Throughout the history of hierarchical society dominators have innovated to perfect a shared justifying philosophy: that their hierarchy is not only natural, it is good. That there must be subjugation for there to be order. You are not deserving of dignity. Your duty is to submit
The rulers of every hierarchical society want you to accept their rulership as both rational and ethical and to regard your own debasement and alienation as ungrateful delusions. Like capitalist realism, they can more easily imagine an end to the world than an end to hierarchy.
Hierarchical power structures, having reigned over diverse populations, have had to develop a growing list of ideological justifications for the misery they induce; gerontocracy, patriarchy, divine right, representationalism, white supremacy, cisheteronormativity, and so on...
Each of these justifications has been instrumental in propping up structures of domination in the past, crafted to breed contempt and self-loathing within the masses. To the degree that each is not holistically addressed, it will be an avenue for self-sabotage in our movements
Be wary of those who tell you to deprioritize the struggle of some oppressed peoples or to harbor some hierarchy of power within the movement. They have still not rid themselves of the dominator’s brainwashing and they are implicitly asking us to make ourselves weak to the enemy

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10 Jun
So I've been watching this lecture where some "dialectical materialist" academic goes on an anti-scientific rant against special and general relativity, modern cosmology/astrophysics, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics and it is truly embarrassing.
The best part of the lecture is part 2 where actual physicists just shit all over this guy. But what actually caught my attention was his reference to Lenin, who apparently in 1908 wrote a piece to let everyone know that he was a scientific ignoramus.…
If you want to see a piece where Lenin places himself in opposition to some of the most accomplished and influential scientists of the last two centuries and proclaims everyone "idealists" for doing real science instead of abiding by his philosophical pseudo-science, dig in.
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15 Apr
I think, for many leftists, the left is a place where they go to belong; an escape from alienated society where they can cultivate an identity of radicalism with friends and dream of a better future. They want to be liked, to have no opponents, and harbor only peaceful engagement
But this peace and unity mindset is a placating delusion. The left is not a social club. Revolution is not a game or a fun aesthetic; though it necessarily involves times of extreme catharsis and solidarity. We are part of a struggle for the emancipation of humans from domination
And I don't want to diminish the intense bonds that are formed within revolutionary spaces. I would even say that they are crucial components to our success. But if we prioritize the desire to belong above necessary conflict, we choose our own comfort over human liberation.
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15 Apr
Collaborating with authoritarian leftists isn't a bad idea because they are dangerous right now. It is a bad idea because it gives them more power and legitimacy which they will use, at a later date, to claim they engineered the movement and try to co-opt it to their needs.
The main praxis of authoritarian leftism is co-option. Their vanguards are often small and ineffectual, but highly opportunist, infiltrating the real movement of the masses so they can jump in and seize the steering wheel at a crucial moment in the revolutionary rupture.
When you collaborate with authortarian leftists, you are helping them in their praxis of co-option. You are allowing a representative of the enemy system into the spaces where we are attempting to dismantle and replace that system, just because they have the right aesthetics.
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4 Jul 20
So I went to Seattle just before CHAZ/CHOP was dismantled to speak with organizers there and to see the project with my own two eyes. I have said before that I do not criticize tactics publicly, but now that the zone has been dismantled, I feel we can have a discussion about it.
Because I came to CHOP late, it was on its last legs. The bustling crowds and the multitude of mutual aid tents seen in early videos had died down by the time I arrived. A crowd remained and mutual aid was still available; but these were a shadow of their former selves.
One of the first things I was struck by, was how effective the police barricades were in containing and controlling the area. The barricades were not just at the borders, they were inside the borders as well, funneling foot traffic into formations similar to a street fair.
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6 May 20
I do not see anarchism as an ideology rooting to Europe, nor even to the first people to call themselves anarchist. Anarchism is a lens of analysis and the usage of that lens is found in a variety of cultures and thinkers throughout history, far predating the usage of the name.
If you want to understand what I mean, I recommend this video:
They have also written about the influence of the indigenous American Kandiaronk on the Enlightenment and how a lot what was valuable therein was a shallow understanding of indigenous thought, encountered when Europe was first colonizing the continent.…
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29 Oct 19
Socialism is when the workers own and manage the means of production. This is what it had always meant, until the modern era where the world's dominant propaganda systems contorted its meaning into "the state holding a market monopoly."
Authoritarian notions of socialism rely upon your willingness to buy in to a sort of ideological alchemy: the state is a representation of "the workers," therefore when the state does something, the "workers" do that thing. Are you going to fight a revolution for that?
The state will never magically become a proxy for the workers. Ever. Mark my words. It has been roughly a century since that observation was first made and a century of validation has followed. Power structures only seek monopoly for themselves, no matter their aesthetics.
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