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Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers. Why are corporations, pension funds and property investment groups buying...…
entire neighborhoods out from under the middle class? Lets take a look. Homes are popping up on MLS and going under contract within a few hours. Blackrock, among others, are buying up thousands of new homes and entire neighborhoods.
So who is Blackrock? Only the worlds largest asset manager and the leading proponent of The Great Reset. Theyre looking to redistribute -Get this- $120Trillion dollars. The entire wealth of the worlds middle class and poor combined several times over.…
As an example, a 124 new home neighborhood was bought in its entirety in Texas. Average Americans were outbid to a tune of $32million. Homes sold at an avg if 20% above listing. Now the entire neighborhood is made up of SFR's. What are SFR's??…
Single Family Rentals. Now, your potential lower to middle class home owner is positioned to be a permanent renter. This matters because for the lower and middle class owning a home is the most major part of any financial success, and future upward mobility.
This is wealth redistribution, and it ain’t rich people’s wealth that’s getting redistributed. It’s normal American middle class, salt of the earth wealth heading into the hands of the worlds most powerful entities and individuals. The traditional financial vehicle gone forever.
Home equity is the main financial element that middle class families use to build wealth, and black rock, a federal reserve funded financial institution is buying up all the houses to make sure that young families can’t build wealth.
Thats right!


Let that sink in for a minute. Got it? They’re using your tax dollars to fuck over the lower and middle class, and its permanent. Not 1 Pres. administration of bullshit. This is a fundamental reorganization of society.
So where does this position the average American in 30 years when its a given that every new neighborhood is to be bought up whole so they can be utilized as SFR's? It positions them as peasants. Being poor can be temporary condition bettered by upward mobility.
In the US and other nations home ownership is often the 1st and most vital step. This can provide for generational wealth and success. But as permanent, guaranteed renters youre pissing away a lifetime of equity and the chance for mobility. You just become a peasant.
The Great Reset is real. It is happening. This will be the greatest transfer of wealth, and greatest consolidation of power in the history of mankind. If they get away with it revolution will be the only cure. It will be awful. Wake up. Get active. Stop this now!!
This is warfare. Make no doubt about it. Lloyds bank in London is doing it, as is every great financial institute across the world. This must be stopped. Its a greater threat than the slow creep of Communism, BLM or anything else you can think of COMBINED. It is a death stroke.
Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street control 20 trillion dollars worth of assets. Blackrock alone has a 10 billion a year surplus. That means with 5-20% down they can get mortgages on 130-170k homes every year. Or they can outright buy 30k homes per year. Just Blackrock.
Now imagine every major institute doing this, because they are. It can be such a fast sweeping action that 30yrs may be overshooting it. They may accomplish feudalism in 15 years.
People will say "They can't just piss away money on buying tens of thousands of houses that are all at a loss."


They are fronting the federal reserve, and are financed by an endless stream of freshly created fiat money.
And whats the global reserve currency???? Oh ya... green funny money.

You may ask "Suppose the banks wont finance new housing?"


"But Companies are buying them for way above asking price, can it last?"
Well, the banks are controlled by and in bed with the same cabal buying everything up. You think this will be corrected by market forces when it is a financial and political pincher movement pushed by the same cabal that stole the 2020 election & hid COVID Truth?
You are fucked.

• • •

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Mar 21
This is an aerial photo taken over a restricted area at Camp Gruber-Braggs, Oklahoma in early April of 1995. Just days after this photo was taken, the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed by a Ryder truck full of explosives. Image
THE WITNESSES: Within minutes of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, all available on-duty and off-duty police, fire and medical personnel from throughout the metropolitan area responded to the scene. Citizens and rescue crews teamed up to ensure the injured were treated and transported as quickly as possible.

In the first minutes following the blasts that devastated the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the morning of April 19, 1995, a number of selfless individuals risked life and limb to rescue many of the victims. They were quickly joined by others.

