Disney really need to stop with these live action movies. Cruella wasnt even horrible. But it wasnt very good either. Best thing about the movie was the outfits tbh… I feel a rant coming lol bear with me (panda)
We all know going in that with these Disney live action “remakes” they’re gonna change shit (and yes I realize this isn’t a remake, but it’s a prequel to an established property, so connecting/retconning the source material is inevitable, but I digress), but
Ok so, I don’t see how this is a prequel to the animated version or the live action version. The only ties I see to the animated version of Cruela is the aesthetic
and the only connection to the live action version is that she was a fashion designer.. they tried too hard to make her a sympathetic villian, when cruella is really a “evil for the sake of being evil” villian like Palpatine (the emperor from Star Wars). And thats literally fine
Hollywood’s obsession with giving every villian a tragic back story, while I think began innocently, has became the overwhelming standard and too much of anything (except shit like world peace, common decency, bacon, etc) is a bad thing. So of course there’s good examples of this
But Cruella missed the mark in a number of ways. First of which is just being a good movie on its own, outside of being a Cruella de Vil origin story. This was like 3 movies in one… it was like Oliver Twist meets Oceans 8 meets Devil Wears Prada… n those are all better movies
Also, I had a hard time rationalizing that this Cruella (the one they spent well over 2 hours trying to make us like) turns into the cartoonishly evil and batshit crazy person we see in the animated and original live action versions (s/o Glenn Close for being amazing btw). 🤷🏾‍♂️
and her henchmen being her actual friends and genuinely good people? Yea I don’t know how you get to where her and their characters are in 101 Dalmatians from this movie.. there gotta be another movie in between all that.. cuz nah
If u got to this point and ur thinkin “why is he analyzing this so hard,” well this the account of a person who overthinks things like this cuz fictional universes r real (in my head) n they tell us alot about our perceptions of humanity. So follow me or exit, choice is yours 😅
But tbh, there’s not much more I could get into about this movie without getting spoilery. Usually for a prequel I’d say “you already know how the story ends so fuck a spoiler warning” but I really feel like this story has so little to do with the original, I wud be spoiling shit
Like I just know this script had to have been shopped around Hollywood for years and somebody read it and was like “hear me out…but this could be a cruella de vil origin story.” And they jus shoehorned in all the core elements of her character as an afterthought.
I think I said before that this was 3 movies Frankensteid’ed together (Oliver Twist, Oceans 8, Devil Wears Prade), but I forgot one, Joker. So 4 movies. Again, it wasnt better than any of these movies. And I wasn’t really a fan of Oceans 8. Do what you will with that information.
and again, Im not gonna get into spoilers but they way they flipped the most beloved part of this franchise n villianized it, kinda betrays the whole franchise. Like killing John Conner in the opening scene of Terminator: Dark Fate. No I’m not being dramatic (and if I am, idc 😭)
In closing, to bring my original tweet full circle, Maleficent and The Jungle Book are the only two of Disney’s current generation of live action movies that I’ll probably ever revisit.. the rest, not very memorable outside of remembering that they exist. They’re soulless at best
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