Immigration on our southern border is a complex problem that's been with us for decades. No one has managed it well. The Congress has made matters more difficult resisting immigration reform. That's why it was an act of leadership and courage for @VP to take it on.
The VP's trip to Mexico and Guatemala involved delicate and emotionally fraught issues. Her focus was on having the US play a more active role in helping our neighbors address the root causes of immigration--especially important after the Trump admin rejected such a role.
She made substantial commitments to help in this area--through aid and loans. Her comment that immigrants from Guatemala should not come to the US was the only comment she could have given and any alternative she might have offered would also have generated substantial criticism.
The complexity of the issue made her a lightning rod for critiques from the right and the left. The fact that both sides were made a little uncomfortable by her stance actually suggests she and the administration is doing it right and trying to handle this issue in balanced way.
There are no short-term answers here. Indeed, in some respects, so long as the US remains rich and a land of opportunity it will draw the interest of neighbors from deprived or dangerous environments. Everything she said and did recognizes that challenge.
The media seemed to want to play gotcha around the wording of her answers regarding visiting the border. But she said she would go. She also made it clear that the Biden team's focus would be on root causes unlike the Trump approach of building walls (and contemplating moats).
The questioning was an attempt to let the right and Trumpists set the agenda and the administration has been smart to keep their eye on the ball. There is much to repair here. It is going to take a long time to fix things. Much has already been done.
Notably, many of the worst Trump policies have been reversed and other bad policies are being reconsidered and enforcement of them is being modified. There is no question--none at all--that Biden-Harris immigration policy is more humane and wiser than Trump policies.
We must also separate out from the assessments of her trip the desire of the right to demonize her. It allows them to play to their racism and their sexism. And it also is inevitable given the potential future role she will play in the Democratic Party.
The reflexiveness and shallowness of the GOP critiques is obvious because a.) it's consistent with their past behavior and b.) it is far too early in the deployment of the Biden-Harris policies to evaluate them. (Reminder, we're not even 5 months into this administration.)
For those of a fairer bent, those interested in our regional policies, and those who want to see better, more humane, more effective management of the problem at our border, however, the early signs out of the Biden-Harris team, despite some missteps, are encouraging.
The trip was effective. The Vice President represented the administration and the country well. And the effort this week should win high marks for those who appreciate the changes afoot...and at worst, incompletes, from those who want to see more change, faster.
Taking on immigration and voting rights, @VP is demonstrating that she is not afraid of tough issues and that she sees her job as serving rather than simply cultivating her reputation. It is a Biden-like approach to the Vice Presidency and it suits her and benefits us all.

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This is a stunning display of intellectual dishonesty. It serially suggests equivalency between those who oppose Israel's policy and those who espouse hate, implies a tie between those with rational critiques and those with irrational hostility.…
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It is not the same when Palestinians respond to daily humiliations & dispossessions with anger after Israel has imposed those & placed behind its policies the most potent military force in the region. It is possible to acknowledge the fear caused by Hamas rocket attacks & still..
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