16 Psychology Hacks To Live In The Moment

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Living in the moment takes practice,
but when you learn how to live this way,

you will lead a fuller life and appreciate the beauty in every activity every second of the day.
For living like there’s no tomorrow and stop worrying,

Here’s how to stop time and live in the moment:
1. Focus on the now

To live in the moment,
you need to focus on the now.
Focus on what you’re doing and savor the present.

Savoring and relishing life at the moment elicits happiness and other positive emotions.
2. Avoid worry

Worrying can only happen when you look to the future.

Keep your thoughts on your environment and your current activity.

You can’t worry if you leave the future alone.
3. Avoid regret

Regret arrives while thinking about the past.

The past is over and no longer exists.

You bring your past mistakes to life by thinking about them. Let them go.
4. Read about different mental models

A mental model is a model that is constructed and simulated within a conscious mind.

To be “conscious” is to be aware of the world around you and yourself to the world.
Mental models teach you how to think,
and encourage you to think critically.

By reading Mental models, you will understand how to think to get helped in living in the moment.

Grab your copy of "100 MENTAL MODELS"

5. Avoid multitasking

Try doing one task at a time.

You’ll find you perform the task faster and at a higher level.

Let multitasking be a thing of the past.

Single-tasking is much more conducive to living in the present.
6. Forgive

When you hold a grudge, the only one suffering is you!

'Anger is distracting and keeps you from enjoying the current moment
7. Discover what you want

Make a list of all the things you want to do,
take a look and make sure it reflects your desires for self-care.

If so, add them to your calendar and prioritize them.
8. Perform random acts of kindness

Through your generosity,
you can positively affect another person’s life,
and bring joy to yourself from having done so.
Doing a random act of kindness not only helps you live in the moment,

but improves that moment for you and someone else.
9. Take a nature walk

There may not be a better way to live in the moment than to get outside and take a nature walk.

It’s good exercise and can relieve stress.
10. Unplug

Many of us have FOMO (fear of missing out).

Make a commitment to leave your phones behind during mealtime and by present with the people you’re eating with.
11. Say affirmations

Saying affirmations and positive thinking quotes help us
to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Practice saying affirmations daily,
and be completely present when doing so.
12. Celebrate daily wins

To live in the present, write down all that you have accomplished that day.

They can be big or small.
When you write all your wins down,

you’ll begin to realize how many there are and then,

you can savor these successes rather than thinking about what you didn’t accomplish.
13. Smile

Not only does smiling make you feel good, smiling at someone will make their day too.

Be sincere, find something about the person that you appreciate, and let them know.
14. Sleep is crucial

Sleeplessness makes us tired, weary, moody, less enthusiastic, and unfocused.

If you stay in this state for too long, you’ll start to see negative effects on your life.

Try giving up caffeine to reinvigorate your sleep life.
15. If you need help, ask for it

Not being able to get help is exhausting, and not asking for help will lead to burnout.

Look at your day and see where you’re spending time on menial tasks you don’t need to be doing.

Let people help you.
16. Silence is helpful

Take a few days to be more mindful about your conversation,
and avoid saying anything unnecessary.

you’ll be shocked how much more time you have.
We aren’t going to be around forever.
Make the most of it now.
Thinking about death shouldn’t make you depressed.

It should help build enthusiasm for the time you have here
to optimize it and savor every moment.

Avoid missing out on your life and losing so much time to the past and the future.
- Book recommendation: “Live Intentionally”

This book is a 90 Day Self-Improvement Project that will re-calibrate your entire existence

It will change your habits, daily routine, mindset, and make you strong and disciplined to live in the moment.

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