Among the very first to arrive on the scene were Oklahoma City police officers, Terrance Yeakey, Gordon Martin and Ken Griffin, a number of Oklahoma City firefighters, Dr. H. Don Chumley, and General Services Administration planner Michael Lee Loudenslager.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the name Mike Loudenslager holds particular significance in the hearts of many in and around Oklahoma City. And this is so, because of the forewarning he gave to a number of those families who had children in the Murrah Building's day-care center.

In the weeks preceding the bombing, Michael Loudenslager, 48, had become increasingly aware that large amounts of ordnance and explosives were being stored in the building and as a result he, (along with the operator of the day-care center) strongly urged a number of parents to take their children out of the Murrah Building.

This situation arose after other employees became concerned with an increased amount of ordnance (missiles) being brought into the building by the B.A.T.F. and D.E.A. As a result of this concern, a grievance was filed with G.S.A. by the building's security director, whose wife ran the day-care center.

The result was, the security director, the man who who had filed the complaint citing the danger to the Murrah Building's occupants, lost his job there.

Then, after some remodeling work had been done to the day care center, and the operator (the security director's wife) notified Fire Marshals of the work's completion, (as was required by her license) Fire Marshals were denied access by federal agents, and were instructed to leave.

And then... the day-care operator lost her contract.

After hearing rumors about an impending bombing and feeling the risk was too great not to say anthing, Michael Loudenslager and the day-care center operator began speaking with parents, many of whom chose to remove their children. Because of their warnings, far fewer children were in the day-care center on that horrible Wednesday morning than there otherwise would have been. A number of families, in and around Oklahoma City, have these two people to thank for their children's lives today.

At the time of the bombing, Loudenslager was in court. Shortly after the bombing, Loudenslager was among those who were actively helping in the rescue and recovery effort. A large number of those at the bomb-site either saw or talked with him.

During the course of the early rescue efforts, however, Mike Loudenslager was seen and heard engaging in a loud, angry exchange with someone there.

Much of his anger stemmed from the fact he felt the B.A.T.F. was in large part responsible, not only for the bombing, but for the death and injury to those inside, particularly the nineteen children who died as a result of the blast.

Her name was Baylee. She died

To the utter astonishment of a large number of police officers and rescue workers therefore, it was later reported that G.S.A. employee Mike Loudenslager's body had been found inside the Murrah Building the following Sunday, at his desk on the first floor, supposedly a victim of the 9:02 A.M. bombing.

The problem with the "official" story then, is that Loudenslager already been seen alive and well by numerous rescue workers at the bomb-site after the bombing, where he was actively engaged in the urgent task of rescuing critically injured victims.

Yes he is officially listed as one of the 168 bombing fatalities.

But Mike Loudenslager was murdered at the site, sometime after the bombing.

The question now becomes: Was he murdered and placed at his desk? Or, was he simply murdered and said to have been found at his desk?.

The Federal government had sequestered the area; no one who did not have official approval was allowed in.

This considerably narrows the list of suspects.

Michael Lee Loudenslager was survived by his wife, Betty, and one son.

Loudenslager's murder is unquestionably one of the most important sidelights of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Jack Colvert, Jackie Majors and Buddy Youngblood had also been at the Murrah Building that morning. Each saw Mike Loudenslager alive and well after the bombing.

They'e all dead.

So are Dr. H. Don Chumley and Officer Terry Yeakey.

As are, it is now said, about thirty people who either knew too much, or asked too many questions.

At least two attempts have been made on the life of Officer Gordon Martin.

Others who were there that morning have also felt threatened.

Many police officers and emergency services personnel still fear for their personal safety.

And for good reason...Image

It was a hazy spring morning, with the sun beginning to burn through an overcast sky, as Terrance Yeakey climbed out of his patrol car on a routine traffic stop in the downtown area shortly before 9:00 am. It had rained the night before, and rain was again in the forecast for later in the day, but the time being, the weather was pleasant.

