@StateHouseKenya @ForeignOfficeKE @InteriorKE From the Naval & Maritime side of the coin, Kudos ! But from the civil side of it or the Fire & Rescue personnel in Tharaka Nithi is a born Rambo? Thread @ajfactual52 @VictorMwambacha @Anon1KENYA @Hitlerlaw2
For 58 years & counting, little if anything has been done to address, broaden & or invest in the prep'dness, prevention, response, resilience & or recovery from disaster or emergencies, their nature & or causative factors notwithstanding. Yet we boast of developing ?
Our priorities continue to remain a skewed even with the various lessons situations, that bring forth our shortfalls, especially in terms of our response to & prevention as a proactive means to deter recurrence. Kenya tulirogwa na nani ?
Where disasters or emergencies are concerned. If not pre-empting them, are we at the very least not supposed to ensure, their would be consequences & or inevitable aftermaths & their impacts are somewhat lessened ? @NjokiMwarumba @PWMasakhwe_PhD @Hitlerlaw2
Why is it, that Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) are as a matter of fact the rarest of priorities for Kenya & Africa at large? Whereas in the developed world many continue to form partnerships, & embark on training together to enable readiness for disasters?
Is it that we lack ideas, objectives & intentions that lead to the mooting of projects meant, to address the current existing gaps especially in Emergency Human Resource Development- EHRD ? Not really, ours in Kenya is purely stemmed off, by bureaucracy ! @RasnaWarah @BasilioCC
Yet, we can by bringing into existence a professional training academy, fully-fledged in what is on offer & whilst at it transfer skills to existing Emergency Services Personnel. As well as chart career paths for raw talents with a calling for life saving. But ? @mlimakenya
Corruption on the part of those in decision making positions a cumbersome obstacle. Dealing with the demigods @InteriorKE just to get approvals, is a sickening experience. It is easier to chat & date Lucifer, than make em see sense in anything, of no personal benefit to them.
Yet, from petrol tankers infernos that continue to barbecue poverty stricken community members who rush in to siphon free fuel, devoid of the dangers to their lives. To collapsing buildings, that come tumbling down claiming the lives of their safety oblivious occupants.
To overloaded ferries sinking, road accidents, domestic fires, helicopters crashing into lakes & victim recovery taking ages. To mudslides burying houses with their occupants in them, to floods wreaking havoc. The list of our woes is an endless one. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, Sir.
What the development partners have helped come up with in Mtongwe, will help mostly the Military. What of the civil side of the coin, that in essence actually needs it the most ?
58 years of so called Independence & no formal Fire & Rescue school in Kenya ? @FredMatiangi
The problem has manifested for 58 years & evolved with time, unabated at that.. It emanates for various chronic causes, chief amongst them being, the lack of conducive National polices addressing key Disaster Mgmt components. But is anyone bothered ? @SenMutula @SakajaJohnson
With an important Bill such as the DRM one, still pending for 22 years in Parliament. When will we ever start thinking of Disaster Mgmt, as a development discipline & target its five critical components of Preparedness, Prevention, Response, Response& Recovery as a remedy ?
It is no secret, Kenya lacks of adequately trained & proficiently certified personnel,from firemen,EMT's, hazmat responders, search & rescue personnel, divers, technical staff.
As such, for how long will we continue to depend of the likes the now business minded @KenyaRedCross?
To address this shortfalls, especially that of proficiently trained human resources. There is an urgent need for the development of a full-fledged Rescue Services Academy, to cater for the needs as identified. That needs no rocket scientist, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, Sir ! @HakiNgo
The long story short, engage Kenyan professionals to address the matter, fund it adequately or simply privatize. @wamudzini @waluwande @moalbrecht @WanjikuRevolt @OderoProf @Hitlerlaw2 @mlimakenya @ajfactual52 @Anon1KENYA @chothep
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29 May
@HassanAliJoho @MombasaCountyKe As rare as we think it is, for a Tsunami to hit Mombasa. How about a simulation exercise. Let's dub it Operation '' Tuache Uzembe'' A thread @VictorMwambacha @alykhansatchu @FauzKhalid @Mombasapresscl1 @OkoaMombasa @omuonyotieno @siambiliki
County staff & Disaster Agency representatives from across Mombasa County don their Emergency Mgmt vests in this simulation & delve into the Operation '' ''Tuache Uzembe''– a scenario focusing on a tsunami affecting the whole of Kenya’s Coastline. @wamudzini
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@RwandaGov @PrimatureRwanda @UrugwiroVillage @RwandaHealth @RwandaUN @PaulKagame The Swahili say ''If you see your neighbor's head being shaven, prepare yours. You could be next. Next in your case isn't another explosion, but aftermaths of the current one.
