Here's 20 learning habits by @SahilBloom you can start implementing. 🛠️

His article was jam-packed with gems so I thought I'd unpack it: 🧵
1/ Stimulate Dynamically

"The mind is a muscle - it needs to be stimulated dynamically to continue to grow"
2/ Build Learning Circles

"The most powerful learning is communal, not individual"
3/ Keep Asking Why

"Why?” is the most useful tool in our learning toolkit. But somewhere along the line, we are told to stop asking why and just accept “facts” as we are told them"
4/ Adopt a Process Orientation

"Prioritize process. Learn for the sake of learning, not always for a specific goal"
5/ Become a Polymath

"A polymath is a person with wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary knowledge. Lifelong learners tend to be polymaths - their curiosity naturally leads to knowledge accumulation in a variety of disciplines"
6/ Build a Learning Engine

"The “learning engine” is at the core of every lifelong learner. It is comprised of all the learning “inputs” regularly consumed - books, newsletters, podcasts, videos, etc."
7/ Avoid Noise Bottlenecks

"Consuming more does not equate to knowing more. As you consume more data, you may find the noise-to-signal ratio increases (a classic Taleb “noise bottleneck” appears). More signal, less noise."
8/ Embrace All Types of Learning

"There are two types of learning: surface and deep. Surface learning is quick and easy."
9/ Seek Mentors & Coaches

"“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. You can’t do it alone."
10/ Embrace Failures

"Lifelong learners recognize that failures are learning opportunities. They don’t fear them."
11/ Follow Your Curiosity

"When you have a spark of curiosity, follow it. Moments of pure, unadulterated curiosity are fleeting, so you have to prioritize them when they come"
12/ Become a Teacher

"Teaching is often the most powerful path to learning."
13/ Take Breaks

"Taking breaks can be the easiest, most effective unlock for learning and growth. If you want to learn to grow, first learn to rest."
14/ Learn from Strangers

"Every conversation with a stranger is an opportunity to learn something new. Be present in every conversation with everyone you meet. You never know what might come of it"
15/ Seek a Stimulating Job

"Try to find a job that is intellectually stimulating. I know this is a luxury - if you are lucky enough, take advantage."
16/ Change Your Mind

"Lifelong learners are always willing to change their mind. Believe something to be true? Ok, but be sure to open your mind to counterarguments"
17/ Embrace Novel Formats

"2020 was a tough year, but it did bring an upswell of novel learning formats. Cohort-based courses - which foster community! - are a great innovation."
18/ Practice Mindfulness

"A healthy mind is a powerful mind. Set aside time for mindfulness. Practice meditation - start with 5 minutes a day and build up from there. There are plenty of great apps to help you get started"
19/ School as the Starting Line

"All lifelong learners recognize that school is nothing but the starting line of our true education. Once you internalize this, you’ll start doing things differently."
20/ Play the Long Game

"The greatest riches in life - personal or professional - come from compound interest. But it takes time. Lots of time. Knowledge is no different - it compounds"
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