Traffic fatalities among blacks soared as the Racial Reckoning was declared after George Floyd's death on 5/25/2020.

The triumph of BLM got more blacks killed in two separate ways: in murders and in 36% more black traffic fatalities in June-December 2020.… Traffic fatalities among African Americans soared as soon as
Traffic fatalities among the nonblack 87% of the US population also went up as the police retreated to the donut shop during the Racial Reckoning, but much less than did black road deaths.… Traffic Fatalities among nonblack Americans went up 9% in th
As has previously been noted, in 2020 total traffic fatalities among all Americans were 7% higher overall than in 2019 and a ridiculous 23% higher per mile driven.

But black road deaths were up 23% in 2020 and 36% higher in the seven months following George Floyd's death.
After Black Lives Matter emerged with Ferguson in 2014, total national murders increased 23% from 2014 to 2016. Likewise, traffic fatalities rose 15% in those years. Both murders and road deaths drifted down during the first 3 Trump years, then exploded after BLM returned in 2020
I had speculated back in 2016 that the unexpected rise in traffic crash deaths in 2015-2016 was related to the Ferguson Effect driving up murders:…

but I didn't have car crashes by race back then. Now I do. Black driving was awful after George Floyd died.

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29 May
@ModeledBehavior It's admirable that Jewish intellectuals tend to be so tradition-minded, so ethnocentric, so inclined to venerate their ancestors that they've rewritten American history to make Emma Lazarus the Founding Mother and Ellis Island the Plymouth Rock.
@ModeledBehavior But it's a little alarming that Jews seem less and less to realize that the joke they've put over on the rest of Americans in hyping their ancestors' arrival at Ellis Island as the founding event of American history is a funny put-on, not serious history.
@ModeledBehavior As the generations go by, fewer and fewer Jewish intellectuals seem to get the joke that when their forefathers turned the "wretched refuse" poem into the National Mission Statement in the mid-20th Century, they were just doing it out of ethnic egocentrism.
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18 May
Here's the black percentage of all known murder offenders from FBI crime stats for 1980-2019. Relatively, blacks behaved best in 1984 and worst in 1993 during the Crack Wars. But God knows how bad the figure for 2020 will be.…
Here's another way of looking at the same FBI data on the black share of known murder offenders, this time emphasizing that, year after year, blacks make up about half of known murder offenders in the US.
You can download your own customized sets of FBI homicide data from the federal government's Easy Access to the FBI's Supplementary Homicide Reports (EZASHR) website:…
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15 May
The average black NFL draft pick ran the 40 yard dash in 4.62 seconds while the average white NFL draft pick's time was 4.96, meaning about 85%-90% of black draft picks are faster than the average white draft pick.…
In "Wonderlic, Race, and the NFL Draft," economists Gill and Brajer found a greater than a standard deviation racial disparity in average 40-yard-dash time among black NFL draft picks (4.62) and white picks (4.96).…

This race gap is due to:
Black NFL draft picks averaged 19.76 right on the NFL draft combine's Wonderlic IQ test, while white NFL draft picks averaged 27.7, meaning about 85% of black draft picks score lower than the average white draft pick.…
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13 May
Here's David Bowie performing his greatest song, "Heroes," in 1977:

Bowie was so much more healthy in 2002:
And here's Bowie doing in Berlin in 2002 his greatest song "Heroes," an even better Cold War anthem than Jesus Jones' "Right Here, Right Now" and the Sex Pistols' "Holidays in the Sun:"

Bowie was just so much more _healthy_ in his 50s than when younger.
Here's David Bowie doing "Heroes" at Live Aid in 1985, wit hthe up-tempo rhythm of the coked-up early 1980s. His performance gets better when he briefly slows down about 3:30:

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7 May
The quickest handshake link of a living celebrity to Napoleon Bonaparte, who died 200 years ago, is likely via singer Paul McCartney, who knew mathematician Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), who knew his grandfather, Prime Minister John Russell (1792-1878), who met Napoleon on Elba.
There are lots of people alive today who shook Bertrand Russell's hand and thus are linked via only three handshakes to Napoleon, but I picked Paul McCartney because of his fame and the not insubstantial connection: in 1965 Russell persuaded McCartney to oppose the Vietnam War.
All these connections were not insubstantial: Paul McCartney had several hours of one-on-one conversation with nonagenarian Bertrand Russell in 1965, who hadspent his first 6 years in the 1870s living with his ex-PM grandpa, who met with Napoleon on Elba for 90 minutes in 1814.
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4 May
Dear @TMorello of Rage Against the Machine:

Your great-uncle was Jomo Kenyatta, 1st president of Kenya, right? Did you ever look into the 3-way Cold War struggle over Kenya, with Kenyatta as the Brits' Our Man in Nairobi, Tom Mboya as the Yanks', and Oginga Odinga as Moscow's?
Dear @Tmorello of Rage Against the Machine:

Your Kenyan family has lots of overlaps with Obama family history: Barack Sr. was the anchor witness in the trial of Tom Mboya's assassin, although Barack Sr. was closer ideologically to Mboya's pro-Soviet Luo rival Oginga Odinga.
Dear @Tmorello of Rage Against the Machine:

The families and upbringings of you (half-Kenyan grand-nephew of Jomo Kenyatta and half white American) and Zack de la Rocha (mother is an anthropologist) combined are remarkably similar to Barack Obama Jr.'s:…
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