According to @politico Angela Rayner insists "Corbyn photobombed her by sliding into the shot [on the left] unnoticed" & "she did not know he would be there in advance and did not talk to him"... yet she then posed for the shot on the right!

Such cowardly and pathetic behaviour.
In actual fact, Angela Rayner took the microphone from JC to speak, yet somehow didn't "notice" he was there.

Just beneath contempt.
And she walked into the photo, not the other way around.
"Corbyn photobombed her by sliding into the shot unnoticed"

Here is a video of Jeremy speaking while Angela watches him without noticing he's there.

@AngelaRayner there are quite a lot of photos and video, perhaps you might want to clarify whether Jeremy "photobombed" you?
To be fair to Angela, she is looking the other way here. Might not have seen him.
Obviously in this picture Angela is laughing at something Barry said, since Angela would have noticed Jeremy if he had made her laugh.
The important thing is that everyone should support @BarryGardiner & Unite's campaign to ban fire and rehire, and it's good that Angela backs it. It's just a shame she felt she had to behave in this way when she came under pressure.
Unbelievable that Angela didn't notice Jeremy was there before being handed the microphone he was speaking into. Literally unbelievable.
A source close to Angela said "Corbyn photobombed her by sliding into the shot unnoticed." Look how stealthily he slides into shot & remains unnoticed by joking with the crowd to blend in.

Of course, we know Angela "did not talk to him" except for the part when she talks to him.
Seriously, how can she treat him like dirt for political convenience when he promoted her, championed her, and, I think, genuinely liked her?

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6 May
Keir Starmer has made himself a hostage of the Labour right, and at a time of their choosing (not yet) they'll cast him aside. He dynamited all his bridges with the left, cutting himself off from any sources of counter-pressure, so no one's coming to save him. >
I think the political dynamics of bad election results are: the worse Starmer does, the more dependent he is on the right, which can make his survival conditional on him kicking the left more.
So they're already talking about a shadow cabinet reshuffle. It's almost sad for the soft left because they cheered on as Starmer cleared out those to the left of them, only to find that they're now next in line.
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It's awkward for Labour that Human Rights Watch—far from the most radical human rights organisation—has concluded that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians amounts to apartheid, a crime against humanity. Labour seems to view the accusation of apartheid as antisemitic. >
In Feb, after Israeli human rights orgs B’Tselem reached the same conclusion, a Labour member proposed a motion to their CLP supporting B’Tselem's call for an end to apartheid. It was ruled out on the grounds that accusing Israel of apartheid runs counter to the IHRA definition.
Apparently, accusing Israel of apartheid is equivalent to saying it's a racist endeavour, one of the examples of antisemitism accompanying the IHRA definition. The matter was passed up from local CLP officers to regional officials to the governance unit. It's what Labour thinks.
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22 Nov 20
It's all my fault. According to the Mail on Sunday:

"Sir Keir is also said to have been ‘infuriated’ when former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns tweeted that Mr Corbyn’s readmission as an ordinary member was ‘a huge climbdown from the leadership and a victory for the Left’."
Obviously this is nonsense. Starmer buckled under pressure from the right, so they're scrambling for any way they can blame the left. Hilariously, the best they can do is put it about that Starmer withdrew the whip from Jeremy Corbyn because of this tweet:
If it was true, it would certainly show "new leadership"—a uniquely pathetic form of leadership, willing to risk splitting the party in a tantrum over a tweet. Why portray the man who wants to have his finger on the nuclear button as so thin skinned? Bizarre and embarrassing.
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1 Nov 20
They decided that whether that staffer was or wasn't put there by the leadership for political reasons, "some people" perceived him to have been, and that undermined confidence in the independence of the complaints process.
That's very interesting because in June, when a new Executive Director of Legal Affairs was hired to oversee GLU, the press was told he was Starmer's "trusted ally," his "enforcer," and GLU staff should fear for their jobs.

Didn't that undermine the independence of GLU?
Bringing this back to Corbyn, on an all-staff call on Friday—perhaps stung by NEC members having disputed that the General Secretary even has the power to suspend—staff were told he'd consulted Starmer's reported "enforcer." Just can't escape the charge of political interference.
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1 Nov 20
Labour claims the decision was made by the General Secretary in Labour HQ. The morning of the EHRC report Starmer was in HQ for his press conference. Immediately after, I'm told, he went into a room on the 8th floor. The decision was made extremely quickly thereafter.
In its first press statement, Labour didn't say the General Secretary made the decision to suspend Corbyn, but later strongly briefed journalists that he did—perhaps suddenly aware it wasn't supposed to look like a political decision.
BUT! The General Secretary being involved in disciplinary matters is, according to the EHRC... (drum roll)... political interference. The report explicitly defines the General Secretary's Office (GSO) as one of "the Party’s political organs."
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27 Aug 20
I hate to piss on your chips Paul, but this "exclusive" was covered in my book The Candidate three years ago.
The real news from Patrick Heneghan's intervention is his admission that in 2017 senior staff in Labour HQ secretly channelled party funds to particular seats behind Jeremy Corbyn's back. "We ensured these constituencies continued to receive support," he says.
The Guardian, which has so far tried to pretend this allegation didn't exist, now reports Heneghan's admission sympathetically, explaining that he considered some of the seats in question “very marginal”. No context is provided or checks done.…
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