I'm watching the NYC mayoral debate and boy, I did not realize Scott Stringer was this short.
Lol, Eric Adams lying about whether he sided with landlords.
"Small landlords should be able to gouge their tenants in the midst of an eviction crisis" yeah fuck you @ericadamsfornyc, we should liquidate your assets. You don't need them, you live in New Jersey.
Wiley's answer on policing and violent crime was...extremely good and on-point?
"We need to use unconstitutional, racist tactics correctly" is uhhhhh bad.
Damn, Yang ate his Wheaties. I hate his ass, but please, continue to go after Adams.
Live shot to Ray McGuire. Image
Moderator: "Someone called the NYPD pigs; do you condemn this?"

Shaun Donovan, a certified clown: "Yes I condemn this."
I honestly hate Shaun Donovan more than anyone else on stage. Just a thoroughly slimy piece of shit.
What the fuck is this question about hiring de Blasio?
If anyone answers "tiny houses" to this question about homelessness, I'm going to hunt them down and staple some policy papers to their forehead.
"LaGwaaadia did it"
"Mentally ill homeless men are changing the character of our neighborhoods" is the worst fucking thing I've heard this entire campaign. This is fucking VILE, @AndrewYang.
"How much is it going to cost?" is the stupidest possible response to Yang's vicious cruelty.
Morales' response was good. It's a shame she had to go and be a union-buster.
This response from Wiley is also so good!
Yang and Adams
"TikTok hype houses" fuck I forgot about that
Ooof, Maya, you're missing an opportunity to say, "Eric, you live in New Jersey."
LIVE SHOT of Shaun Donovan Image
Dianne Morales the first person to mention either transportation or climate change, easily two of the top three issues on my ballot.
Maya with a digression into cooperative ownership of renewable energy generation, which...rocks?
Love our local media, whose questions appear to entirely scaremongering about crime and homelessness and shitting on public-sector unions.
Reactionary fucks.
"What cuts would you require from the UFT" what if we didn't demand cuts from teachers and instead soaked rich people?
God, Ray McGuire is a great argument for why we need to send oligarchs up to Alaska to break rocks with their bare hands.
Fuck yeah, climate resilience and bike lanes as Wiley's signature project!
Of course, unless she's willing to drop her commitment to endless meetings with neighborhood busybodies, it'll all get drowned in bullshit, so take that with some salt.
Adams' big idea is...the earned income tax credit?
"Is it more important to desegregate schools or improve their quality?" what the FUCK IS THIS QUESTION?
what if the only way to improve our schools is to desegregate them
Goddamn, Scott, with the haymaker.
Thank you Shaun for just saying this is a false choice.
"A quality education is an integrated education" THANK YOU @mayawiley
Ope, back to crime.
Garcia, coming out for procurement reform. We love to see it.
And Yang coming out for forced institutionalization, it appears. Fucking hate this guy!
Everyone sucks on natural gas in new construction. Read the research, folks!!! vox.com/energy-and-env…
Wiley's answer on housing was not good.
None of the other candidates' answers are good either!
I honestly wonder if they all misunderstood the question to involve existing construction.
"What would you ban?" lol what
I would simply say "I would not ban anything, legalize it babey"
Your worst moment, Scott, was when you answered to whether you sexually harassed a teenage employee with "Oh boy, that was so long ago, what a mess eh?"
Dianne, your worst moment was definitely when you busted your employees' union.
Fuck, U2? Really?

• • •

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More from @rev_avocado

17 Jun
God, this is some scab shit.
"Unions are great, but they just aren't the right fit for *our* organization."
For a bunch of people who claimed that they were the true revolutionary leftists and not like those dastardly PMC types, they've pivoted to nonprofit-managerial bullshit remarkably quickly.
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15 Jun
This is the second election in a row where @NYWFP has basically sat out the election in Council District 40, and I really don't like that.
In 2017, they refused to endorse in the primary (when it would have actually helped), and then endorsed Cunningham only like a week before the general election. It was so close to the election, Cunningham's campaign had to put stickers on their existing lit.
Cunningham lost by less than 2,000 votes, and our useless incumbent council member barely cleared 40% of the vote. Clear guidance from WFP and some IEs might have toppled him. Image
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15 Jun
I think Adams' potential success demonstrates that (a) Democratic primary voters are often not particularly ideological, (b) that the left made a tactical error in focusing so much fire on Yang, and (c) that descriptive representative remains very important.
These are not the only lessons to learn, but I think they are some of them!
Like, I would bet money that there are going to be a significant number of voters who voted for Phara Souffrant and Jabari Brisport in 2020 who also are going to rank Adams first.
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8 Jun
From AOC to the NYT, we love to see it.
Though Brad, buddy, you gotta stop driving like a maniac. You live in New York, scrap the car.
Slash man, if we got Lander as Comptroller and Wiley as mayor, two of the three citywide elected officials would be members of the same shul.
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2 May
Man, I have some bad news about literally every other discourse known to man.
"Respect the rights of workers!" I scream while arguing that police officers should get a punch card redeemable for a doubled pension for every tenth teenager they shoot.
"This is the people's state, and resistance to the will of the people is simply bourgeois fascism," I say, driving a T-34 over industrial workers peacefully protesting intensive new production quotas without increased wages.
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1 May
The Intellectual Dark Web position is "at-will employment except if you're a bigot, in which case your bigotry and only your bigotry gets elaborate due process protections."
Personally I favor essentially the precise inverse of this.
I think a generalized just-cause employment scheme would be great. If you're a retail worker and you're a shithead off the clock, it's honestly not really anyone's business, but a lot of these people are semi-public figures and would quite reasonably get fired for cause.
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