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10 Jun, 13 tweets, 4 min read
I can't say for sure what Joe Manchin wants but I'm pretty sure part of it includes people like me and anyone left of Susan Collins yelling at him.

He seems to think that makes him look good for him in West Virginia, and he may be right.…
But AG, who is far more thoughtful than most right wingers, insists that I'm just mad a Manchin for having "principles. I gave this some this some thought.
What are Manchin's "principles." He says bipartisanship. This requires him to ignore the GOP wave of new voting restrictions across the US. AG argues, like Liz Cheney, these are all appropriate though the justification for them all sound just like Trump's calls for January 6th.
The "principle" Manchin is actually defending is McConnell's perversion of the filibuster, a tradition that goes back to 2007 after the GOP was crushed at the polls.

A best Manchin is defending a perversion of the filibuster from the early 70s when the talking filibuster died.
Of course, the filibuster is a fluke perversion of the Senate itself.…

And its history of being used to maintain the subjugation of Black Americans is undeniable.…
AG clarifies and says he was calling out those who are calling Manchin racist for his filibuster stance.

He'd probably include me in that because I think at the least Manchin is upholding white supremacy both in his stance and the way he's defending it.

To anyone who has followed the GOP's embrace of voting restrictions following Obama's first win, what's going on is pretty clear.

Making it hard to vote wasn't good enough the GOP to hold power. Now they're focused on using their state power to void results they don't like.
Trump made it pretty clear that this is what he wanted in 2020 and the vast majority of the party is on board with that and probably won't accept anything else.

The result isn't just GOP rule -- they already have that in the courts and Senate.
The GOP's goal now that they're superpowered by Trump's shamelessness is the end of the second Reconstruction to enforce minority rule based almost exclusively on the support of older, white voters.

If you see that, and it isn't hard to see, Manchin's principles -- the preservation of a Senate where a minority that starts each election with a massive headstart gets a instant veto on everything that matters to the other vast majority of Americans -- deserve to be insulted.
But this leads us back to the beginning and the damn paradox we face.

Joe Manchin doesn't mind if we insult his principles. It may be what he's after!

So how do we save democracy while there's still a chance?
Luckily we have a president whose appeal is built in part on his professed ability to win over truculent Republicans. Manchin should be easy, right?
Of course, I screwed up the first tweet in this. Lesson: Never thread.

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12 Jan
All pretensions of a peaceful transfer of power are gone. The only question now is if there will be a transfer of power.
What most of the coverage of Trump's coup refuses to note is Trump wouldn't call off the coup because it was working.
Trump only backed off because there seemed for a moment some possibility of some accountability for his actions -- the 25th amendment might be used.
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16 Aug 20
There's no good faith argument for slowing down the mail and gutting USPS' senior leadership in the middle of a pandemic and an election year.

Trump doesn't oppose vote by mail. He's voting that way from his fraudulent voting address. And encouraging other Republicans to do so.
USPS' economic and social value are undeniable and the only reason it isn't "profitable" is because Republicans created impossible pre-funding of pensions for 75 YEARS specifically to create the talking point that it isn't profitable.
This is a deliberate attempt to scare possible Democratic voters from voting by mail and to literally burn up their ballots by slowing down their delivery.

And if that doesn't work it's just a pretext for Trump and Barr to contest the election when that's not even a thing.
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We're getting so used to fascism that we just focus on the details of it.
If Obama tried any of this, Republicans would deny him lunch in the prison where they put him for extorting Ukraine for dirt on Tagg Romney.
Mitch McConnell refused a bipartisan response to Russian hacking.

He stole a Supreme Court seat.

Now he's basically dissolving Congress rather than passing a bill that would help workers in the the middle of a depression he helped make happen.
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8 Jun 20
The idea that Mitt Romney was treated any worse than any other major party nominee is a Republican connivance to justify Trump. He wouldn’t even crack the top five for mistreated Democratic nominees in the last 30 years.
Mitt Romney ran for president on the premise that his health care plan was about to destroy America.
Romney accused Obama of sympathizing with the terrorists who committed the Benghazi attacks, one of the worst dog whistles of the pre-Trump era.
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I'd like to remind you that the president of the United State has his charity shut down this month for a “shocking pattern of illegality."

And that's not even what he's being impeached for.
I'd like to remind you that we have no idea how many children the president of the United States illegally ordered to be kidnapped from their families nor how many of them still have not been returned.

And that's not even what he's being impeached for.
I'd like to remind you that the president of the United States asked his FBI Director to end an investigation into his National Security Advisor, who illegally worked as a foreign agent for another country.

And that's not even what he's being impeached for.
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23 Aug 19
STYLE GUIDE: Calling David Koch is philanthropist is like calling Nero a violin player.
He gave away a fraction of the money that should have gone to taxes and the permanent damage he did to the planet and humanity. You don't focus on the soccer fields Pablo Escobar built for the neighborhood kids.
The Kochs funded a massive assault on the first black president under the guise of caring about the deficit. They then helped deliver the Senate to a white nationalist who exploded the deficit more than any previous president. Because it's a game to avoid taxes & pollute for free
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