Other things that the Bible calls abominations, but that Biblical illiterates like @MaryBentley73 ignore:
Shellfish, mollusks, frogs, squid (including calamari)(Leviticus 11:12), grass-hoppers, locusts, crickets, chameleons, geckos, lizards, tortoises, snakes (Lev 11:41-42).../1
..approaching a menstruating woman with the intent of undressing her (Lev 18:19), sleeping with a woman married to someone else(Lev 18:20), ejaculating into a fire built to appease the god Molech (Lev 18:12), desiring gold or silver from graven images (Deut 7:25...see below).../2
...anyone who worshipped any but Hebrew God Yahweh (or Elohim sometimes, depending on section you read) (Deut 17:4), remarrying ex-wife after divorcing her (Deut 24:4), any molten image (see below again) anyone who shortchanges you on weight of sold product (Deut 24:14-16).../3
...bottom line: Probably no term appears more in the Old Testament than "abomination." And if Biblical illiterates and hypocrites like @MaryBentley73 go after one, she better go after all - or else reveal she cherry picks the Bible to justify her hate. Which, yah, she does.

• • •

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12 Jun
It's infuriating to watch conservatives continue to misrepresent/misunderstand basic scientific findings for the purpose of portraying Trump as a genius. Once again, they're misrepresenting the findings of a study on hydroxychloroquine, putting out disinformation that harms.../1
...those who actually need the drug - people with autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis -by creating a run on the drug with their disinformation. Nothing has *ever* even suggested that hydroxy is a prophylactic that prevents COVID, that it keeps infected.../2
...people who are not hospitalized from getting worse or that any possible benefits outweigh the risks except for very severe situations where doctors do not need an uneducated reality TV star to tell them how to treat. The first, since retracted, study showed that with.../3
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8 Jun
The minimum wage argument needs to be flipped to expose what opponents of raising it are saying. Which means we need the End Taxpayer Subsidy of Business Expenses Act.

The current minimum wage is so low it is poverty wages, meaning - for workers not to die in the street from../1
...hunger, their wages must be supplemented with government support - food stamps, etc. Businesses *could not survive* without those taxpayer subsidies, because they are not paying subsistence wages. They are schluffing off a huge portion of their labor costs onto taxpayers.../2
...which means *our* taxes are going to the bottom line of the Walmarts of the world. (A cut in expenses translates to pure profit) Thats why Walmart, McDonald's, etc have departments whose job is to teach employees.../3
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7 Jun
A solution to the assault on voting: @TheDemocrats @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems pass a bill to make Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act apply to every state in the country. This would largely bring in blue states.

Here's why: SCOTUS threw out Section 5 because it only applied../1
...to states with a history of voting discrimination, arguing that things have changed (Of course, they haven't. As soon as section 5 was thrown out, all of those states and counties rushed to pass laws restricting voting.) The issue in the Shelby case was that restricting.../2
...preclearance requirements only to states with a history of racist voting restrictions was unfair because it was based on 60 year old assessments of those states. Under the Shelby decision, there is no way to reimpose preclearance of voting laws (which would require states.../3
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5 Jun
Ive always believed well-reasoned, legally justified opinions based on a foundation of Constitutional precedent, is correct even if I disagree with the policy outcome. Which is why I can say: The AR-15 ruling in California is the worst, most "desired policy" driven piece of.../1
...garbage Ive ever read. The vast majority of the decision is based not on Constitutional precedent - in fact, it *misstates* precedent right in the first paragraph - but purely on the judge's policy preference. He argues about his policy preference throughout the thing....2
...substituting his personal beliefs about the AR15, rather than law. He uses a ton of arguendo. He dismisses the issues of mass shooting by saying that, just because an AR-15 is more accurate doesnt mean mass shooters would not hit as many people with a less accurate gun...3
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30 May
Today's faux conservative outrage is that VP Harris tweeted "Enjoy the long weekend" on Saturday morning. Thus, in the conservative world, making Memorial Day a light event and ignoring military sacrifices.

Once again in Trump World, there's always a tweet.
...oh, even better. He used Memorial Day two years earlier to celebrate himself. Next tweets will show military reaction....
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24 May
Tonight’s showing of #QAnonCult posts, will help explain why I do this. These people are dangerous, which is why the FBI considers them a terror threat. They believe anything, nothing can persuade them otherwise, & they crave violence. There are many posts like the one here...1
....in the QAnon world, democrats don’t just have differering political opinions. They are the personification of evil, Satan worshipers who eat children and drink their blood. Huge numbers of American think this. And they believe that Trump is a god capable of anything....
...they also have no doubt in “the Plan” which includes 10 days of darkness where electricity is cut off, military brings back Trump, and Biden (when they don’t say he is a clone) will be imprisoned or, they hope, tortured to turn on the cabal. This violence excites them too...3
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