Critically important article.

Trans activists will insist that this overreach by arrogant doctors awash in genderism is merely protecting troubled kids from "abusive parents."

This is the tip of the iceberg--and it's getting worse.…
Unethical doctors & social workers work to damage relationships between struggling teens & their parents. Not "affirming" a teen's "gender identity" is all it takes now for a loving mom or dad to be labeled "abusive". Read every word of this article to see how bad it is.
Don't believe this is a problem? At a conference for gender professionals in 2017, multiple MDs & mental health providers discussed how they go about using the courts to overrule parents who hesitate to approve medical intervention for their distressed teens.
If top-flight gender MDs like Michelle Forcier were "educating" family judges in 2017, you can bet those efforts are bearing lots of fruit 4 years later, as @AbigailShrier reveals in her @CityJournal article.
Of course abusive parents exist. That's not what this is about. It's about a conspiracy in broad daylight to undermine the vital bond between loving parents & their kids, parents who know their teens don't need medicalizing, and it needs to be exposed for what it is.
Read our 2017 article and listen to the audio clips (obtained by a conference attendee) of these doctors bragging about their efforts to override parents. This isn't going away. It's getting worse.…
Here's the audio source from the USPATH 2017 conference for the screenshots above (professionals discussing using the courts to medicalize teens against their parents' will).…
There are several clips in the above archive from the USPATH conference. Scroll to clip number 5 (just over 2 minutes long) to hear the court/legal commentary, which took place during the pubertal suppression symposium.

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4 Jun
You falsely accused me of practicing conversion therapy on my daughter, & in the process attacked @AbigailShrier . When my daughter and I make an obvious joke about it, you tattle to Twitter? This seems unbecoming for a doctor.

See below: via @JuliaDRobertson
The number of times you have defamed and disrespected detransitioners are too many to account. The fact that you clearly can't take a joke from one of the people whose life experience you misused is rather telling.
Here is where Turban asserted that my daughter's CHOICE to go to a horse farm sent my her "back in the closet." Then he goes on to falsely claim I practiced "cruel conversion therapy."
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30 May
Blue's Clues Pride segment for preschoolers, featuring a trans beaver with mastectomy scars.
And before anyone says, "Nah, you're reading into this" --nope. That's exactly what they are. Image
Here's the whole segment. Resistance fist is an interesting touch on the drag queen's microphone.
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29 May
Gender surgeon Marci Bowers took to Instagram yesterday to complain hat her interview was relegated to the "overtime" clip on @60Minutes . Bowers, like other trans celebrities, doesn't seem to think detransitioners are important enough to be interviewed by major media outlets.
Not just any gender surgeon, Bowers is WPATH president-elect, a rather important and influential role.
Bowers was one of the surgeons consulted by Jazz Jennings and family.
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29 May
There's been a lot of discussion about Dr. Olson-Kennedy in the last few days. For those who haven't read it, we covered her "pop tarts" workshop in 2017 (audio provided by a participant at the gender conference).
Here's the 7 minute audio clip wherein Olson-Kennedy explains in detail how she "just gave him [the 8-year-old "assigned female at birth"] the language" to understand she was actually a boy.
It's worth listening to in its entirety, especially for this:
Olson-Kennedy herself says that the 8-yr-old child was not expressing the desire to "be a boy." She had short hair and wore "boy's clothes", yes, but when the good doctor asked her "are you a boy or a girl", the girl stated she WAS a girl..."because of this body."
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26 May
Johanna Olson-Kennedy, one of the most famous pediatric gender doctors in the world, posted 3 hours ago in the [public] International Transgender Health Facebook page that "so many of us worked hard to dissuade" @60Minutes from airing the show on detransition. @CBSNews
Presumably "us" refers to the community of "affirmative-care" gender clinicians. Why are these providers so hell-bent on suppressing information and personal experiences from people who did not benefit from their services?
Many such providers have given public lip service to "caring" about detransitioners in the past; but if they "care" why do they "work hard" to intimidate journalists who dare to interview them?
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25 May
Jack Turban admits to pressuring @60Minutes and @CBSNews about last night's episode, evidently for the sin of allowing interviews with some detransitioners to be aired (less than 10 minutes airtime).
Honestly, who the hell does this? Goes out of their way to suppress and silence people? Has a detransitioner EVER make a "series of phone calls" to try to suppress media coverage of happy trans people?
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