A silly thing that puts me off using Docker Compose a bit: I frequently have other projects running on various 8000+ ports, and I don't like having to shut those down before running "docker-compose up"

Is there a Docker Compose pattern for making the ports runtime-configurable?
I'd love to be able to run something like this:

cd someproject
export WEB_PORT=3003
docker-compose up

And have the project's server run on localist:3003 without any risk of clashing with various other Docker Compose AND non-Docker-Compose projects I might be running
This looks like exactly what I want! The “.env” file You can set default values for any envir
And you can have Docker Compose pick an ephemeral port for you too!
Is there a good collection of Docker Compose dev environment best practices anywhere? Especially for Django apps but really for anything where you run a database and an app server that talks to it

I usually go by random Google searches and pasted examples, anything better?
This has a ton of great Docker Compose tips I hadn't encountered before

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Out of interest: if you have a blob of JSON on your clipboard and you want to see a pretty-printed version of it, what's your fastest way to do that?
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