Apna time Jayega?! 😅

🚩 Let's Understand the "Four Yugas" of Sanatan

So that you can plan your remaining time well ahead in this planet then your peers in other astronomical planets (Pun intended 😂)

//A Thread Starts//

The Puranas and Laws of Manu agree that,
the four Yugas are in the proportion 4:3:2:1.
Their names are Krita Yuga (fortunate age; also called Satya Yuga), Treta Yuga (age of three parts), Dwapara Yuga (age of two parts), and Kali Yuga (age of conflict), the four together constituting a Maha Yuga or Great Age.
Each Yuga has a dawn and a twilight period, each a tenth of its length, called respectively Sandhyá and Sandyásana.

The Vishnu Purana gives their durations in divine years, Each counting for 360 human years.
🚩 Hindu astronomers agree that the Kali Yuga began at midnight between February 17 and 18, 3102 BCE.

From that we can calculate that the transition to the Golden Age will occur around 427,000 CE.
It hardly seems worth bothering about something so far outside the time-scale of human experience.

But before we dismiss these figures as pure fantasy, we should know that they are not peculiar to Hinduism.
Berossus, who records the Babylonian chronology, was a priest of Bel and had a school of astronomy on the island of Kos in the third century BCE.

He gives the figures for the reigns of the ten Assyrian kings who preceded the Flood: they total 420,000 years.
In China, according to the early missionary researcher Père Prémare, the early dynasties were respectively of 13 and 11 kings, each of whom ruled or lived 18,000 years.

Prémare understandably doubted this, but if we do the arithmetic, (13 + 11) x 18,000 comes to 432,000 years.
The Icelandic saga called the Poetic Edda describes the preparations for the apocalyptic battle at the end of time, when Valhalla’s warriors issue forth against the Fenris Wolf:

Five hundred doors | and forty there are,
I ween, in Valhall’s walls;
Eight hundred fighters | through one door fare
When to war with the wolf they go.6

800 fighters going through each of 540 doors totals 432,000. So the number of warriors gathered in Valhalla on the last day is again the number of years in the Kali Yuga, the last age of the Maha
Yug cycle.

//End of Thread //
So Respecting your time is Respecting Kaal,
Inturn Mahakaal.🚩

So use your time wisely.

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Jai Shankar Maharaj 🙏🏻
Jai Sanatan 🚩
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@pujari_anup @coolfunnytshirt Some addition(Clarification) to your post:

1. Prasad is free if you ask for a handful, Noone will ask you a single rupee, If you want to buy a meal, it's paid, B'cz the quality of grains and materials have a cost associated with it and there are more then 50+ items on a regular+
@pujari_anup @coolfunnytshirt Day with lot of options to choose from.

2. This is definitely not langar( Mass free prasad)
3. Yes, there are management and Panda(Local pujari) issues on hygiene and distribution. But remember it's Govt owned.
So govt takes hefty share from it.
@pujari_anup @coolfunnytshirt 3. Some comments mentioned how come the temple can feed 1L people, where the population of puri is only 2L!?

There is a say in Puri, No one goes hungry from Anand Bazaar (the open air Prasad area i n side temple), so exactly no one can give you figures for how many people+
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