s an abusive creep at best, and I think people dedicated to his defense in this manner have suspect motives.
When we learn unsavory things about artists, for some people the immediate mission becomes renewing their own license to enjoy a completely uncomplicated relationship with the artist’s work, and they will ANNOUNCE themselves to people with less selfish priorities.
Maybe CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS, but I’d have to revisit.
You can engage with anyone’s art, no matter how awful. You just have to be prepared to deal with the legacy of the artist, which may be complicated or toxic, and to contend with the ways that that legacy creates valid criticism of the art and how society (and you) engage it.

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9 Jun
So you are actually going to sit there and *pretend* that Louie Gohmert isn’t capable of being outsmarted by an uncooked pie barm.
Person mad at my joke is very angry that I didn’t get a joke.
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8 Jun
I feel as if the same people who in early 2020 were angrily scolding me that Biden was the only choice because only he could make deals with Republicans will angrily tell be Biden is blameless here because Republicans cannot be moved.
For example, among many others, Joe Biden told me that.
Look: I voted for Biden. I’m glad he’s president instead of fascist shit-for-brains. But his whole thing was that he’d bring Republicans around, that they’d come to their senses as soon as Trump left. Now he needs to deliver on that plan, or change plans to deliver another way.
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8 Jun
Billionaires are a wasteful luxury that a sustainable society can’t afford.
We can’t afford to not provide everyone with what is needed for survival: food, water, shelter, medical care.

Putting aside for a moment the moral imperative to recognize the natural right to live of all humans, we cannot any longer fail to provide.

It’s far too expensive.
How are we possibly going to afford to not make basic needs available freely to all?

How can we possibly pay the massive price of not changing our energy infrastructure to meet the demands of climate catastrophe?

We must stop capitalism’s wasteful spending habits.
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7 Jun
At least make these pricks actually filibuster.
Pass 51 identical voting rights laws and put them all up for vote at once, then make the Republican Senators actually filibuster.

Pass the one that doesn’t get filibustered.
Look, if that doesn’t work try something else. The thing that has to get done has to get done.
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6 Jun
“Simply put, I’m against the people.”…
Joe Manchin's argument fundamentally rests on the ludicrous premise that the lack of support to the solution to the problem, which comes entirely from the party loudly acting to create the problem, is a failing not of the party creating the problem, but rather of the solution.
"Not one member of the opposing team has agreed to help us win this football game, therefore our strategy must be flawed."

"Not one hijacker has agreed to work with us to regain control of this airplane. We simply need to be more convincing, or the strife may increase."
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6 Jun
LA DOLCE VITA is, in my opinion, pretty good. ⭐️⭐️⭐️½
Repetitive and repetitive, but not without significant charms; a series of beautiful moments with nowhere to go. Overall strengths of the artists involved carried me throughout its (surprisingly long) runtime but never truly grabbed me until the final sequence.
This was a surprise and a source of significant initial confusion, as Marcello kept calling his paparazzi friend "Paparazzo." For the first hr. I thought he was addressing the general gaggle. But nope: character's name is "Paparazzo" and it caught on.

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