Absolutely nuts paper by researchers from U Chicago analyzing the productivity of 10,000 workers before and after the pandemic.

Conclusions: WFH led to 2 more hrs of work per day, more meetings, less focus time, and *less productivity* bfi.uchicago.edu/wp-content/upl…
This does not surprise me. The way I think of it now is as a 2x2: formal / informal x text / video communication.

Email is formal text, Slack informal text, and Zoom formal video.
Informal video used to be the office, which we've lost.

So we've pushed all these interactions to other media that were never designed to them (hence the awful "Zoom happy hours").

I think the loss of productivity comes from this mismatch, and, concretely, from 3 factors.
First, talking is 8x faster than typing. So when you spend 30min on Slack, that's an interaction you could have had in 3min 45sec in person.

"8h on Slack can save you 1h on Zoom."

Synchronous communication is also faster since it results in less context switching.
2: Parkinson's Law — "any unit of work expands to fill up the amount of time allotted to it."

We used to pop by for a 45s question. Now, these 45s questions are 30min calls.

The very fact that every conversation lasts an exact increment of 30min is a tell something is wrong.
And 3: all this generally results in weaker relationships, less trust, more explaining to do anything, and so lower productivity.

Congruent with this paper from MIT researchers. The greatest predictor of performance is number of face to face exchanges. hbr.org/2012/04/the-ne…

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And I know the refrain — “you don’t wanna manage your own data centers,” “the cloud gets better while you sleep,” “it scales up and down,” “turn capex into opex!”

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This was my biggest surprise seeing how huge operations run even at a co like Uber, which is v technically competent and in theory should be able to measure anything. The fog of war, even inside the walls of your own castle, is very thick. Insanely hard to get data you can trust
I remember playing simulation games as a kid and thinking “this is fun! Why wouldn’t running a business be as fun!”
And that’s fun too, but I really think that most of the difference is that in a simulation game you have 1/ clear, up to date data that you can trust
2/ a few levers that you can pull, with certainty on what will happen if you do (as opposed to an infinity of levers that you can perhaps pull, and you’re not sure what’s gonna happen for most of them)
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I think this is one big reason why Uber won. For ~half of what HQ built, the user was ops, not riders. We built a ton of general purpose tools that they used to hustle and run their business — and how they used these tools often surprised even us
The most spectacular example of this is Uber Eats — originally a pilot called Uber Fresh in LA, which required 0 product or engineering work to launch. It was all ops techcrunch.com/2014/08/26/ube…
The vast majority of products we ended up building at HQ started as ops-only experiments — you’d always hear people say things like “the [DC] team is killing it with [experiment X], we need to productize this.”
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