Well liked, and well respected, Terry Yeakey was a bright, dedicated, well spoken and serious young law officer whose goal was to join the FBI. After earning an associate's degree in Psychology from Redlands Community College in El Reno in 1986, Terry Yeakey had enlisted in the Army and become a military policeman. He joined the Oklahoma City police in 1990 and was called up for service in the Persian Gulf in December. Back home in 1991, Yeakey married Tonia Rivera, his college sweetheart. Although the marriage didn't last, a reconciliation was already in the works. Terry Yeakey was the father of two girls and two boys.

In most respects, Officer Yeakey's morning shift up until now had been relatively uneventful. Unbeknownst to him at the time, however, was the fact that some very unusual activity by federal agents was currently taking place nearby.

A few minutes later, a woman and her passengers stopped at the intersection of 5th and Broadway just blocks from Officer Yeakey's traffic stop. Off to her left, she saw a helicopter circling above the courthouse, and also the Federal building a block and a half away. After turning left onto 5th St., and starting to head west, she continued to watch the helicopter circle. The time was 9:02 a.m.

Suddenly her attention was drawn to a tremendously bright spherical-shaped light, near the street, in front of the Federal building. It gave off a strange momentary electrical impulse: A humming or crackling sound [similar to a transformer or high-voltage electrical lines.] Then the light seemed to explode. She next heard popping sounds, and saw flashes coming from inside the building, as window panels began blowing outward from some of the floors. It now felt as if her eardrums were being sucked out of her head.

Then she saw it. A gigantic blue-flash came out of the center of the building and leaped skyward through the roof, immediately followed by a tremendous explosion. Shocked, she saw the roof of the nearby Journal Records building raise up in the air and come back down, with a portion of it crashing to the ground in the parking lot. Pulling to the curb she saw the Federal building a block or so in front of her, where the explosions came from, being blown apart and starting to crumble, and she people dying.

Next, what appeared to be a missile, shot out of the building. She watched the trajectory as it went some distance up in the air, then came back down, hitting she thought, somewhere over near the river.

Nearby, Officer Yeakey [still at his traffic stop] saw, heard and felt some of the same things that the woman, her passengers, and others in the area had. Quickly he headed to the scene. Incredibly, a number of people (in different places) had just witnessed the explosion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the morning of April 19, 1995.

Jane Graham worked for HUD on the seventh floor of the Federal building. While viewing a video tape of the original television coverage of the bombing, she noticed men who she had seen in the building the day before and again on the morning of the bombing. They had been dressed like the building's maintenance workers, but she had never seen them before.

On the morning of the bombing at approximately 8:00 a.m. "these two men were coming out of the stairwell on the first floor. Both were dressed in blue pants and shirts like our maintenance workers. They walked by me and I thought at the time they looked so different from our normal people that are employed in our building."

Jane saw three different men in the parking garage beneath the Murrah building who had what she thought was telephone wiring and a block of solid putty-colored substance. They had plans of the building they were discussing or arguing. Apparently, there was a disagreement because one of the men was pointing to various areas in the garage. They were talking about the plans of the building. "I assumed they were telephone workers. When they saw me watching them, they took this wiring and whatever else was in their hands and put it into a paper sack, behind the passenger's seat in a...faded green station wagon."

Jane Graham's office was on the seventh floor, but she had just gone to the ninth when the blast occurred. "In reflecting on this I want to specify that the first bomb, the first impact was a waving effect, like an earthquake, which lasted several seconds. About six or seven seconds later a bomb exploded; there was an entirely different sound and thrust. It was like it came right from the center up, we could feel the floor move. The last thing I remember was looking up and seeing the roof being blown off."

These were two distinct events that occurred. The second blast was not only very very loud, it was also very powerful.

Jane gave this testimony as an affidavit. She also talked with the FBI about these incidents, but they showed little interest, only asking if she could positively identify either McVeigh or Nichols.

