I think I have found an historical analogue to the contemporary phenomenon of unrelentingly increasing student debt for Americans
in ancient states, women are legally recognized as property - if they're property, that means you can take out loans using them as collateral - some men take out loans using their wives as collateral to start their professions, e.g. buying a farm to sell grain
at first, this works very well - many men take out loans, they build new farms and businesses, productivity expands, prosperity blooms - but eventually diminishing returns hit, but not before a generation or two of men have their wives repo'd by the lenders
lenders end up with a glut of female slaves, price of female prostitution falls as supply increases, the cities that form the center of these lending networks become infamous for debauchery, misery, and causing many young men's ruin whose wives they repo'd
sooner or later this makes those cities deeply hated by an overwhelming majority of the populace around them, and sooner or later some elites who are in debt can't pay and decide "fuck it, we'll rile up our people and go fuck them up, then we don't have to pay them back"

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9 Jun
it's dubious that China will lead spaceflight in the 21st century, there's really nothing in it for the leadership
aggressive space expansion means creating de facto separate institutions, arms of govt and business entities, who 1) have control over extremely lucrative niche (for that country) and 2) are capable in principle of independent behavior

Chinese leadership doesn't want competition
China did this before. they were poised to go full Euro-style commercial empire on the whole world in 15th c., which would've given a couple hundred year start on global empire expansion. but then they dismantled their navies. why?

leadership didn't want to empower competitors
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8 Jun
wokeness as a memeplex causes itself to be reproduced because it is successful, in the sense that the "theory" and its practice of hostile institutional insider takeovers are both instructions contained in the same actual symbolic representation
what potency does wokeness possess, except its systematic infestation of legitimate institutions? no one would really care about "wokeness" if it were a phenomenon relegated to a few kooky coffeeshops in Portland. but no, it's literally a constant threat to every ordinary worker
that is what one sees. this particular system of referents is used over and over to gain power within institutions by those who were (one would assume) placed there in good faith by those same institutions. it gives plausible deniability to naked power grabbing, because "justice"
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8 Mar
Harry ended up with Meghan because she's sociopathically assertive because she's BPD and interprets every social interaction as a game of dominance or submission and since Harry's so used to every girl just warming up to him Meghan was novel and exciting and now he's fucked
before they were married she didn't let on her full character, but once they did, she totally took 100% control of their relationship, and he's now just figuring out how completely fucked up everything and he's still trying to extricate himself without having to admit he's abused
but there's no way Meghan's going to let that happen and in fact knowing BPD chicks she'll have put together a lengthy retinue of blackmail she's holding over him so she can claim he's the abuser or some bullshit and she uses that to keep him from simply ducking out
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8 Mar
lawns should be outlawed as a waste of resources
for every square foot of lawn the associated property tax should be 10x the normal rate
they are such a stupid and pointless waste of resources
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7 Mar
okay I got it. the target. the public school system. it should be dismantled. parents should take back from government authorities the decision what their children should learn. that is the attack vector. okay, how to make this happen? how to... make it in people's interests?
in all honesty conservatives sending their children to public school is so enormously cucky, I'm always surprised when people actually think they're conservative and they don't take the reins of their child's education. but there's a self-interested aspect to it...
public schools are like daycares! they take care of your children for 8 hours a day, making it easier for you to work. the system has organized itself to facilitate material production, sacrificing the role parents used to play in their children's education.
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7 Mar
my analysis of the Seuss thing is that conservatives were buying it as a way to signal to each other their existence and making a credible (because legitimately costly) proof of their commitment to each other, even if they don't otherwise have an effective way to coordinate that
conservatives are always at a disadvantage, because they are defined not so much by an internal motivating factor, but an external, e.g. that there is a coherent group who recognize each other and seek them out as prey, like spartans their helots
conservatives also have, like, lives to live. jobs to work. children to take care of. their enemies have fewer such commitments to distract them. conservatives are like sheep. SJWs are like wolves. what conservatives need, if you take my meaning, are wolf dogs to tend them.
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