That the entire African Continent, not just Rwanda & the DRC were caught pants down is no secret. The onus however, is on you to examine your national response capabilities & assistance to jurisdictions directly involved in response & aiding recovery.
The current COVID-19 Pandemic woes aside, the complexities of the 2nd Nyirangongo eruption in 21 yrs brings about various unexpected challenges to the Rwandese Govt, in view of effective assistance, in terms of both immediate response & long-term victim recovery efforts.
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@NMS_Kenya @InteriorKE @KenyaGovernors Yes it can be done & Female Emergency Responders are some of the finest wing-men anyone can wish for, on ground zero. It is time, Kenya went full out to have Female Firefighters in our Fire Brigade rank & file.Thread
When I joined hands with the Late Jean Francois Antoine (RIP) & his son Dominique Antoine, to start Urban Fire Services, Kenya's 1st Private Fire Service in 2002. It was not a cake walk. Especially with the obstacles, the then Nairobi City Council Fire Service threw at us.
From sheer malice, to denial of use of fire hydrants the list of hardships was a long one. Prompting the audience with the then City Council Honcho. Mayor Joe Aketch. Our only crime was, outshining the Nairobi Fire Brigade aka Zima wa Kanjo, with their ineptitude.
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21 May
George Orwell's allegorical novella, Animal Farm, says it all about today's Kenya. It makes a very literal argument: Especially how our, so called leaders exploit & oppress us, common Kenyans. Let's comparatively walk the Animal Farm characters, with ours truly ! A thread.
Napoleon-Uhuru Kenyatta
The leader of Animal Farm (Kenya) under ''Tano Terror''. He has, loyal attack dogs to intimidate the other animals & consolidate his power. His supreme craftiness, (handcheque/BBI) may prove him more treacherous than his counterpart, Snowball, come 2022.
Snowball-Raila Odinga
Challenged Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after 2017 Election sage. Is intelligent, passionate, eloquent, less subtle & devious than his counterpart, Napoleon. Snowball has the loyalty of some animals & currently cements his power base by deceit.
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18 May
If you read George Orwell's Animal Farm, you definitely remember Squealer. The pig who spread Napoleon’s propaganda among the other animals. Justified the pigs’ monopolization of resources & spreads false statistics pointing to the farm’s success.
Squealer, was an exemplary sycophantic mouth piece. A good example thus, of the many ways in which those in power, often use rhetoric & language to twist the truth. To gain, maintain social & political control.
A silver-tongued pig, who always abused language to justify Napoleon’s actions & policies to the proletariat by whatever means seem necessary.
By radically simplifying language—as when he taught the sheep to bleat “Four legs good, two legs better!”—limiting the terms of debate.
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17 May
@StateHouseKenya @KenyaGovernors
Dear Mr. President.
I believe if you never read George Orwell's allegorical novella the ''Animal Farm'' first published in 1945. You acquainted with''All animals being equal, with some animals,are more equal than others?
This allegorical novella has enough characters in it, that depict today's Kenya, your leadership, it's unfairness's & Utopia if you may. Two main characters Napoleon & his counter part Snowball, for instance depicts the handshake properly. But that is a story for another day.
What is of interest, is the adage from it, ''All animals being equal, & some being more equal than others''. An the case in point, that of Wanjiku lives & their importance to your Administration.
Do Wanjiku Lives Matter ?
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