Rep. Charles Key has been the individual down in Oklahoma responsible for the grand jury sitting in session on the investigation of the bombing. Charles lost his business and suffered great personal hardships trying to get to the truth. He put out a video on the bombing shortly after this sickening act of terrorism. One thing you see on his film is part of the arsenal of weapons being removed that were kept on the ninth floor occupied by the ATF.

One thing uncovered during this grand jury and subsequent investigations is that the ATF had not only kept C-4 plastic explosives on the ninth floor, but also a TOW missile - seven floors above a day care center full of children and infants.

Charles Key, a five-term Republican in the Oklahoma State Legislature was defeated in the primary in Oklahoma City in September 1998 by a former IRS agent who continually called Key a conspiracy nut throughout the campaign.

One of the first doctors at the scene of the bombing was Don Chumley who operated the Broadway Medical Clinic located about half a mile from the Murrah Federal Building. Shaun Jones, Chumley's stepson, was assisting him. Jones recalled the scene:

"Chumley, who was working with Dr. Ross Harris, was one of the few doctors who actually went into the Federal Building while the others waited outside. He had helped [get] many people [out], including seven babies, whom he later pronounced dead."

According to Michelle Moore, who has investigated the bombing, Chumley was asked to bandage two federal agents who falsely claimed to have been trapped in the building that morning.

Since the pair was obviously not hurt, Chumley, offended, refused to participate in the charade.

When the agents petitioned another doctor at the scene, Chumley intervened, threatening to report them.

Dr. Chumley, like many others, was strongly impacted by the tragic experience. He was a man of integrity and character and, when asked to participate in a questionable and outright deceptive act, he had adamantly refused.

Chumley had not only worked side by side with Officer Terry Yeakey during those first hours and days of rescue, but also had defied the federal officers at the scene who reportedly attempted to have him falsify reports.

Something was terribly wrong. Both men realized it, and over the next months, both began to assemble evidence.

"It was rumored about town that Chumley was about to go public with some damning information. He never got the chance."

An experienced private pilot with an instrument rating and over 600 hours flying time, Dr. Chumley's skills were never in question. Yet he was killed five months later on September 24, 1995

The plane he was piloting, his Cessna 210, was on its way from Amarillo, Texas to Guthrie. Chumley's plane was in a climb, when it suddenly, and without explanation, went into a nosedive from an altitude of 6,900 feet, plunging into a field near Amarillo, under what are called "mysterious circumstances."

Chumley was killed instantly.

FAA investigators found nothing mechanically wrong to cause such a bizarre accident and the accident remains unsolved.

"The thing that's odd to me is that Don was perfectly healthy," said Shaun Jones, Chumley's step-son. "He was talking to the tower, and from one minute to the next he just went straight smack down into the ground." Investigators said they could find no evidence of an explosion at the macabre scene. Chumley's throttle was still set at cruise, and his gear and flaps were up. The FAA inspector stated there were "no anomalies with the engine or the airframe," and "pathological examination of the pilot did not show any pre-existing condition that could have contributed to the accident." "Everything was fine, he was in the air for 15 minutes, he was climbing, he had just asked permission to go from six to seven thousand feet. They tracked him on the screen at 6,900 feet, and the radar technician said he saw him on the radar, then he looked back and he was gone, and the plane came straight, straight down. I mean, no attempt to land... nothing, just straight down."

After the death of his friend, Dr. Don Chumley, in an airplane "accident" that he himself had helped investigate, Terrance Yeakey had a strong feeling that his own days might now be numbered. All this was being done to keep key people in Oklahoma City from talking and to send a clear message to others who might consider it; and to ultimately bury the truth along with all of the victims.

