"Joshua Hawley is a counterfeit Senator and a counterfeit human. He's a banker's son who went to a fancy school in KC, then Stanford, then Yale. Then he comes back and doesn't know what a flat-bed truck is. He wears flannel but it's from Brooks Brothers." patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"There's a lack of respect for Joshua in rural MO. He's counterfeit and he's calculated. He lied about arguing the Hobby Lobby case in front of SCOTUS. There's zero chance he actually did the things he's been telling Missourians he did." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"The thing you need to know about Joshua is that he's a true believer in Christian fascism. He believes the only way to be a good politician is to create a government in the way the Lord wants him to. He talks a lot about control over the citizenry." patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"Hawley wants authoritarianism to thrive. We saw that from him on Jan 6 and we saw it before, and you'll continue to see that from him. It's not just an act. Ironically, he's *still* too counterfeit for the Trump base and they reject him." patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"Hawley is strongly tied to Peter Thiel. This tie goes back to his days at Stanford...Thiel maxxed out to him in the Senate race. That's one of those connections that people really need to investigate more." -- Lindsey Simmons on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"Hawley's interest in big tech is about shutting down sharing of videos showing abuses of power and the people's ability to communicate across broad expanses of geography. Authoritarianism is a lot more feasible under those circumstances." - @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…

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11 Jun
"Eric Greitens talks about deploying with Navy SEALs in combat which is something he's never done. Veterans have come out and talked about his fraudulent claims in addition to all the crimes he's committed." -- Lindsey Simmons on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"Greitens is back running for Senate because no one ever prosecuted him. He can still pretend to be 'the outsider' despite being the governor of Missouri previously. And people love him, they really do." -- @LynzforCongress on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
"National Dem strategists think Greitens will have a Todd Akin moment and so they *want* him to run, but the GOP of 2012 is not the GOP of 2021. There is nothing so indecent that Republicans won't stand by you anymore." -- @LynzforCongress on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/red-stat…
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9 Jun
"We do not deserve to live under a mafia state. It's unfortunate that Merrick Garland does not agree with that. He seems to be committed to keeping the mafia state apparatus which grew under Trump intact at the DOJ." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
"Garland is continuing the DOJ's defense of Trump against E Jean Carroll. Barr initiated this defense and it was and is NOT normal. It is an absolute abuse of executive power that results in taxpayers paying for Trump's defense against a woman he raped." patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
"To remind you of how disgusting and unprecedented this was, here is what Carroll's lawyers said about the case at the time:" patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
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9 Jun
"The Democrats are losing not only the policy war, but the narrative war, and they are losing the country in the process. Which means, more importantly, that we the people are losing our country." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
"The Biden admin urgently needed to investigate and prosecute three major Trump admin crimes: 1) Handling of covid-19 2) 1/6 attack 3) Trump Kremlin complicity

"They have investigated none of them. And as a result our country is in even greater danger." patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
"Meanwhile the GOP created counter-narratives for each crime. Covid "origin story", the big lie, Biden and Ukraine. They've used this tactic of preemptive narrative inversion for years. 'Pizzagate' to divert from Trump/Epstein case is another example." patreon.com/posts/merrick-…
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8 Jun
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master 😂
Why are all my 2021 prediction poll results Freddy Krueger movies?!
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8 Jun
Once again, Garland serves Trump and Barr. We warned you about this many times on @gaslitnation. The DOJ is a corrupt institution and Garland is a corrupt institutionalist.
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7 Jun
What message does it send when a govt won’t investigate an attack on its own Capitol by seditionists who now announce their plans for a sequel unimpeded? Or that the former POTUS was a known career criminal who pardoned the criminals who aided him? Who would trust that country?
Refusing to enforce accountability isn’t strength. It’s dangerous denial that hurts not only Americans but anyone who deals with the US. Yes, actions speak louder than words — and when it comes to elite criminal impunity and compromised institutions, there’s been little action.
Trump and his lackeys treated NATO like a protection racket, threatened foreign officials with violence, blackmailed others, backed the enemies of our allies and the allies of our enemies...and walked free.

Why would you trust a successor admin that won’t enforce accountability?
Read 4 tweets

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