The thread was getting rather long, and the internet has conditioned people to have an ever-decreasing attention span, so it continues here

There's ample evidence both the Nazis and Stalin's USSR were hard at work bringing back aether technology
You don't get on the cover of Time if you're not one of Them

So what exactly was the point of all the destruction ?
"destruction of the past" is a convenient one, and I myself believe in it

except these guys seem to have been hard at work resurrecting the past

did they disobey orders ?

is that why they're so vilified now ?
By now it should be clear The Holy 6 Million could not have happened

Neither did Stalin's crimes

So how did these guys go from management's darlings to "mass murderers" in 20 years ?

Was there an abrupt change of plans mid-road ?

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9 Jun
If the "history" of the 19th century seems to be a giant fiction meant to hide the genocide of the Old World, the events of the 20th century are no less mysterios

Let's take for example the Second World War, which acts as the foundational myth of the modern world
For starters, it wasn't a real war, rather an elaborate hoax

Except all the destruction was done with technologies we're not told about

I've already gone in detail how I believe "firebombing" and "atomic bombing" are actually covers for plasma discharge weaponry
But that's far from the only mystery

For example, the fuel demands of an armed force are tremendous, and it's not clear at all where it came from

So what are these cylinders, what was in them, what did they do ?
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8 Jun
Today's lesson in what's real and what's not

Nukes ain't real, firebombing most likely not

What IS real are plasma discharge weaponry

Plasma discharges cause the production of ozone…

Which ozone causes cancer and other nasty stuff
So you zap a city with plasma weaponry - historians lie about it being a "great fire"

Said city then becomes very unsafe to live in for some decades, so whoever is left alive is no hurry to return…
Just to make sure, you actively hunt down any survivors, you either kill them outright or enslave them

The only ones left alive are children…
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7 Jun
Disclaimer - it's going to sound insane

Jon Levi keeps asking "what are they hiding from us"

I think I know

We are a genetically-engineered slave race

And when I say "slaves", don't just think it stops at us building pyramids and paying taxes to our masters.

It's much worse than that

For example, read about the "stages of alchemical transformation" Image
Their human agents obfuscate this as being cryptical metaphors about psychological self-improvement

I believe alchemical manuals were literal description on how to extract the valuable raw materials from human biological waste
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6 Jun
Various photos taken over the last days

First off - the coat of arms of the Romanian police

The imperial eagle - a bird of prey who kills the dove of peace.
An admission that the Empire never ended, it's still the same predatory entity, the enemy of peace Image
The fasces were the weapons of the lictors - "a Roman civil servant who was an attendant and bodyguard to a magistrate who held imperium."

The message is pretty clear - the police are the Empire's bodyguards.

They guard Them from You
Across the street there's this gigantic thing

First off, notice how the street is at a slope, while the building seems to predate it.

There are no records of such an event, nor does anyone seem to know how the building ended up gutted and dilapidated.

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING ? ImageImageImageImage
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11 Mar…

This one raises even more questions

Waterfalls & illuminations
It was also "the first storage facility for aerostats in the world"

So these guys did have air travel
A bunch of unusual devices, the active components must have long been removed

What did they do, why was it necessary to disable them ?
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11 Mar…

Date of construction - unknown
Date of major alteration - mid 19th century

For starters, we're being asked to believe that this is the work of toothless illiterates who lived by candlelight

Notice the original project had a semi-circular colonnade
Gee, where else do we see such things ?

Given the numbers of granite columns, this must have been some sort of power station - the columns being the capacitors in which the generated charge was stored
And then there's the dome - actually, three of them stacked on top of each other

The outer dome is covered in gold with a strange installation on top - and the ubiquitous fractal antenna that was retconned as a religious symbol
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