Many more good people lost their lives in, and as a result of the events surrounding the bombing of the Murrah Building. Terry Yeakey was one of them.Image
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Mar 19
Remember that time the President of the UN General Assembly got crushed to death by a barbell right before he was going to testify against Hillary Clinton? Image
Or how the phrase “fake news” took off on the exact same day as “pizzagate”. Image
Or when BBC Reporter Jill Dando got murdered while trying to expose a vast British P*do Ring ring run out of the very corporate offices she worked for. Image
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Jan 25
Thread 🧵
If this statement by Governor Abbott interests you, and a better understanding of your Rights and the Rights held by States are of interest to you then the following links provide in-depth, thoughtful commentary on the genesis of government, the natural rights of man, and the duality of State vs General government.Image
‘A Mother’s Wit’
This is 40-50 pages long and provides a succinct and accurate explanation on the genesis of Republican government as the founders knew it.
‘A Primer on the Nucleus of Government’ is an extended supplemental piece to ‘A Mother’s Wit’ and begins at the moment of established government. What does government look like and what are its legal functions once formed? Those questions and more are answered here.…Image
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Dec 11, 2023

Q1 2024: Liquidity crisis due to reverse repo and BTFP

Q2-Q3 2024: Fed lowers interest rates, turns on money printers yet again

Q4-Q2 2024-2025: After divisive election and exceedingly high inflation due to said money printing, US government needs a manufactured crisis to take pressure off of growing civil discontent; enter minor pandemic, frequent various scale cyberattacks on critical infrastructure & industry, supposed pervasive right wing terror threat, major peer war, or some combination thereof. Reintroduction of a revised Bush-era color code terror alert system that introduces local-regional threat lockdowns based upon one or a combination of all of the above threats.

2025-2026ish: Increased fervor for entry into war with China over Taiwan. European allies split on entry into war. Full scale war with China averted, appeasement occurs. Nearly 30million illegal immigrants reside within US.

Mid-Late 2026: China exerts defacto control over Taiwan. Minor insurgency occurs. US presence patrols increase in air and at sea as attempts to exert severely waning influence in South China Sea. US military presence in Japan and Australia heavily bolstered.

By 2030 US ceases to exist as the preeminent global political entity due to appeasement, war, instability, inflationary monetary policy, demographic collapse, domestic fractures, poor & corrupt leadership, global lack of trust in US gov ability to exert its will on global stage, etc. American median income remains ~$35,000/yr. Americans are poorer and more disconnected with their government than ever. The Last Exit arrives.
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Dec 7, 2023
Thread 🧵
Remember that house that just blew up in Arlington? Well things are not exactly as they seem.

Hang on, here we go…
Let’s go step by step. The house is owned by a man named James Woo.

Where was James Yoo's house?
844 N. Burlington Street Arlington, VA

Who is James Yoo's father?
James Yoo’s father, Ki Hong Yoo, American University (CIA cutout), wrote plan to retake North Korea with bioagents for President of South Korea in this picture.

Who is James Yoo's mother?
James Yoo’s mother, Anne Shinn Yoo, US State Dept/CIA, Voice of America lead broadcaster for South Korean division of US propaganda mouthpiece Voice of America.

Who was James Yoo?
James Yoo had a long career but his most notable job was a"Head of Global Information and Physical Security" at Global Crossing.
What was Global Crossing?
It was espionage central and an international spying apparatus that is still in operation today.

Who founded Global Crossing?
Gary Winnick founded the company in 1997.

Is Gary Winnick still alive?
Gary Winnick died on November 4th, exactly one month before James Yoo's house exploded.
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Aug 8, 2023
Think about what is being devalued by the monied interests within our society:

-Two parent households with a mother & father
-Merit based hiring
-Strong attachment to traditional Western Values
-Judging by content of character Image
Instead, we are met with:
-Single Parent Households
-DEI Hiring Quotas
-Destruction of Western Heritage
-Transgenderism and LGBTQIA-whatever
-Government & Corporate adherence
-Atheism and devotion to Progressivism
-Race being the primary focus Image
Nations or empires often fall from within due to a combination of internal factors that weaken their social fabric, governance, and economic stability. Image
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