The bad faith and strawman discourse around critical race theory obscures that the "anti-CRT" crowd is connected to a coherent historical pattern, running same play. Rising calls for civil rights, justice and equality always have met an anti-equality side.
But the anti-equality has often recognized that "anti-equality" isn't persuasive, so they have to exagerrate and create an absurd version of the equality side. They act as if somehow in addressing equality, the activists will "go overboard" and flip the order of domination.
This is absurd, and falsified by all the evidence of history. Formerly enslaved people started newspapers, opened schools, created and joined institutions of civil society, did not organize violent revenge, the violence was white reaction to black civil empowerment.
At each moment, as Carol Anderson aptly shows in White Rage (and countless others) white backlash is not in response to overreach, but to organizing towards reckoning and equality. Organizing has always always included education&journalism and seeking truth.
From schools set up by the Freedman's Bureau, to Ida B Wells-Barnette ("the way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth upon them") to Brown v Board, to 80s&90s Canon wars, to today. The equality side has fought for truth justice & reconciliation, and opposing side...
.. has known it cannot be "anti-truth" or "anti-equality" so it invents fictional overreach, seeking domination, not equality, using whatever words for political monsters are available whether radical, communist, socialist, etc. Key is stretching those words to include anything
But also! arguing over words and limits of concepts obscures the distraction that the conservative side of movement has goals that are anti-democracy, anti-equality, anti-truth. So arguing about CRT bothers me because it sets up pro-CRT vs anti-CRT, only looking at what CRT is.
But anti-CRT are part of a clear historical throughline, from redeemers to white citizen councils to Closing of American Mind, saying how worried they are about overreach while organizing against equality. Fin.

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8 Nov 20
Imho one underappreciated element of the "reach out to conservatives" side is the belief that social closeness plus empathetic persuasion plus coming to common understanding of facts will not only help bring us together, but will help conservatives renounce Trumpism. But...
This view sees chaos and hyperbole of Trump and does not see trumpism as a coherent world view that existed before Trump and was reinforced and strengthened through his strategies. Trumpism is not a simple misunderstanding, or an unfortunate miscalculation based on a few lies.
It is a view of society ruled by hierarchy, a zero sum world where if you gain I lose. Boundaries and belonging are carefully policed, and people basically get what they deserve, so concept of "justice" is shrunken to individuals being punished for individual actions.
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7 Nov 20
On Tuesday, from 6am to 8am, my son and I sat under a Democrat tent outside (40ft) a precinct here in very red Hanover County. We were polite, said "good morning" and "thank you for voting" to all who walked past.
But most didn't speak to us first, most stopped at the other tent to get a sample ballot from the (maskless, chatty and boisterous) men at the other tent. That precinct ended up going over 80% for T.
This was rich and poor, old and young, men and women, teachers and farmers. Just lots and lots of white people voting for Trump. I couldn't help but overhear a few conversations.
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