@ZubyMusic 1/x
Dr. Peter McCullough: americacanwetalk.org/dr-peter-mccul…

Dr. Richard Bartlett: americacanwetalk.org/dr-richard-bar…

Both explain what Zuby is presenting here... Covid is easily treatable, but murderous (the doctors won't say that, but I will) WHO/FDA/CDC/etc. guidelines assured that the ...
@ZubyMusic 2/x
vast majority of Covid patients would be left to get sick to the point of requiring hospitalization before any treatment was attempted, in which case it almost always was too late, thus sowing more fear, creating death statistics to be used to scare everyone into wanting ...
@ZubyMusic 3/x
to inject pharmaceutical experimental poisons into their bodies.

And Ivermectin is likely even better than HCQ.

Both suppressed and prohibited globally for over a year while millions have died being made to wait at home until their condition worsened to the point where ...
@ZubyMusic 4/x
they needed hospitalization (at which point virtually all were dying).

Even people who were in very bad shape in the hospital respond well and fast to a treatment protocol that involves the use of Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has been used for decades with over 4 billion doses...
@ZubyMusic 5/x
administered, it has been proven safe, unlike the experimental gene therapies that are now virtually being forced onto the global population. HCQ likewise has a record of decades of extensive use and has also been shown to be safe.

It would be unethical and immoral to ...
@ZubyMusic 6/x
push an experiment on the global population if it were known that there were readily available and inexpensive treatments (and even prophylaxis) for Covid, hence the reason why these generic medicines/drugs need to be suppressed, else you have the equivalent of war crimes ...
@ZubyMusic 7/x
committed with the use of experimental gene therapies.

@ZubyMusic 8/x
This is an interview from early July 2020: bitchute.com/video/RQdd1wmk…
@ZubyMusic 9/x
Almost 1 year of lives murdered because under the FDA's Emergency Authorization Act, experimental treatments (the "vaccine" experimental gene therapies) can only be undertaken if there are NO ALTERNATIVES:
@ZubyMusic 10/x
Oh... that doesn't count... there are no randomized control trials on Ivermectin to test it's effectiveness on Covid, blah, blah, blah, the same people who are suppressing treatments will come up with all manner of excuses to not use it (and as to why these treatments ...
@ZubyMusic 11/x
were not used while 100's of thousands, if not millions, died).

Millions who were not being treated and dying... all the while, certain countries defied the WHO and used Ivermectin as prophylaxis and treatment for their populations and saw immediate precipitous ...
@ZubyMusic 12/x
declines in sickness and death.

Seat belts and parachutes, we don't need double-blind studies, the benefits of use are clear and immediate to see, people who use a parachute have noticeably better outcomes than those who don't, and when you look at countries like Mexico,...
@ZubyMusic 13/x
Bolivia, Peru, etc., you see no one dying from the Ivermectin, and you also see people recovering quickly and scores who are getting only minimally sick from Covid, if at all: bitchute.com/video/a3a0EOIe…
@ZubyMusic 14/x
[Ivermectin prophylactic study from India - Dr. John Campbell]()

@ZubyMusic 15/x

You see how all the corporate-owned/controlled lackey medias smear doctors saving lives? They frame the issue as "Silver Bullet", which is bullshit, it has nothing to do with silver bullets, Budesonide is one part of the protocol to treat ...
@ZubyMusic 16/x
patients' inflammation in the lungs, it does nothing to cure Covid, what it does is prevent damage to lung tissues that happens as a result of inflammation, so what Budesonide does is reduce inflammation and prevents severe or permanent lung damage.
@ZubyMusic 17/x
Ivermectin interferes with the viral replication, so this results in greatly reduced inflammation, usually resulting in Covid patients not needing anywhere near any hospitalization... greatly reduced viral replication means little inflammation, and so mild Covid symptoms.
@ZubyMusic 18/x

Now do you better understand how it's done?

At least the first eight are in use worldwide on a daily basis, and the other two are in the making to be implemented soon if we keep sliding down this slope we're on.

• • •

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