@McReynoldsJoe @wesyang Whether or not this discomfort is a widespread trend in reality, it certainly seems like this is an *aim* of at least some branches of wokeness -- to make White people as uncomfortable as Black and Asian people have been forced to be heretofore.
@McReynoldsJoe @wesyang In other words, faced with a nation where White people felt like a comfortable majority and Black and Asian people felt like uncomfortable minorities, one popular "solution" is to minoritize White people as well, so that *everyone* is an equally uncomfortable minority.
@McReynoldsJoe @wesyang But is this the optimal solution? Instead, I wish we could have become a nation in which *no* groups of people feel like uncomfortable minorities; in which everyone feels like a respected, safe member of the American majority.

@McReynoldsJoe @wesyang Fairness is a good thing, all else equal. But I want an America that doesn't just tell everyone -- to quote R. Lee Ermey from "Full Metal Jacket" -- that we're all equally scum.

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11 Jun
An important racial difference in poverty in America:
Idea for a reverse inheritance tax: If your family has been poor for three generations, you get $150,000.
I mean, obviously we'd have to make it not a strict cutoff. But this policy would obviously have zero perverse incentives, and back-of-the-envelope calculations it would cost only 1% of U.S. total wealth.
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11 Jun
Biden's defeat of Trump has led to a sharp rebound in opinions of the U.S. among developed countries.
Confidence in Biden vs. confidence in Trump.

Simply astounding.
Confidence in U.S. democracy has fallen precipitously. A majority say the U.S. used to be a good example of democracy, but has not been a good example in recent years.
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11 Jun
1/Most people say that the Korean War was a stalemate, but I think it's accurate to say that the U.S. won.

There are three reasons this is the case.
2/First, the U.S. was fighting under the auspices of the United Nations. The UN conceived of the war very explicitly as a *defensive* war, to push North Korean forces back to the 38th Parallel.

Here is the text of the UN resolution authorizing the war.
3/Correspondingly, North Korea explicitly failed in the aim of its invasion, which was to conquer South Korea. If you try to conquer another country and you fail, it's reasonable to say you lost.
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11 Jun
We saw accelerating inflation in May. But like I wrote before, wait a couple more months to see if it's a temporary thing, and watch the Fed very carefully.
If we see persistent or accelerating inflation over the summer, and the Fed basically doesn't do anything, *then* it will be time to worry.
And if the Fed does nothing AND all the politicians start to talk about price controls by the end of summer, then it will be time to run in tight circles screeching and flapping your arms...
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9 Jun
I do feel that the movement to end advanced math classes conflicts with the Biden administration's stated goal of preserving and extending U.S. dominance in key high-tech industries in the face of international competition.

Killing advanced classes does nothing to improve broad-based math education, or to foster the skills necessary to have a broad, highly competent technical workforce -- which is what we need if we're going to keep our high-tech industries.

Simply refusing to teach well-prepared kids advanced math will NOT result in less-well-prepared kids learning math more effectively. Math learning is not some kind of resource in fixed supply. Giving one person less doesn't mean others get more!
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8 Jun
People who think science is slowing down should take a look at these charts of AI-related publications.

Science slows down *in specific fields* as easy discoveries get mined out. But we're always inventing new fields!!

The field of neuroscience basically didn't exist before 1960.
The field of computer science did exist before 1960, but it was pretty esoteric and small.
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