I had an interesting conversation with a chef friend from Portland, Oregon. As is unsurprising in our current moment, there are those in Portland’s food community engaged in an intramural game of, “You can’t cancel me if I cancel you first.”
Sometimes people can hear in advance the knives being sharpened. My friend did, and contacted the key knife sharpener, demanding to know what evidence the sharpener had.
The sharpener mentioned racism, misogyny, an allusion to fat-shaming, and then, with each claim stamped out, resorted to saying the conversation made her feel “unsafe.”
My friend did not counter, you mean as unsafe as someone having the business she’s built over fifteen years potentially atomized overnight? She did not need to. She demanded receipts *before* her scheduled execution, and the executioner caved.
Which is really is no thing but for the bulk of others on the block conceding, hiring PR, submitting to extortion, anything to get the untold numbers of people standing on their necks to get off.
It’s too much to hope they might salvage anything of their businesses or reputations; what kind of wish-casting is that? But maybe a few crumbs, a shred of dignity, a way to pay for the kid’s school, the years of mental health help…
Nope! The answer comes back. These you shall not have. You shall have nothing, less than nothing.
The people whose labor you’ve profited from have been leaking oil from their figurative cars for years and you have the temerity to complain about your car being blown up with you in it? It’s the least you deserve.

Good luck, Portland.

• • •

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24 Apr
So I'm reading this and seeing, more than I previously have, how people--pretty much always the same types of people--fall for the idea of becoming revolutionaries and begin trajectories identical to those who came before. Call it the ideologues' do-si-do amazon.com/Tonight-Bombed…
You know how this dance goes: protests, violence, breakdown of traditional units, give over the kids to be raised by the group (gotta show commitment!), poisonings (hey, Rajneeshees!), "communism didn't work bc they didn't do it right," Stalin, that old softie...
Reporting from Portland 2020, I sometimes privately told people, "I think people are building bombs in basements here." I don't think it's the journalist's place to put ideas in people's heads (as if), but anyone who knows about history/human nature deduces the trajectory
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No time like the present! Tonight, my daughter Tafv Sampson , storied the following on Instagram
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As I alluded to in the NYT piece, Will was *not* an actor. He'd been a Navy SEAL and a lineman and was working at various and painting (he was a helluva painter) when he went to a powwow and heard the announcer call, "Sonny Sampson! If Sonny Sampson is in the arena, come on up."
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18 Apr
To the people creeping onto my posts saying, “Everyone *I* know in Portland says this is all overblown, damage is to a few square blocks”: I don’t believe you. The people you know may *like* the direction the city is taking, but it is not normal, and it is not a few square blocks
The blocks around the federal building and Justice Center have incurred the most damage. This will never change. The movement, such as it is, needs enemies, needs rage calories, and the police, whether good or ill, will perennially supply these.
Every body needs fuel, needs calories, so you sup at Justice Center, at the federal building, for variety, ICE headquarters, the police station on MLK, and if the stores surrounding that last need to go out of business, maybe the Boys and Girls Club, well, sorry; I was hungry
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13 Apr
“Do you want to see it? Do you have time?” D asks. It’s the start of the Derek Chauvin trial and D, who works in finance in downtown Minneapolis, drives to the area around Lake Street, scene of the riots following the death of George Floyd.
“So the first one happens on Wednesday. On Thursday, Mayor Frey holds a press conference and says, ‘I understand your pain. Everything you do is probably justified’ – I’m paraphrasing – ‘and by the way… we’re pulling the cops.’ All hell’s gonna break loose, right?
"And that’s really what happened. They basically went down Lake Street like Godzilla. They burned up like six square blocks. It was like Dresden.
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6 Feb
This is adapted from last week's Substack; go ahead and subscribe, nancyrommelmann.substack.com.
Some of us have been writing and podcasting for a week about Donald McNeil, who left the New York Times today, after 45 years and a week of outrage from some of his colleagues, for using the n-word in context during a student trip to Peru in 2019.
I suggested the context might have been quoting from a book or song.

Bingo: McNeil told us as much in his resignation letter, though apparently he was also about to be fired.
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10 Nov 20
Portland to Progressives: Not So Fast

While the nation waits to see how badly presidential pollsters got things (again), Portlanders already know how far off local statisticians were: 11 points.
That was the spread touted several weeks ago, in terms of how far ahead Sarah Iannarone, openly pro-antifa and partial to skirts featuring murderous dictators, was in her bid for mayor.
That she was running against someone about as popular as a jar of moldy Velveeta did not dissuade citizens from giving Mayor Ted Wheeler a second-term, the first time in two decades voters have delivered such largesse.
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