Here's Part 2 of "Behind the Façade of MAH's Army".
The origin & extremism of Myanmar Army explained why subsequent dictators Saw Maung & Than Shwe wanted a title grander than General Nay Win so they inflated the number of battalions from 300 to 500.. 1/
… without actually expanding the strength & created the title “Senior General”. However, there are not enough ground troops or foot soldiers in the battalions as very few willingly join the TMD. The only way they recruit the soldiers are through inhumane & incorrect ... 2/
… recruitment techniques like having a quota of new recruits for every sergeant in exchange for a few lakhs and a promotion. 3/
According to the army’s organisation, each battalion is commanded by a lieutenant colonel (Du Ti Ya Bo Hmu Gyi) or (Du Bo Hmu Gyi) with a major (Bo Hmu) as second in command, with a total strength of 27 officers and supposedly 723 other ranks. 4/
However, Tatmadaw only had around 300 strength of other ranks only until 1980s but now, each battalion is only 150 strong. The number 150 reduce to 120 when fighting at frontline. Some flee or join troop movement or take medical leave which will leave about 100 only in battles.5/
The commissioned officers are still in full number 27 because NaWaTa regime launched BoTaHtaung (1000 Lieutenants) Project to produce about 3000 officers from military training schools near BaHtoo and HmawBe – a jump from the usual 400-500 officers graduated from DSA. 6/
The other ranks are also sent to military schools. When they become captains or majors, they would change their uniform to civilians & work as service personnel at the government offices to make sure the military and ex-military men are embedded in the administration systems. 7/
There are only about 15 foot soldiers in a platoon. Previously, causality ratio of officers to foot soldiers during battles was 1:10. Now in their battles with the KIA & KNU that the ratio has changed to almost 1:2 or 1:1 with increasing casualties of battalion commanders. 8/
This just proved that there are fewer experienced and seasoned sergeants and sergeant majors than before and the morale of the troops is at all-time low. The April fighting in Min Dat Township in Chin State between the Tatmadaw’s troops and the civilians defending themselves.. 9/
with just Tumi guns saw 20 soldiers’ causalities and even the head of 3 battalions was trapped inside the city along with 29 other soldiers. This is a clear indicator of a blow in the combat effectiveness and diminishing fighting spirit of the soldiers in Myanmar army. 10/
The troops that are occupying in schools/hospitals in the cities may appear fully uniformed but it can be seen from media reports that the soldiers in the jungles are in sports short pants and slippers and even suffering from malnutrition when they were taken as POW. 11/
Without a doubt, these soldiers in the so-called “standard army” are experiencing psychological trauma from being enslaved as such; this also explains why they are looting and savaging the civilians’ property in the cities. The real problem here is that ... 12/
the intl' community, especially ASEAN countries, want to believe MAH’s promise to hold “free and fair elections in one year” without realizing these extreme characteristics and deteriorating strength of Myanmar army which definitely make them incapable to govern a country.13/
Here are the next paragraphs to save the thread's length again. This is about how previous and current dictatorships have destroyed Myanmar's economy and how the international community should be mindful about the "military feudalism" that exploits all ethnics esp. minorities.14/
The current atmosphere is one where all population including the Bamar majority, ethnic minorities and the EAOs are standing up against the common enemy with the kind of solidarity never seen before in history. 15/
If the democracy in Myanmar fails, it will be just another authoritarian regime for the ASEAN map but it will be a serious blow to the global democracy and the western countries that uphold this ideology. END/
(Note: the article was published on 2 May).
P.S. Here is Part 1 of the translation if you would like to read it. Thank you.

• • •

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25 Apr
NUG’s Foreign Minster @zinmaraung1976 responded to @ASEAN Summit “consensus”. She says there’s no need to wait and see whether MAH will implement the points. Enough lessons learned since 1988 that dictators say one thing & do another in country. Fact. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Interview with VOA Burmese on the question of the next steps if ASEAN's actions are not effective:
DZMA: The movement inside develops organically with strong determination from the people to end the cycle of military regimes. People and NUG will have to fight our own battle and..
..everyone is also expressing their will. Important to be stronger & more united now. From the geopolitics perspective, the development which stems from the democratic transition if succeeded will bring benefits to the neighbours which we will engage with them to emphasize that."
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25 Apr
1/ I tried to calm down but I am still pissed at the ASEAN's response not because they didn't meet the expectations (I had none) but because they disrespect our votes and our ongoing #SpringRevolution. This clearly shows they look down on us because we are poor and powerless.
2/ But we are rich in generosity, love and kindness. We are freedom-loving, democracy-friendly, equality-committing people. Once we win and rebuild, we are gonna work our a** off to develop the country & rise up in Asia as one of the best. Just you wait. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
3/ Your first point "all parties shall exercise utmost restraint" accuses the protesters of committing violence when they are just trying not to get murdered. This doesn't fly well with me, certainly not with our people. We will not have it. We will not be bullied forever.
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25 Apr
(Source: Civil Disobedience Movement FB Page)

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(page messenger သို့ တိုက်ရိုက်ဆက်သွယ်ပေးပါရန်... viber ph no များ လက်ခံဖြေကြားပေးနိုင်မည်မဟုတ်)
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