Up until about May 19th, the province was running the vaccines down to just a few left before the next shipment came in. Since then, they’ve struggled to give out the doses as fast as they’ve come in, like they did earlier in the pandemic.
You can see it on this graph here. Doses administered almost touched doses distributed in mid-May. That’s May 19th. Since then, we’ve had increasing doses in freezers.
There’s a lot of reasons why that may be.

1) Hesitancy: I’m not sure we’ve hit the hesitancy drop off yet. We’re below the levels even the more pessimistic polls show. That said, we can’t pretend this isn’t a possibility. I think there’s other possibilities though.
2) Is there vaccine brand selectivity going on?

Apparently not. An equal % of each major vaccine brand as administered relative to what SK has been given.

AZ: 79.6%
Moderna: 81.5%
Pfizer: 80.0%
3) Administration capacity

It’s possible we’ve hit the limit of the number of people we can vaccinate in a week.

You can see our 7-day average tends to fluctuate up and down normally & maybe we’ve ceiled.

This seems unlikely given we ‘just’ launched pharmacy distribution...
... So we technically have more vaccinators than we’ve ever had before.

Of course, since we’ve simultaneously scaled back SHA mass vaccine clinics, we may indeed have hit a max capacity, but more by choice than by actual ability.
4) Ease of Access

We’ve moved away from centralized booking and towards separate individual pharmacy booking. You’ve got to phone many places to find out what’s available. That didn’t used to be the case. Makes it harder to match demand with supply.

This may be a factor.
5) Vaccine urgency. Michael brings up something I was wondering. Related to the last point, it’s not as straight forward to find a vaccine now. People may still ‘want’ vaccinations, but not enough to dedicate the time needed to get one.
... Instead you have people who want their dose the most (like the 2nd dose crew) doing whatever they need to do to get a shot. The Less Urgency Folk left are like: “I’ll get one but... seems not easy to get. I’ll wait till it’s easier.”
To answer these questions, it would be helpful to know ‘where’ the excess vaccines are. Are they evenly distributed? Are they only in places outside of centralized booking? Only in some geographical locations?

This would let us know if it’s hesitancy or access or urgency.
This is more than just academic. We need to know what the hold up with vaccination is in order to appropriately target our efforts. Data is key here. Otherwise we’re just assuming the problem is whatever a priori assumption we already have

• • •

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8 Jun
Oilers deserved to win their series but got Hellebuycked. In fairness though, Montreal absolutely crushed Winnipeg so thoroughly that even if Hellebuyck was as good as he was against Edmonton, the Jets STILL would’ve lost.
The Oilers - Jets was a weird sweep with 3 OT wins and a one goal game with empty netters where the winning team barely led the whole series.

But the Habs - Jets was a straight stomping. An absolutely embarrassingly lopsided affair.

The Oilers have a lot of work to do.
One thing among many worth pondering:

The Oilers best game was Game 1, which is when they had Drai and McDavid on separate lines. Seemed to really work despite the loss.

Tippett then stapled them together & the Oilers were never as good.
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5 Jun
More data coming out about mixing vaccines!

This is a preprint so not peer reviewed yet. It’s not randomized. Basically, in Europe, they gave people the option of using AZ or Pfizer for their 2nd dose & this study tested immune response on a few dozen of them

Promising results!
This is not a test of efficacy the way you’d test in a standard vaccine trial. That would take awhile to see who gets COVID. Instead, they measured the immune response 2-3 weeks after 2nd dose as a proxy & checked if it would neutralize COVID-Classic & Variants in a lab.
In ‘this’ study, using Pfizer after AZ had a much stronger immune response than 2 AZs. Bonus, it provided good protection against the 3 different variants they tested it against.
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2 Jun
Sask Vaccination Update

As more 2nd doses get delivered, we should be hitting some 2nd dose milestones soon. Notably, we should hit 10% fully vaxxed in the next day or two.

1st doses keep creeping upwards though the 60-69 age range is increasing slowest.
Change in eligibility!
2nd doses for ages 65+ or 1st vaccination before Mar 22 has moved up to tomorrow! That’s 5 days early.

Starting to suspect all those 2nd dose dates will gradually move up.
Ah, I see why they dropped eligibility... “the SHA has over 5000 appointments available for 1st and 2nd dose immunizations at clinics throughout the province”
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1 Jun
NACI Recommendations:

If you took AZ as a 1st dose, you can receive AZ OR Pfizer/Moderna for your 2nd.

If you took Pfizer/Moderna for your 1st dose, use the same brand if it’s available but really, those two vaccines are interchangeable.

From NACI:

“This is not a new concept. Similar vaccines from different manufacturers are used when vaccine supply or public health programs change. Different vaccine products have been used to complete a vaccine series for influenza, hepatitis A, and others.”
NACI citing the following evidence:

Basically, there’s two studies showing good safety and one study showing good safety and good immune response mixing vaccines.

Mixing doses causes some short-term increased side effects.

Risk of VITT in 2nd dose AZ is 10x rarer than 1st dose
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1 Jun
One thing I love about Twitter is how an organization can go to two actual expert groups to ensure they have the right grammar and half of Twitter will still explode about how the grammar is wrong.
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31 May
There’s a social media thing going around apparently concerning SM-102 (an ingredient in the Moderna vaccine).

Short answer: SM-102 is a fatty lipid in Moderna that is safe for humans. The misinformation is misinformed.

Longer answer over how this misinformation came about...
There’s a product produced by Cayman Chemicals that has SM-102 dissolved in chloroform. It has a warning label about it not being for human use. People freaked out b/c SM-102 is in the Moderna vaccine.

But the warning label is b/c of the CHLOROFORM not SM-102.
There is no chloroform in the Moderna vaccine.

The product produced by Cayman Chemicals that has SM-102 dissolved in chloroform lists ONLY chloroform as a dangerous chemical. Not SM-102.

SM-102 is safe for use in humans & helps the mRNA get to our cells for the vaccine to work.
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