Whilst the inevitable global civil-society movement against tax-havens was always going to be very problematic for Jersey, it is going to profoundly so for Jersey, because no other tax-haven has disgraced itself to the extent Jersey has....
..by engaging in complete, all-encompassing criminality - of the worst possible kinds; decades of concealed child-abuse, rapist mafia-Bosses, protected serial-murderers, openly practiced judicial corruption hiding in-plain-sight; intimidation, racketeering, political suppression
...for those, and similar, reasons the Crown tax-haven of Jersey island chose to mark itself out as the lowest-of-the-low - the tax-haven which must be targeted for international clean-up - first & foremost amongst all tax-havens; no-where else has been so reprehensibly criminal
...One of the most clear and damning reasons Jersey is - plainly - a failed jurisdiction - is the intransigence and the incompetence of its Mob oligarchy. What has happened to Jersey is what would have happened to the Chicago Mob, if they hadn't "taken care" of their maverick...
....psychopaths who were jeopardizing the whole racket by going rogue in Las Vegas. On Jersey, the two psychopaths (literally) are Philip and William Bailhache. But they weren't stopped. They were allowed to run-amock. These are the consequences.

The Jersey Mob has had....
...many - wholly underserved - yet repeated - opportunities to right-the-ship - engage in damage-limitation - repair things - think diplomatically - seek-out rapprochement.

Yet - every single time - every time - the Jersey Mob had a chance to step aside from the path of madness
...they did the exact opposite. Digging themselves - deeper - and deeper - into the hole they created; every time they had the chance to stop being maniacs - they just reached for a bigger stick.

Of course - we know why - for a handful of the senior Jersey psycopaths why this
....was always a zero-sum-game:


But it remains puzzling why the rest of the Jersey - and the City of London Mob - didn't just rid themselves of those scum?

Off all of the "last-chance-saloons" the Mob had to save their racket - the very - very - last ...
....of the "last-last-chance-saloons" - was Jersey's "public-inquiry" into the decades of child-abuse cover-up.

But - instead of humbly and responsibly accepting the awful truth - of facing up to the fact that, finally, Jersey had to have a genuine - objective - judicial ...
...investigative tribunal - the Jersey "public inquiry" became THE most corrupt such "investigation" in British and European history.

As was obvious to every objective international law-enforcement agency.

Ignoring its legislative instructions,
....placing one of the most culpable child-abuse concealers in charge of its "evidence-co-ordination" - 7 full-time professional representatives of the Jersey authorities permanently present - zero full-time professional representation for the child-abuse survivors or ...
...whistle-blowers - witness-tampering - unlawfully refusing to give legal representation to THE key-witness from within the polity - constructively excluding THE key witness and primary public whistle-blower - basing the "inquiry" in a conflicted location - and -
...allowing the £24 million "public-inquiry" to be - actually - managed - and written - by the fatally conflicted transnational serious organized crime mafia-syndicate - Jersey "law-firm" Ogiers.

If that still fails to convey to the Jersey Mob - the magnitude of their ....
....self-destruction, consider this:

The Mobsters of Ogeirs - such as Tim Le Cocq - and Julian Clyde-Smith - to name but two - are on the @FBI
extradition radar.

And a number of other Jersey Mobsters.

Rarely has so much self-destruction...
@FBI ...been so spectacular - so total - so crazed.

It genuinely saddens me that the island of my families came to be dominated by unethical scum and overt psychopaths.

Saddens me - but doesn't surprise me ...
@FBI ...So much money in the post-WWII years - zero checks-& balances - all power concentrated into so few hands - the ingredients of "the-perfect-storm" of corruption.

But - in truth - a part of us has always been this way; venal, scheming scum - and has been for millennia.


• • •

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I replied, 'Because The-Jersey-Situation is unique in the history of organised, systemic child-abuse cover-ups - and would - because of that uniqueness - achieve a profoundly important world-first......
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