@SureReality @ThomasS4217 <Thread>. h/t @ThomasS4217
1/ Jun 9, 2021: @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2
"On his first day in the White House, President Joe Biden revoked the permit his predecessor granted to Keystone XL..." (more)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 2/ "TC Energy, the Canadian🇨🇦 company behind the project, said it decided to terminate the project after a comprehensive review of its options and consulting with the government of Alberta, Canada." (more...)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 2/ "The end of Keystone XL will add to the pressure on Biden from environmentalists to terminate other projects, including Line 3 and the 👉Dakota Access pipeline👈."
Sep 20, 2020: (more...)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 3/ Ten days before Forbes reported that Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer (Dakota Access Pipeline), gave $10 million to the former guy's campaign, this was published, which ties Energy Transfer to Rick Perry's Ukraine's corruption.
Sep 10, 2020: (more)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 4/ Rick Perry "was among the officials, known as the 👉'three amigos,'👈 who ran a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine on Trump’s behalf. Their aim, according to the findings of the impeachment inquiry in the House, was to embarrass Trump’s main political rival, Joe Biden." (more)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 5/ Nov 20, 2019:
"After briefing Trump on the Zelenskiy inauguration, [Rick] Perry, [Gordon] Sondland, and Kurt Volker, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, became known as the 👉'three amigos.' (con't)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 6/ ...They were responsible for a side-channel Ukraine policy, under Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer."👀
Back to WNYCstudios (tweet #3):
"Alongside this political mission [in Ukraine🇺🇦], Perry and his staff at the Energy Dept worked to advance energy deals... (con't)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 7/ ...that were potentially worth billions of dollars to Perry’s friends and political donors, a 6-month investigation by reporters from TIME, WNYC and ProPublica shows. Two of these deals seemed set to benefit [Kelcy Warren's⤴️] Energy Transfer... (con't)
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 8/ ...the Texas company on whose board Perry served immediately before and after his stint in Washington. The biggest was worth an estimated $20 billion*, according to U.S. and Ukrainian🇺🇦 energy executives involved in negotiating them." (more...)
*deal didn't go through, though
@SureReality @ThomasS4217 @CatsChocolates @clearing_fog @satirehat @SullivanMonty @TeresaCCarter2 9/ Less than a month after WNYCstudios, TIME and ProPublica published their findings about Rick Perry and Energy Transfer wheeling and dealing in Ukraine, Kelcy Warren stepped down as CEO of Energy Transfer. No tears though, he's still a billionaire. /end

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Wisconsin in the news @cheeseheadlucy @clearing_fog @satirehat
1/ "The 78 mahogany boards, likely brought to the Badger State🦡 as part of research into airplane propeller materials during World War I, sat in a basement storage stall for a century waiting for a purpose." (more)
2/ "That same old-growth wood, prized for its durability, straight grain and reddish-brown color, can’t be purchased today. The trees have protected international conservation status." (more...)
3/ "Robert 'Bob' Ross... the acting assistant director of the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wis.🦡, knew the exact location of a 3,000-pound stack of the wood that was collecting dust." (more...)
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@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @YDanasmithdutra @Ginger624 @CatsChocolates Joel Greenberg plea deal deadline May 15, 2021:
1/ Joel "Greenberg had been scheduled to go on trial in June, but both sides set a May 15 deadline for a plea deal. If they do not reach an agreement, the case would go to trial, they agreed."
Apr 8, 2021:
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @YDanasmithdutra @Ginger624 @CatsChocolates 2/ At a 6-minute status hearing at the federal courthouse in Orlando today:
Prosecutor Roger Handberg: “We believe this case is going to be a plea.”
Greenberg lawyer Fritz Scheller: “I expect this case to be resolved with a plea deal.” h/t @Agenthades1
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @YDanasmithdutra @Ginger624 @CatsChocolates @Agenthades1 3/ "A plea by...Joel Greenberg, could significantly strengthen the Justice Dept’s hand as it investigates Mr. Gaetz 👉and others👈 who met Mr. Greenberg through 👉Florida Republican politics👈 and are being scrutinized on potential sex trafficking violations." (more...)
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31 Mar
@LincolnsBible h/t @ThomasS4217
Mar 26, 2020:
1/ "McGee has spent 13 years representing the family and attempting to get information on Levinson and his whereabouts. The family pledged to spend the rest of their lives trying to hold accountable those in the U.S. gov't...
@LincolnsBible @ThomasS4217 2/ ...and Iran🇮🇷 they feel contributed to his kidnapping and imprisonment."
Levinson disappeared on Mar 9, 2007 in Kish Island, Iran, while on a mission for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). (more...)
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