Well theres breaking news. 48 hours after announcing the withdrawal of troops from Mali, the French army miraculously kills an al-Qaeda leader in the Sahel, vowing to keep a substantial military presence in the region.

Observe the reverse psychology in motion again.
For seven years this al-Qaeda commander was elusive to French forces. No matter how hard they tried he was supposedly invisible.

Then 48 hours after Macron announced the draw down of forces in Mali the French army finally nails him !!
...and not only that, French defence minster Florence Parly vowing to keep a substantial military presence in the region.

When you take into account the mental backflip Macron has been doing in reent months you realize France has no interest in leaving Africa.
Think about it folks. In 48 hours France has created the perfect excuse of why French military presence in the region is off paramount importance.

France remains committed in the Sahel. France's military engagement will remain very significant,"


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13 Jun
Air defense element of the NA Artillery Corp. NACA provides fire support against hostile artillery fire to manoeuvre units. They also provides Air defence cover for strategic installations as well as sensitive areas of operations.

ROLAND Short Range Air Defence System ImageImageImageImage
The ZSU 23-4 Shilka is capable of acquiring, tracking and engaging low flying aircraft. ImageImageImageImage
Employed in pairs 200 meters apart, 400 meters behind battalion leading elements, it is commonly used to surpress enemy ATGM launch sites, threatening army tank formation. ImageImageImageImage
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12 Jun
So hours ago the Nigerian army told the leadership of the Senate that
7,043 soldiers habve been wounded by bandits and insurgents in the last few years. Now, the army said something i feel Nigerians are yet to understand.

He lamented that Nigeria had not experienced this level ImageImageImageImage
and type of insecurity. Not even during the civil war. What is he talking about?


The nighmare of conventional forces all over the world. ImageImageImageImage
Asymmetric warfare is hard to fight. In a hybrid battlefield, military might in the traditional sense counts for nothing. It doesnt matter how many submarines you have or the number of tactical nuclear warhead you have on hairs trigger alert.
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12 Jun
This man right here, Sheikh Gumi is single handedly responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. Bandits became more brazen after his mediation effort and call for Amnesty. They have stepped up their attacks, going on a bloodlust killing spree....
.in the hopes that more civilian casualties will force the Nigerian government to the negotiating table. Sheikh Gumi even reprimanded Nigerians months ago for calling bandits criminals. He says they are not criminals, just agrieved.
This, ladies and gentlemen is what evil looks like. A religious scholar with no concience. "Its tit for tat". Niger Delta militants received Amnesty. Bandits deserve to be accorded the same priviledge.

Dont call this corruption. Corruption as bad as it is has certain limits.
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12 Jun
Some military hardware aquired by the Nigerian military between 2016 and 2021.

This is not a comprehensive list, just the most notable.
July 2017. Nigeria took delivery of 10 Super Mushank trainers from Pakistan. The NAF had inducted the Super Mushshak aircraft into the NAF inventory in Dec 2016 courtesy of the kind gesture of Pakistan to temporarily make 4 Super Mushshak available to the NAF, at no cost.
January 2017. The NAF starts taking delivery of AW109M "Power" attack helicopters from Italy. Six helicopters were ordered and delivered in batches.
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11 Jun
So, France suspended military and economic cooperation with the Central African Republic over growing anti-French sentiments. The Friend military said it considered the Central African Republic as complicit in an anti-French campaign. This is the modus operandi
..of France in Africa. A country is destabilized. They send troops, and set up shop. The day the host country adopts or take a position contrary to French interest, Paris threatens to withdraw its troops. There are French troops in Gabon, Niger, Chad,
Mali, Cameroon. These troops are deployed with blackmail in mind. How many times have France threatend to withdraw troops over rising anti-French sentiment? In a NATO Summit in London Macron threatened to withdraw French troops in the region over rising anti-French sentiments.
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11 Jun
The French arms trafficker has finally being charged with espionage in the C.A.R a month after he was busted with huge caches of weapons, ammunition and foreign bank notes in the CAR.

Not only that. He was discovered to have aided and trained CAR rebel fghters since 2013.
Lemme tell you how heartless these people are. Its all about geopolitics. The Central African republic was a French colony. Until recently France wielded great influence in the country. After years of French involvement in the country with little improvement in security
The Central African Republic got fedup with France and moved towards Russia. The Russians were all too happy to assist. Heartbroken France was determined to prove the Russians are no better by covertly training, funding and arming rebel groups to keep the country destabilized.
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