Reading through Romans 7 and 8 this morning. What many miss in context is that Paul in Romans 7:13-25 is that Paul is showing that the Law is spiritual. It is a reflection of God's character. Paul is showing us the war that goes on in every regenerate believer. 1/
2/ The Law points out his evil nature. There is nothing good in him. There is a battle going on in him because he wants to do good and uphold God's Law, but his flesh doesn't because it is opposed to God.

Paul finds himself lamenting that the good he wants to do, he doesn't do.
3/ Instead, Paul practices the very evil he doesn't want to do proving that sin is dwelling in him.

Two things here:

-Paul recognized God's Law as good and desires to do it. It is proof of regeneration. It is the Law that helps Paul to see his wickedness & long not to do it.
4/ Secondly, Paul is showing us that the sin nature sticks around after regeneration as our flesh (sin nature) opposes God at every turn (See Galatians 5:17). When Paul sins it is because sin is ever present in him, like every human being.
5/ He makes 2 distinctions in Romans 7:25:

With his "mind" he is serving the law of God proving that he is redeemed and longing to uphold God's law.

However, on the other hand he is serving his "flesh" which desires to uphold the "law of sin".
6/ The law of sin is a reflection of Satan's character which is antichrist. When a believer upholds the law of sin they are reflecting the character of Satan. When a believer upholds the law of God then they are reflecting God's character.

All an unbeliever can do is reflect...
7/...the character of Satan.

This should give the Christian pause to so easily run into sin. When you sin you are reflecting Satan's character upon yourself. As a slave to Christ you are a servant of Christ, so when you sin, you cast the image of Satan upon Christ.
8/ Satan is no longer our master. Christians are called to bear light and flee from sin. Flee from this brethren! Confess you sin to God & ask forgiveness to those you may have wounded. Admit what you did was wrong & repent of it as this will properly reflect Christ.

Bringing this around to Romans 8:

When we sin it fills the true believer with guilt and shame because they recognize their evil. Our sin makes is feel unworthy of heaven even though we are regenerated. We aren't worthy of heaven, but Christ gives us His righteousness...
10/ grace, allowing us admission to God's holy dwelling place.

Romans 8:1 and the rest of the chapter are a reminder that the Christian has a place in heaven. "There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

Christian, take heart. The fact that you can...
11/...recognize sin and hate it is proof of regeneration. However, if you profess Christ and continuously live in sin or celebrate those practicing it, showing no hatred for it, be very afraid, for you are unregenerate. Repent and turn to Christ.

• • •

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9 Feb
I just don't understand those who advocate for CRT, maybe because I am regenerated in Christ. Over 700k Greeks were slaughtered by the Ottoman Empire caliphate. They murdered almost everyone on my mom's side, yet I don't hate the Turkish people. I wasn't even alive when...
...the genocide of Greeks and Armenians took place. My dad and most Greeks try to pass the hatred down.

I remember years ago as a bellman helping some Turkish people with their bags. When they found out I was Greek they became uncomfortable, but I told them...
...that I had no animosity towards them like other Greeks do because I was a Christian. I treated them with dignity and respect. They didn't kill my family, and even if they did Scripture commands me to not repay evil for evil to anyone.

The situation diffused immediately.
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18 Jan
1/ I am going to put my Screwtape hat on for a second regarding using Christian as an adjective to modify a sin (i.e. Christian Nationalism).

If I wanted to disgrace Christ I would use His name to identify a sin. There will be those who are ignorant, but they aren't the one's...
2/...coining the term. It is coming from leaders within Christendom. Why would a leader call things that are clearly sin "Christian"?

They are trying to not only disgrace Christ, but erode the good associated with Him. Wolves are notorious for such things, not sheep or shepherds
3/ By eroding the good associated with Christ you can change people's perceptions of Christianity. He wants to make Christianity into a threat. If Satan can make it into a perceived threat then it is something that the people would turn against and want eradicated.
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21 Aug 20
#Exetweet thread

1/ "He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8
2/ This verse has become one of the most maligned verses in Scripture over the last decade, comparable to "Do not judge." (Matthew 7:1).

In Micah 6:6-7, Micah is showing us that the people of the southern kingdom have outwardly worshipped God, but inwardly they were...
3/...spiritually dead. Micah is asking rhetorical questions in v6-7. God had been faithful to the Jewish people since he made His covenant with Abraham and in return His people made sacrifices for their sin, but their hearts were not contrite. They loved their sin and...
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25 Jul 20
1/ Just reading through John 15 this morning. There is so much packed into that passage.

Christ makes a distinction between His children and those who conform to the world who are children of Satan. He makes it clear that He is the true vine and like any vine...
2/...the branches on it cannot bear fruit apart from Him. "Fruit" denoting those who have been saved by His grace and made into a new creation and it is God who bears the fruit through them. The Christian is a vessel that He uses to show His grace & all the credit belongs to Him.
3/ Christ also shows that there will be apostates among us. He says in v2, "Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away;"

Note "in Me". This is talking about those who profess to follow Christ but are really unbelievers. Christ is saying that God will cut those...
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11 Jul 20
Nietzsche went bonkers trying to deny God existed while grieving over the constant evil happening in the world with no end.

He tried to view the world through a secular lens instead of a Biblical one and as such he went crazy because he knew his worldview could not deal with...
...evil. Evil would continue to thrive forever with his Godless worldview.

In 2020, now enters CRT. A view that attempts to deal with evil by propagating more evil. It is a man-centric approach that views the world as oppressor vs oppressed. The goal of the perceived oppressed is to gain power by supplanting their oppressor. In essence, life is nothing more than a never ending struggle for power. As such the perceived oppressed use their experiences as the gauge of oppression. Some of their experiences would line up as true per Scripture
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10 Jul 20
The actual church of those regenerated by Christ will be hated by the world because no matter our melanin count we have been unified in Christ and are family, so we love each other.

The world will gnash its teeth at this unity because it is truth. It is light shining in the...
...darkness which exposes man's folly, so they will seek to eradicate it.

The world seeks to divide people into tribes and they turn against each other as they wrestle for power.

Not so with the Christian, for power is Christ's alone. He is God, we are not.
This is why the redeemed church will not fight for the scraps from Caesar's table or anyone else's. We don't want what they have to offer. We only want Christ because only He alone is able to satisfy. Only He can quench our longings and desires. Only He restores us to a...
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