I'm going to thread a few sentences from this piece by @benjaminwittes in the hopes that you'll read the whole important thing:
"When a broad political movement has consistently put lies ahead of truth in the service of its own power—as the Trumpist right has with respect to Russia, Trump and associated matters—it simply has to smear those who faced the issue squarely.
"To acknowledge that Susan’s writings are accurate, that she is superbly qualified to serve at the Justice Department, and that her work reflects not bias but care, wisdom, and factual rigor is to allow that there really was something to talk about concerning Russia and Trump.
"By painting her as a crazed conspiracy theorist who does not belong in government, the right-wing ecosystem can elide its own failure to grapple with Trump’s gross failures of patriotism...
"... and the movement’s own failure to put country and national security before its immediate political interest in defending him.
"Sliming Susan is also about whitewashing history:
The project of rehabilitating Flynn, even as he urges a military coup against the Biden administration, requires discrediting those who took his criminal behavior seriously at the time it happened.
"The project of pretending that Russia collusion concerns were a 'hoax' requires discrediting those who followed carefully and spoke about the investigation of those matters in real time.
"It is by painting the Susan Hennesseys of the world as disreputable that the right can pretend these things did not happen. It is by sliming people like Susan that Trump’s defenders can maximize the disincentive for others to speak candidly about these issues in the future.
"This is how history gets rewritten—through the mindless and endless repetition that the Capitol insurrectionists were just tourists, that the Russia investigation was a 'collusion hoax' and that those who took the allegations seriously were partisan conspiracy theorists."
Sorry for the long thread, but perhaps this might echo further by tweet than just by link.

In any case, read the whole thing -- it's worth it:

• • •

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9 Feb
Is Mr. Castor just... ad libbing?
Ever have one of those nightmares where it's your time to talk and everybody's looking at you, but you haven't prepared anything?
I've had that nightmare a million times, but never once where the amount of time I had to tread water and ad lib and fail and flail was **four hours**.
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27 May 20
Heads up re Alabama...

"Alabama saw its largest single-day increase in new cases Monday, a little more than three weeks after the stay-at-home order expired on April 30 and two weeks after the state allowed restaurants and bars to reopen on May 11."
"The number of cases confirmed per day in Alabama has been rising since April 30, showing no sign of slowing. Over the past week, new cases rose faster than in 46 other states with no comparable increase in testing."
"Those who say more testing is the only cause for the rise in cases are simply wrong, said Dr. Michael Saag, infectious disease expert at UAB.

“They’re not walking through the hospital like I am, seeing the entire ICU just loaded with only COVID patients"
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11 May 20
"Aome senior officials believe that the disease is already spreading rapidly through the warren of cramped offices that make up the three floors of the West Wing."
"Most restaurants, offices and retail stores do not have the ability to regularly test all their employees and quickly track down and quarantine the contacts of anyone who gets infected. At the White House, all employees are being tested at least weekly"
"Like other members of the White House staff, Ms. Miller did not regularly wear a mask while at work. On Thursday she was seen on television talking without a mask within a few feet of several reporters, all of whom were wearing one."
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6 May 20
This is smart from @ThePlumLineGS Greg Sargent:


"Trump is almost certainly not wearing a mask at such events to send a message to the country that we’re approaching normalcy...
"That’s likely why Trump and Vice President Pence have been lately holding other events without masks and proper social distancing.

"Trump and Pence are able to do this because they have special access to a rapid testing mechanism..."

"This raises the question of whether Trump is exploiting his own access to rapid testing to mislead the country into believing things are normal when the rest of the country lacks this access to testing and thus doesn’t enjoy the safety Trump does...

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31 Mar 20
Boston Globe editorial board:

"The months the administration wasted with prevarication about the threat and its subsequent missteps will amount to exponentially more COVID19 cases than were necessary. In other words, the president has blood on his hands."
"Catastrophic decisions in the White House have doomed the world’s richest country to a season of untold suffering."
"As the American public braces itself for the worst of this crisis, it’s worth remembering that the reach of the virus here is not attributable to an act of God or a foreign invasion, but a colossal failure of leadership."
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27 Mar 20
Hi, Mr. President -- thanks for tweeting that interview. Gen. Semonite and the Army Corps are indeed doing great work, but at nowhere near the scale that is needed.

We're hundreds of thousands of hospital beds behind, months behind schedule, and...
...we're about to see the number of sick patients surge and hospitals overflow in multiple US sites at once.

This is not an NYC problem or even just a city problem. The apex patient surges will not happen tidily, one after the other, they'll flare up all over, overlapping.
(By the way, did anyone show you the rest of the show from last night?)

CLIP: msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/…
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